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Wisconsin’s Walker Smashes Unions and the New York Times

Written by Gary North on June 6, 2012

Scott Walker, a Republican Tea Party governor, smashed the  labor unions that had organized a recall election. He defeated his hapless opponent by 53% to 46%. His opponent was the same poor soul who ran against him in 2010. He beat him by more.

He also beat the New York Times, which yesterday informed its readers:

Mr. Walker has held narrow leads in most polls, but given the state’s strong political division, some aides already were pondering the possibility of a recount, which a losing candidate may request under state law. In April 2011, not long after tens of thousands of union supporters and others spent days marching in protest after Mr. Walker announced his plan to cut bargaining rights and benefits to trim a budget deficit, another election was held that demonstrated just how evenly split the state may be.

The liberal Times wanted so dearly to believe that this was a horse race, that voters were behind the unions. They weren’t.

Walker did what every Tea Party voter dreams of: he got a law through the legislature what makes collective bargaining with the state illegal. That stripped the unions of any significant power to hold the state captive.

The trade union movement is dying in the United States. Its only stronghold is in organizing government workers. Walker yanked the labor movement’s chain. The unions fought back. They lost.

They did not just lose. They got smashed.

Wisconsin is not some right-to-work Southern state. It is part of the old farm-labor alliance. It is a north central state. Wisconsin’s voters came out to vote for Walker. They came out to validate his anti-union stance.

Obama stayed out of this one. He sees what’s happening. He did not choose to get his name associated with another trip to the wood shed. That happened in 2010. Once is enough, in his book.

Not in mine.

This was a major victory. It sends a message to the rest of the country. There is a new movement in the body politic: the Tea Party. It’s not going away. It’s here to stay.

Meanwhile, in San Jose and San Diego, California voters voted by two-thirds to cut unionized city employees’ pension benefits.

In no other area of American politics have conservatives had greater political success. What was considered impossible in 1964 has taken place. Trade unions are fighting their last stand. Technology is against them. It is hard to organize office workers and service industry workers. Manufacturing is being computerized. The market for easily replaced manual laborers has been falling for 30 years. And now, at long last, voters are against them.

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32 thoughts on “Wisconsin’s Walker Smashes Unions and the New York Times

  1. lilbear68 says:

    sad to report, the sheeple have won

  2. Yeah, the Liberals got sheared!

  3. sean murry says:

    People got fed up the lies and thuggy.

  4. US Citizen says:

    Go Wisconsin! You have given the rest of us hope! Thugs don't have to rule everything. Bad things can only happen when good people don't stand up for what it right and just. May you have God's Blessing!

  5. toolmann says:

    Oh how sweet the sound of silence from the demothugs. There IS hope…and not the jive type of hope that was so popular in ’08.

  6. Here here go bummer

  7. Wildman says:

    I wonder how the big unions and Democrats will explain this? Maybe, just Maybe, America is waking up to what people like George Soros and the Progressive Democrats are doing. Maybe, just Maybe, Democras who are good people will take back their party .

  8. Taquoshi says:

    BUT – there were also other four or five candidates on the recall ballot and although MOST of the previously elected officials made it back in, one did not. And that could change the balance of power in the state government. So, it may be an uphill fight for Walker for the rest of his term.

  9. GrumpyOldGoat says:

    Now it is time for the Citizens to file a class action law suit against the unions for the entire expense of the recall election.

    Had it not been for the crybaby union bosses whining over the loss of so many people that did not want to belong to their organized crime organizations, there would have been no recall.

    They lost a lot of power and FORCED DUES and set out to punish the people.

  10. Sam Damon says:

    Lol…no…the people woke up to badly the public sector unions have been screwing them and lining the Democrats pockets with cash…much of itt from people wiiho would prefer not being in the union at all.

  11. Guess your anointed one isn't God after all lilbear. People are sheep as you imply and we aren't stupid like your party claims either. Get over it…..the unions WILL GET BUSTED.

  12. Wish we had an edit button!!! That second sentence should read: PEOPLE AREN'T SHEEP …….


  14. JudyG46 says:

    Good for Scott Walker!!! Congratulations!!! Hopefully this will open the eyes of other states and give their governors some confidence…and may they have the courage to step up for what is right for "we the people" and not for unions or other blood sucking organizations that live off of the hard working tax payers.

