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Exploding Toilet: BATF, FBI Teams Move in to Stop Terrorism

Written by Gary North on June 8, 2012

A 22-year-old country girl likes to blow up old toilets on her father’s rural property.

She is now in jail.

Squads of BATF and FBI agents nipped this in the bud. Each man involved is eligible for the 2012 Barney Fife award.

It is clear that America’s survival is threatened. Think of a wave of exploding toilets. You can see it here:

In 1996, Dave Barry warned that the nation faced an epidemic of exploding toilets. The government is well aware of this threat. It is not taking this sitting down.

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20 thoughts on “Exploding Toilet: BATF, FBI Teams Move in to Stop Terrorism

  1. Well, DUH! The lesson learned, I hope, is "Keep your ideas… and exploding toilets… to yourself!"

    FACEBOOK? To quote the great intellectual, Charlie Brown; "Good grief!"

  2. Bill McCroskey says:

    I used to blow up toilets with M-80's …(late 60's ) that were still attached and functioning, well…..functioning before not after. Lord I hope the statue of limitations has passed. Meanwhile this same ATF is running guns to drug dealers to kill Americans ….what part of that seems moronic … I mean ironic. Total gross cost of agents wages for this investigation and cost of prosecution hundred + thousand dollars ?? Proving without a doubt we don't have a revenue (tax collection) problem in this country …we have a MASSIVE wasteful spending problem. This story would make a great comedy movie …if the right screen writer donates to the Obama campaign.

  3. Perfect example why not to be on Facebook, Myspace or any other social network site. The government uses these for investigating anyone they want. It's public domain. Get off these sites and save yourself a lot of problems.

  4. Sapphira Sez says:

    She could have blown up toilets day and night if she had just kept her mouth shut and stayed off Facebook!! Now she's got a record and will forever (if released) be considered a danger to herself and others. Her life is now a train wreck, and only because she had to blab about her anti-government stance. Bad move.

  5. Agree with above comments. Do whatever you please, don't ever post anything on the internet that can come back to haunt you. think before posting anything – can someone take this wrong, twist it or whatever, to cause me harm in the future? If any chance of it causing you harm in the future, do not post it.

  6. Folks we have just received word from The Department of Homeland Security that a viable threat has been posted against our toilets. It is very important to protect our toilets against these toilet bombers. If you see someone observing your toilet very closely, please contact your nearest Department of Homeland Security or Bureau of ATF. Your toilets very life may be at risk.

  7. James Ludwig says:

    Screw the Hitler inspired ATF, Homeland Security, FBI and any other Obama loving, constitution hating a-hole group. They all need to worry about the islam avowed US haters and leave the toilet destroying college preppies alone.

  8. Beepster says:

    Hmmm, I just saw my wifie messing with the toilet. Think I should turn her in???? 🙂

  9. 1776Patriot says:

    To stop the abuse a TSA agent will now search you before you enter a public restroom and cameras will be installed for your protection. ……..and you think I'm joking……….1 in 10 households has domestic violence occuring on a daily basis. If we just installed camers in all homes we could catch these perpetrators.

  10. Florence Davis says:

    I once took a sledge hammer to an old toilet to break it into pieces that would fit into a big trash bag. Do you think I need to worry?

  11. JohnGalt says:

    Pre-Crimes division of DHS.

  12. websmith44 says:

    What law was broken? I don't like the feds either but, blowing up things is illegal where I live so, I don't do it. She's not hurting anyone. Nazis.

  13. Nanna Gail says:

    Lordy me 1776Patriot: Do you HAVE TO give them MORE IDEAS, on how to stick their stinking noses into OUR RPIVATE LIVES?

  14. boomer8 says:

    why are they always focused on the wrong people? Why are Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dhorn still alive?

  15. boomer8 says:

    What's a surprise is that they didn't mount a 3am assault with SWAT teams and helicopters to surround the property and then break down the doors and kill everyone inside, only to find they had the wrong address.

  16. It's a slam dunk that the young lady is not black, not Muslim, and has a birth certificate. If she didn't, she would have been hired by the DHS, instead of being prosecuted.

  17. If I had a dime for every parent of a drug suspect who said their child is clean, but they worry about their child's friends…

  18. well that is what is wrong with putting every damm thing you do on a public website duh,duh,duh,duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!