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New Auto Driving Tax: Your Car Will be Tagged with a Chip

Written by Gary North on June 6, 2012

States across the nation are experimenting with a new system of taxation. In addition to taxing gasoline, states will also tax miles driven.

That’s right. It’s called double taxation. You pay at the pump for the fuel you need to drive. Then you pay for the miles driven.

“But grandma, what big teeth you have!”

“Uppers and lowers, sweetie.”

Here is the problem. Cars are getting more fuel efficient. So they use less gasoline. They use up the asphalt, but they don’t pay as much to do this as in the good old days.

Something must be done. The solution: an entire new bureaucracy to monitor our driving habits. Computers! Chips! Data bases! Confusion!

Couldn’t the states just raise the gasoline tax?

But then they would not be able to monitor where people are driving, and when.

But why should voters want to be monitored?

Day by day, voters are learning to submit. The bureaucrats view this as another link in the chain. “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

Other options: an app installed on smartphones. Then the bureaucrats get the GPS data.

Does it occur to any of them that some people will leave their smartphones at home when they go on long drives in-state? Or do they believe that Americans are dependent on cell phones?

Could people buy pre-paid cell phones? Call them “drive-time phones.” They could be quite cheap, compared to gasoline taxes.

Next step. “Your smartphone, please. Ver iss your smart phone? You must carry a smartphone at all times.”

Big brother never had anything like this. Orwell was a short-sighted man.

The federal government isn’t getting into this yet. The bureaucrats there figure they can let the states take the heat. The states can test voter response. Then, when the sweet spot is found, the Feds can join in the fun.

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25 thoughts on “New Auto Driving Tax: Your Car Will be Tagged with a Chip

  1. US Citizen says:

    Obamanomics at it again. Come November…..he is out of there and back to wherever he came from.

  2. sean murry says:

    Screw them they can take that chip and shove it.

  3. All this traces back to the kind of people that the voters elect.

    It's time that all such legislators, bureaucrats, and executives got a message from the polls.

    The problem with sending a message to Republican incumbents is that their opponents are usually marxist thugs.

  4. bobm001 says:

    If this is implemented the solution is simple. Find the "chip" and either "ZAP" it with high voltage or just RIP IT OUT! Better yet rid ourselves come November of the FINOCCHIO MOULIGNON and all his minions!

  5. Sumerian Man says:

    If your buying fuel, you're already paying road use tax. To try to tax for miles driven is clearly and blantantly double taxation which is by definition "illegal". That's not to say they won't do it anyway, I know of dozens of other double taxations already in play and no one jumping up and down, but it does leave room for suit and redress.

  6. Typical Dem think…….not only is this double taxation, it is also blatant discrimination. The DC Dems, who have access to public (tax payer) funded transporation do not need to drive their cars in their daily activities. The people who would be hit by this are those majority of Americans who live in country, rural or urban areas who have to drive, to make a living, ferry kids and even just have a social life………… Get these arrogant bums out of office in November and let's return to normal life sanity!

  7. Texas Chris says:

    Don't tax me, bro!

  8. Charlie says:

    From reading the article, they will have other ways to do this, either from pre-payment of mileage for the year, or, I could see something we might do here in Massachusetts, which might be to check the odometer at your annual inspection, and then send a check in with your annual excise tax to the city or town in which you live.

    What I see as a problem is that this would become a huge expense for most motorists. I don't like computer tracking, either, which I see as ridiculously invasive, but I do see this, no matter how it's done, as being a huge expense for the taxpayer.

    Let's say you get charged 10 cents/mile under this plan. On 10,000 miles a year, that's $100. On 20-25,000 miles a year, which is very common around here because of extended commutes that a lot of people have, the cost is $250/year. That adds up. Very quickly.

    I would be willing to look at this, if motor vehicle excise taxes and annual/bi-annual registration charges were eliminated and this replaced them. That would about work out to the same money.

    But, unless you want a largely privatized road system, the point that we need to figure out how to pay for the roads cannot be lost upon any of us. A higher gas tax, politically, and right now, practically, is out, so a solution does need to be derived.

    Perhaps starting with real competitive bidding and opening up to non-union companies might help. Using more recycled tires in the asphalt might also reduce the cost of the material.

    Let's look at value improvement and cost reduction first before trying to balance the books on the taxpayer's back again.

  9. catchesthewnd says:

    This is discriminatory to people that live in the country. But then isnt that the goal of agenda 21–get the people to move to the cities. Then you have a new problem like nanny mayors deciding whats good for you.

