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Government to Demolish a Killer Treehouse That Threatens Lives

Written by Gary North on June 11, 2012

The Army Corps of Engineers, the organization whose incompetence caused the levy failures in New Orleans, has learned its lesson. Never again will it allow anything like Katrina happen.

So, Tremain Albright will have to do without his tree house. It cost him $14,000 to build. But he made a mistake. He thought that a variance he received back in 2007 was still valid. So, he spent the money.

Well, silly him. The ACOE is going to tear it down. If there is any back talk, the city of Bonners Ferry, Idaho, will lose $128,000 in federal funding.

The city takes Uncle Sam’s money, so it must do Uncle Sam’s bidding. There is never federal money without chains attached. Lots of chains.

What is the threat that has concerned the ACOE? The tree house is too close to the water. If it fell out of the tree, it would threaten the levy.

The ACOE learned its lesson in New Orleans. Protect the levies!

“I still feel like this is just an action of big government,” Tremain said. “We were totally helpless. The city’s helpless, and they are pretty much held under the gun.”

If the city were to stop taking federal money, it could get out from under the gun. But that would mean asking local taxpayers to pay for the boondoggles the city’s elected officials at federal expense.

There is an ancient saying: “If you take the king’s shilling, you do the king’s bidding.” It’s true.

Lesson: Get you tree house variance renewed annually.

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12 thoughts on “Government to Demolish a Killer Treehouse That Threatens Lives

  1. sean murry says:


  2. Bill McCroskey says:

    Never worry about a governmental agency missing an opportunity to enforce a law or rule past the idea of common sense.

  3. 2WarAbnVet says:

    Now, be fair to the ACOE. The debacle in New Orleans was caused by environmental groups who sued to prevent the ACOE from taking a number of measures to prevent flooding.

  4. Hmmm…and all this time we've been hearing that it was the city of New Orleans that CHOSE to put the monies allotted for the levies towards another project.

  5. ACOE part of the army, army has equipment and other stuff large enough to move mountains. Yet a tree house is a problem. What kind of a nut came up wjth the thought that a tree house would be a problem, oh I know someone that had thought damn that's a nice tree house it's not mine can't build one like it , that has to go so it's a problem to a the levy yeah that's it the levy. Well just another case of " money talks and manure( normally another adjective is used here) walks." ACOE if soooo concerned about a tree house and the levy. ACOE could of added supports, moved tree house, reworked location of tree house so that in their minds it would not be a problem or all sorts of other way rather than tear down. ACOE builds stuff in countries all around the world and yet here in the U.S.A. ACOE states whoops tree house tooooooo close to a levy crap what to do, oh yeah tear it down. Sorry about your luck, but do the tear down or ………..we'll cut your $$$$$$$$$$$ supply yeah that's what will happen so comply or else.

  6. If the levee is so weak that a dislocated tree house floating into it could breach the levee, I think I would look for someone else to build my levees besides the Army Corps Of Misengineering. I always thought their name was always an oxymoron on even a higher level than military intelligence.

  7. Ronald R. Johnson says:

    Maybe it's time for another Tea party!!

  8. 1. TruNews with Rick Wiles.
    2. The PowerHour with Joyce Riley.
    3. The MOST important thing is who we DON'T vote for (Hussein Obama).

  9. This is exactly why the tree of liberty is dying. We have allowed government to become a mindless cancer. Returning to the REAL America will cost a heavy price in blood. The communist party OWNS Washington DC and ALL who work there. The God of self indulgence rules america now. The idea we can effect change by voting is becoming a wishful delusion. No matter what they say to get elected they do NOTHING that does NOT further their power. The highest courts in our country piss on the constitution at the behest of the politicians. Not one single senator or congressman or woman can HONESTLY say they have upheld their oath of office.
    With the fraudulent social security number of Obama and the criminal in charge of the Department of justice and the laws and illegal executive orders they pass that subvert the constitution what recourse do we have. I sincerely pray that we can reclaim America without bloodshed. This election will tell the tale.

  10. Can you say "Bull Sh-t"? You are spot on Charlie.

  11. Trying to re-create another TVA, but in the Boston-D.C. region, Big Power joined forces with the Army Corps of Engineers in the 1930's and commissioned Lehigh University to study the feasibility of locating a hydro-electric project between rural New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Ever far more muscular [like Goliath] than cerebral [like David] the Delaware River's Tocks Island (for unfathomable reasons) was Big Power's choice. Imagine their shock when Lehigh U. had the nerve to write that geologically as well as hydraulically, the proposal was a pipedream.
    That far upstream, the Delaware River does not flow sufficient water to generate appreciable amounts of electricity. (New York City drinks it). The proposed earthen dam, which the joint-venture sold to Congress and the Press as flood control for Easton-Phillipsburg,-Trenton-Philadelphia-Camden-Wilmington metroplex, could just as easily destroy it. One conclusion of the engineering study performed by its REAL-WORLD engineers reveals that geological fault underlying the Corps' proposed 37-mile artificial lake cannot support the weight of so much impounded water.

  12. In plain English, it means that although the damn dam (to be made of dirt, not concrete) would leak like a sieve, eventually it would create the very flood its proponents claimed it would prevent.

    Rather than publicly challenge the conclusions of their own experts, they put their insane plan to bed, but not to death.
    Ever patient, around 1962, they dusted-off and pushed through Congress the same plan, with their own internal 'studies' replacing Lehigh's, hoping the memory of the earlier studies had died with the former Congress and University staffers.
    They immediately conducted yet another government landgrab, threatening private property owners everywhere with Eminent Domain to seize their property far below fair market value. Like today, sensationalist newsmedia, following their own political agenda, refused to report the scandal.

    Not until an early-1970's flood, directly-caused by a similar dam near Elmira, NY, destroyed the Pennsylvania cities of WilkesBarre and the State Capital) Harrisburg would reporters cover the negative aspects of dams. Only after the news blackout was lifted did Congress de-authorize the Tocks Island Dam.