  15. Yeah, i know what you mean. sometimes I wish I could reach out and pull my words back before people hear them. Too Late… That's why I think before I speak and read before I post …most of the time.

  16. Go Tea Party. Were not taking it anymore-the liberal garbage and lies

  17. Erik Osbun says:

    Jerry Brown, are you listening?

  18. ProundPatriotToo says:

    They say this revolting corrupt recall is the bell weather for the other sovereign states who wish to bring down the union thugs. Several governors told Gov Walker, that if he wins, they will follow suit and use his plan; so they can put their states back into the black (no pun intended). I see across this country, not only a wake up call, but a monster tidal wave sweeping across this country, a loud screaming wake up call to take this country back from all the domestic terrorist in this country, including removal of the phony dictator in the white wood shed. Several states now are having their state level elections and they are throwing out the commie dems left and right. Go Tea Party. Good and justice will prevail, despite the corrupt evil thugs in this country.

  19. Winston says:

    Wisconsin is still a police state and Walker will not change that. Just search this blog for Wisconsin atrocities (jailing pastors, crushing cars, bogus tickets, etc). Lets keep this in perspective, this is a victory against Unions, not a victory for freedom.

  20. Bill McCroskey says:

    I find it nearly as interesting California voters have apparently rejected a $1.00 per pack additonal cigarette tax yesterday. I have to think that maybe 1 in 5 California voters smoke cigarettes (now some other type of smokable substance ??? I couldn't begin to estimate that number) that would be a good guesstimate…. It seems by the vote obviously there were tens of thousands non smokers that said NO MORE TAXES of ANY kind in the Peoples Republic of California. Have the citizens of California reached a tipping point for being taxed to death ?? (no pun intended …but still not bad)

  21. There's a good chance that Wisc. labor got their marching orders from afar….A word from Washington would have probably turned this recall on or off. Without a moral reason for having a recall, some judge should be held up for his part in allowing it? After the fact, I'm glad that it will become a showcase for things to come. It is not a whim…it is an absolute necessity if we are to survive as the nation we have been, and not a third world dictatorship.

  22. I consider it one and the same!

  23. seektruth says:

    Obama will get desparate. Prepare for Martial Law!!! (he, has been)

  24. Nanna Gail says:

    Unlike the LIBTARDS, I say WAY TO GO WISCONSIN! The people of Wisconsin AND their GOVERNOR, Scott Walker, have BRAINS that they use. Just like many, many more of "We the People" do.

    God Bless Wisconsin!

    NOW, a word to everyone else out there with an active brain in their head.

    Keep the MOTIVATION going. We need to FIGHT like we have never fought before.

    Congratulations Governor Scott Walker and the people of Wisconsin.

  25. Nanna Gail says:

    Oh come on Tea party, what could I have said in my reply to irritate a Conservative Tea Partier. All I did was tell the truth about what happened in my country of origin.

    Are YOU now treading on MY RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH?

  26. Nanna Gail says:


  27. Nanna Gail says:

    OOps, sorry about that, must ahve hit the Caps lock accidentally, as you can tell by the lower case letters in the wrong place.

  28. Nanna Gail says:

    toolman: Oh Yeeessss. Isn't it wonderful.

  29. Nanna Gail says:

    Taquoshi: Yes, they were kind of expecting that one to lose. It is a shame, but, as long as the rest of the folks over there stay strong, by the time we get to November, perhaps those who voted that person out will have changed their minds, YET AGAIN. Let's hope so. Or perhaps they will have a stronge Republican or Tea Party candidate.

  30. Taquoshi says:

    I have been told by others that the Wisconsin Senate has basically adjourned until after the summer and then the election will be in November and whoever ends up in that seat will be up for re-election.

    So, I guess it doesn’t matter, but it bothers me that they were busing people in with change of address cards to vote.

  31. Richard Opp says:

    RIGHT ON, Nanna Gail!! YOU ROCK!!

  32. My husband was a firefighter and was a union member. He said every administration treated them fairly and did not see why a union was necessary. In one of my luncheons with firefighters wives, the ones who are in favor of the unions, said if they lose the unions, their lives are in danger. Well, there was a petition and almost no one signed it. And all were wives of union members. We all just hated scare tactics. Most mayors, governors etc want to take care of their police and firemen.