  10. Go back to horse n buggy

  11. American Nurse says:

    I'm "hoping" for "change" in November….NOBAMA 2012 !!!


    I live in the country on 200 acres and work as the caretaker of this property, I'll just become Amish and buy a horse and buggy.
    I have plenty of room and grass for him to eat. Screw their computer chip and the Politician that it road in on.

  13. It's not about taxes folks, it's about control.

  14. Tionico says:

    Here is the problem. Cars are getting more fuel efficient. So they use less gasoline. They use up the asphalt, but they don’t pay as much to do this as in the good old days.

    this is NOT TRUE!!! Back in the 1950's and '60's, there were quite a few cars that delivered mileage in the 30-50 mpg range, and not all of them tiny econoboxes like the Fiat Cincuacento or Lloyd. Fast, capable road cars, comfortable, commodious, reliable, long lived…. so, no, the problem is NOT that today's cars "get better mileage". They don't. EPA regs have so strangled them their efficiency is flogged out of them by mandate.
    No, the problem is that road use monies are wasted, dumped into the "general fund" and used for everything but road maintenance, and, the biggest thing, new rules (largely unnecessary pork) for construction protocols have multiplied the "cost" (read: padded the price unnecessarily) of highway work to the point it is not affordable. A return to a true "free market" basis for highway work would end this, and make our highway tax dollars more than cover the needed work. WHY should a worker get paid $36/hour to push a broom on a constructiin project? He's worth ten bucks in the private sector, but put him on a government job, he's "worth" four times that? NOT!!! Another issue…. the Federal Highway taxes are taken and wasted by the Feds, their system of collection and allocation is padded with bureaucratic waste, so little remains to get disbursed to where it belongs… to the states which have to actually DO the maintenance. Instead of that money going into the Federal coffers, let it go directly to each state, right from the pump.
    As to the chips themselves, let them put one on MY vehicle, I'll wrap it in metal to kill the radio waves that communicate with it. Odometer inspections? I'll unplug the cable. when they begin to be good stewards of the money they take already, I'll consider giving them more. Unti then, I'll short them any way I can. Larceny, as ever, lies at the heart of this "problem": the government-as-saviour mentality must go. Lazy worthless public "servants" need to find a real job, and serve someone who is producing and contributing. Sucking on the public teat is killing us all, Stop it.

  15. Jim Kremsreiter says:

    Gotta love another opportunity to fuck over the bureaucrats. This time by scrambling a computer chip! Yes sir, I just gotta love it!

  16. seektruth says:

    Cars sold abroad actually perform far better than they do here. VW has cars that get about 75 MPG (converted). It IS about the taxes.

    The next logical step in all this is an implanted microchip. It'll solve all the logistical problems and provide COMPLETE CONTROL.

  17. nofreebies4u says:

    The additional taxes which may be gained is just a bonus. The right of a citizen to move about when engaged in lawful behavior should not subjected to unreasonable restriction, monitoring or other intimidating tactics designed to repress freedom in the name of some ficticious imagined "good" or benefit. Suppression of liberty has a chilling effect on the normal behavior of citizens and is absolutely downright un-American and reaks of a police state or dictatorship. Civil dsobedience will result and the bureaucrats or politicians who enable this should be held accountable for actions to undermine and subvert the United States Constitution. We need to let them know in crystal clear language that this is not a road that we are prepared to go down.

  18. Richard Opp says:

    Makes me GLAD I don't have a "Smart-Phone"!!

  19. “CAR CHIP”; THE OLD GESTAPO TACTIC. WORKED GOOD IN WW2 NOW CAN WATCH MEETING PLACES FOR MILITIA AND “CHURCH” PEOPLE…. If you mess with the chip you will be send to an one of the FEMA “Recreation Citizens Centers CAMP” ….. *Proud of be an American* ….

  20. He is just a puppet ! There is people above the own government and They Rule and govern without being public figures, We know that ! ….

  21. True, very true.

  22. rusureuwant2know says:

    Hey we've already got double and even triple/quadruple taxation – just look at your phone bill and see how many different taxes are on it.

  23. Kelly Kafir says:

    There is a plan in San Antonio to chip students.

  24. Don't be surprised to find a tattoo on your new born baby in the near future or a chip imbedded somewhere. And don't be surprised to find an additional scar the next time you have surgery. It will be a chip to track your every move. Don't think it can't happen. If anyone is old enough to remember your Social Security card had a note stating it was not to be used for identification and guess what we all must use now as ID?

  25. This is what elections are for –there will be no chip on my car and that is why we all have guns to make sure the bad guys don't rule.

    we still live in America___GB