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Oregon Woman Cons Government Out of $2.1 Million, Claims State

Written by Gary North on June 12, 2012

When the state mails out millions of checks, it’s hard to keep track of whether the recipirnts meet qualifications.

The state of Oregon claims that this woman didn’t.

The state says she used Turbo Tax to file a fake income tax return for 2011. She said that she was paid $3 million in wages and deserved a $2.1 million refund.

You might think that this would have triggered an inquiry. After all, this is Oregon. Hardly anyone maks $3 million a year in wages. But, no, the refund check went out.

Well, not quite. No check went out. The $2.1 million was credited to her debit card. She then used the money to buy $150,000 worth of stuff.

Then she listed the card as stolen. That was a mistake. A state official noticed that something seemed a bit peculiar.

The story has hit the media. The state department of revenue expects that there will be inquiries regarding its competence.

The department processes about $7 billion in tax returns each year on computer systems designed in the 1980s. In January, the state’s chief operating officer, Michael Jordan, pulled the plug on a $100 million computer upgrade that the department said would pay for itself by finding tax cheats.

The taxpayer in question made it look easy.

Any government agency this easy to fool has a real public relations problem.

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3 thoughts on “Oregon Woman Cons Government Out of $2.1 Million, Claims State

  1. Blair Franconia, NH says:

    Lock her up and throw away the key.

  2. This is why taking taxes out of a paycheck, and then getting it back if you've overpaid, is a BAD IDEA.

    Pay your taxes like a business.. Quarterly, only pay what is needed..

    This will give the added benefit of knowing JUST HOW MUCH YOU PAY IN TAXES, so you can be properly PISSED OFF BY THE AMOUNT

  3. Bob Marshall says:

    What she did was wrong and she should be prosecuted but how many trillions have the government cheated the U.S. taxpayers out of since 1913? Ron Paul has bumper sticker on his desk that says,"DON'T STEAL! THE GOVERNMENT HATES COMPETITION