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The UN Thinks It Can Tax American Internet Companies

Written by Gary North on June 11, 2012

The United Nations Organization always wants to expand its power. But it has no power without money. It has to beg governments to provide it with money.

The United States government always ponies up it share. This is a waste of money.

The UN would like to tap into America’s Internet market by imposing a tax. As to how it would be able to collect this tax, it has not said. It does not possess sovereignty inside the USA.

A European lobbying group has come up with a plan. If a U.S-based firm offers hosting abroad, it must pay the tax, says the group.

This proposal would have to be done through the International Telecommunications Regulations. But there have been no changes to its rules since 1988 — before the Web browser was invented. Before Google. Before the Internet went commercial.

The proposal announced this:

“New services enabled by the Internet are changing the economic landscape, and indeed the very nature of the telecoms industry. Revisions of the ITRs should acknowledge . . . the principle that fair compensation is received for carried traffic and operators’ revenues should not be disconnected from the investment needs caused by rapid Internet traffic growth. This should at best be achieved through commercial arrangements between players.”

To which American companies can announce: “Oh yeah? You and who else says so?”

It is not clear how much this tax would collect.

As to what counts as fair, who knows?

“It will be possible to establish new interconnection policies based on the ‘value’ of the traffic (not only on the ‘volume’), enabling new business models and implementing an ecosystem where operators’ revenues will not be disconnected from the investment needs made necessary by the rapid growth of Internet traffic.”

The UN is toothless. It has no way to enforce any of this. No U.S. court needs to uphold any such tax program.

This is one more example of a bunch of bureaucrats pretending that another group of bureaucrats have the power to impose taxes. The UN has no such authority.

I think we can safely shrug this off.

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15 thoughts on “The UN Thinks It Can Tax American Internet Companies

  1. sean murry says:

    Hell no.

  2. Jim Livingston says:

    the UN should be defunded and kicked out of the country, they serve no useful purpose

  3. FAllon T Gordon Sr says:

    Defund United Nations and kick them out of The USA as stated above by Jim Livingston! And end the fed now! Make the un, the fed and the new world order and bilderbergers illegal in the USA and kick them out too!

  4. Mutantone says:

    Why not they have wormed the anti gun legislation in, and the UN is mostly funded by the USA, we provide the funds and the troops and equipment to get things done. So why not make us pay a tax to the UN to further fund the PLO and the Middle East Arab springs

  5. I wonder if something like this might bring our industries back to the U.S.A.

  6. Sgt. York says:

    Its time to declare war on the UN. we pony up the most bucks so now they want to control us anyway they see fit? Well friends they can KOSYA. what have they done for us,except cause our bank account to go down?

  7. Erik Osbun says:

    Do not give the U.N. globalists a penny! They want to set up their4 own tyranny.

  8. Withdraw from this org. and we will much better off___GB

  9. What is a political entrepreneur to do when he can't dictate the prices of the picks and shovels used by successful gold miners?

    Social justice for "Europe's leading e-communications services and network providers"!

  10. victorbarney says:

    Why Not? We started the whole thing & developed the whole concept, as England had done previously with the former "League of Nations," both operating on the Marxist Manifesto Doctrine, of course, to transend religion and all! Also, please remember that Karl Marx was a Jew, not Chinese or a even Mongol! Just saying…

  11. catchesthewnd says:

    Not just no but HELL NO. The UN is a corrupt agency as ever was created by man. They need to be dismantled and scattered to the four corners of the globe.

  12. 1. TruNews with Rick Wiles.
    2. The PowerHour with Joyce Riley.
    3. The MOST important thing is who we DON'T vote for (Hussein Obama).

  13. Navy Vet says:

    The UN has never been anything but a "shakedown" organization since it's beginning. Time for the US to get out of the corruption that inhibits the UN.

  14. Kick the sons of bitches out of this country….this is war as far as I am concerned if they ever push too hard. guess this is why they are so concerned we are armed.

  15. wolfmanmlh says:

    The first thing we do is get rid of Obama. The second is get rid of the U.N.