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Buckle Up Fido in New Jersey or Pay a $1,000 Fine

Written by Gary North on June 11, 2012

In the state of New Jersey, it’s illegal to let your dog or cat ride in your car unless you have buckled it up in a safety harness.

If you are thinking, “the bureaucrats in New Jersey are both desperate and crazy,” you see it my way.

When bureaucrats want the public’s money, they will find creative ways to get their hands on it.

It is not clear what the justification is for this law. Is it to keep pets safe? But owners are allowed to put dogs to death. If they can put dogs to death, why can’t the determine how safe their dogs should be when riding in a car?

This is, of course, logic talking. When bureaucrats smell $1,000 fines, logic departs.

It’s kind of like Pavlov and his dogs. Think of $1,000 fines in the context of Pavlov’s bells. He rang the bell, and the dogs salivated. Say “$1,000 fines,” and bureaucrats salivate.

This will be the first law like this. If the bureaucrats get away with this politically, the idea will spread. Not to Texas, of course. Not to Montana or Wyoming. But maybe to Massachusetts.

Incredibly, officers from the New Jersey SPCA have the authority to hand out tickets.

“Some people tell us they like to let their pets hang their heads out the window to take in the fresh air,” NJSPCA superintendent Col. Frank Rizzo told The Bergen Record last week during a press conference to raise awareness of the law, “but dogs and cats become projectiles in a crash.” Rizzo told WFMY-TV that while dogs are the most common unrestrained pet, other cases have involved birds on drivers’ shoulder or cats sleeping on the dashboard.

Bureaucrats in the nanny state is ever-watchful for ways in which people are taking risks. Risks are not tolerable to the nanny state. They are especially not tolerable when fining people who take risks offers a stream of income to the state.

Are there limits to what the nanny state will not fine? We have not found such limits yet.

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19 thoughts on “Buckle Up Fido in New Jersey or Pay a $1,000 Fine

  1. There is no limit to the extent to how far a government based upon fickle man's (WE THE PEOPLE's) unpredictable sovereignty, rather than Yahweh's immutable sovereignty, will go in it's insatiable quest for power and control. We haven't seen the end of it, yet!

    Check out the difference between the present government of, by, and for the people as contrasted to government of, by, and for Yahweh (the God of the Bible). Take our Constitution Survey at http://www.missiontoisrael.org/constitutionsurvey… and receive a free copy of the "Primer" (an 85 page book, normally $7 plus shipping) of "Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective."

  2. Shagphil says:


  3. This is just insane! I have a large dog that travels EVERYWHERE with me, even to work! She would be very confined if she were tethered in one position while traveling.

    Doesn't the government have anything better to do??? They should be as concerned about women killing their unborn babies!!!! Sheesh.

    Government, GET OFF OUR BACKS!! Get the economy going and 'find me a job'! Leave my dog alone. I have the right to care for my dog as I choose. Period.

  4. It is absurd. I will say this to pet owners whose pets are passengers in their cars; please keep their heads inside the car.
    If the wind should blow even a grain of sand into the pet's eye, it could cause a very bad injury that may even lead to blindness.
    Have you ever noticed how the sand on a beach stings when a strong wind blows it on you. With a strong enough wind a grain of sand becomes a very fast and strong "missile".

  5. 2WarAbnVet says:

    The bureaucrats who made this ruling should be the ones forced to put the cats in harnesses – or to try to.

  6. Bill McCroskey says:

    If a pet can do damage to humans as a projectile in a crash (one of the reasons for this law) … let's extrapolate this a bit further and make the reckless citizens of New Jersey also buckle up their groceries (think of the damage a launched 13.5 oz can of Folgers Coffee can do.) Then no doubt big heavy briefcases ABSOLUTELY need restrained ….and who drags around more heavy briefcases around than New Jersey lawmakers? I will bet that briefcases are mysteriously 'exempted' from any New Jersey RLPIAC (Restraining Launched Projectile In A Collision) law.

  7. Sgt. York says:

    do they have a special pet police? This is DAS

  8. dadzrites says:

    Federal courts have already ruled that animals don't have (human) rights in cases involving killer whales in captivity and apes. From now on I'm going to carry a javelin in my car, so when I make sudden stops, it will go through the windshield and up some politician's arse.

  9. Isn't the state with the law to not get fish drunk? Need I say more?

  10. Some people have dogs that weigh 10 pounds….sometimes I have grocery bags that weigh 10 pounds. Are we going to have to put our groceries in seat-belts next? After all, don't they become projectiles in a crash. What about your bowling ball? I buy dog food bags that weigh even more. What about those?

  11. ReaperHD says:

    That's Gestapo Jersey, there is nothing that isn't against the law or over taxed. Packed up my money and left.

  12. dadzrites says:

    Once again, you have the left-wing, Marxist Demoncrats in New Jersey paying homage to every special interest group there is. Hence, $1000 fines for unbuckled animals. The fine for anyone else who unbuckled in a motor vehicle is $46.00.

    However, if you drive a "car" or "truck", are you driving a "motor vehicle"?? A car is a device for purposes of private transportation and right to travel from Point A to Point B. A "motor vehicle" is a commercial transport for profit. Your driver's license may say operator on it. "Operator" is a commercial term". You are a "driver", and not an "operator" since you are not conducting commerce on the open highways or roads.

  13. 1. TruNews with Rick Wiles.
    2. The PowerHour with Joyce Riley.
    3. The MOST important thing is who we DON'T vote for (Hussein Obama).

  14. ihatesycophants says:

    There's no reason for such silliness. After all, what could possibly go wrong with a pet running around loose in the car or flying around the cabin during an accident?

  15. Actually, the reporter is correct about unrestrained animals becoming missiles during a car crash, but come on a $1000.00 fine, now that is outrageous. Here in Texas the fine for a person nod being buckled in is $50.00. However; this bad law will probably spread to Texas also.

  16. Max Penn says:

    I once lived in the garbage state. I will not ever go back, not even for a visit. I own a RV and the last time I was there and was leaving I had to cross a bridge over the Delaware river, the bridge was maybe 100 feet long, car's paid $1.00, I had to pay $9.95 to drive over it. They have to hightest tax's in the USA.. If God every wants to give the world a enema, New Jersey would be a good place to stick in the hose.

  17. It is time to fight backl!!!! Write to your state legislators! Do you belong to the VFW? American Legion? Moose Lodge? Lyons club?…well then start up some petitions, get everyone and anyone that is a legal, taxpaying, voting, citizen to sign it. Leave them at your local stores and restaurants. Fight back..inundate them with tons of documents! Or…just sit back and do nothing, bitch and complain and then pay the fines! Have a great day! See you all at the polls.

  18. Let's knock off the kindly term bureaucrats and replace it with the proper term: C-O-M-M-U-N-I-S-T-S! That is what these snakes are. Redistribution of wealth, anti-God and anti-American and pro death, as in abortion and soon to be euthanasia! Communists despise Christ and life and worship the devil and death – facts speak for themselves! Every policy instituted by these communists verify who they really are!

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