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After Seven Hours of Chatting with Customs, a Mexican Admits She Is Not an American

Written by Gary North on June 5, 2012

A woman who grew up in Brownsville, Texas, on the border with Mexico, admitted to U.S. Customs authorities that she is not a U.S. citizen. They chatted with her pleasantly for seven hours, without her attorney present, and then she signed a paper stating that she was not an American.

Her attorney asked for a copy of her birth certificate from local authorities, but he was rebuffed. It is no longer available, he was told, because she signed the paper saying she is not a citizen.

Once you sign the paper, your lawyer becomes a “birther.” Your birth certificate disappears.

She now resides in Matamoros, Mexico, across the border.

The woman’s name is Brenda Vazquez. Brenda is clearly a Mexican name. That was a tip-off to Customs authorities. This was not profiling. This was just putting two and two together.

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer who chatted with her was convinced that she was not an American. Once she signed the paper, he took away her driver’s license and birth certificate and drove her to the border.

Her lawyer says he has “asked Texas Health and Human Services for a copy of Vazquez’s birth certificate but was told it could not because Customs and Border Protection had provided a copy of the statement Vazquez signed.”

It turns out that he has other clients facing this problem.

“They were under so much stress that they were willing to do whatever to get out of that situation,” stated Diez, who said he has several similar cases pending.

Diez said he has numerous clients who were questioned for hours without food, water or the chance to contact an attorney. Some were subjected to threats and taunts, he said.

If you decide to sign, you did the crime. Don’t bother to whine.

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22 thoughts on “After Seven Hours of Chatting with Customs, a Mexican Admits She Is Not an American

  1. She signed a paper saying she was not a citizen! She has no rights! Case Closed! Chunk her in the Rio Grand and tell her to swim home! Or drown!

  2. Is it really that easy to expatriate? Customs needs to make that form generally available.

  3. Frank James says:

    Strangely, the author makes it sound like she was native born, and appeared to have just gotten tired of the questioning and signed the statement. I think the agents figured her game out, she finally came clean, and they sent her azz packing…as well they should.

    I'm still awaiting that big-azz fence we need on that border; actually, a triple fence. Inside the first zone we'd have mean old poorly fed dogs running up and down the fence line. Inside the second corridor, we'd have a free fire zone, populated by the unemployed of America…the ones' who lost their jobs due to illegal Mexican aliens. I think we'd see our crime go down, the jobs climate improve, and international sovereignty be established.

  4. ladybuglw says:


    This petition has been signed by over 38 thousand people and that is only the tip of the Obama iceberg. He is destroying our country. He is trying to make it a nanny state, and burying us in debt, He isn't fit to be president because he doesn't believe in the Constitution and I don't believe he is eligible. People are waking up to the devious ways of the man. Too bad congress is too lily-livered to stand up to him and impeach him.
    I don't believe Obama is a natural born citizen and if that makes me a birther – good. He has perpetrated the biggest fraud on the American people ever!

  5. Let me get this straight: We allow undocumented people to Vote, attend school, collect welfare etc and we deport U.S. citizens

  6. Completely inaccurate and utterly wrong, ladybuglw. He's more moderate (and even more right-leaning) than George W. Bush ever was. And the fact is that George W. Bush signed the 2009 budget into law that made the massive spending increase – Obama has curbed spending increases more than any of the last 5 Presidents. Please get your facts straight.

  7. Shane, Bush has been gone for over three years. The illegal in the White House is pissing all over us. I bet he even pissed in every corner of the White House on the first day. I'm with you ladybuglw. And Shane we do have the facts, I even bet your laughing rite now, most idiots do that as a nervous habit, Got ya.

  8. conserve says:

    smoke crack much?

  9. The problem she now faces is this: if her lawyer succeeds in getting her back into the U.S. as a citizen, the government will charge her with supplying false information to a United States Government Official. Maybe she should leave bad enough alone.

    Lying to a government official is the biggest crime. Ask Martha Stewart or Roger Clemons.

  10. Bill in NC says:

    How do you get back into the U.S. without a passport (or passport card) anymore?

  11. Ricky Raider says:

    Shane ! You are out of your donkey ass mind , You must be a welfare blood sucker ,blkass kisser ,deadbeat freeloader , YOU are stupid and don't know the Donkey party controled congress TWO years before Bush left office, and didn't do SH–T but spend ,and block any legislation meant to benefit the country .. Your butt-kissing saviour Osama is bent on destroying America with his communist moves . wake up if you are not BLACK you are Sh-T .

  12. Ricky Raider says:

    Bob M Don't you wonder how long she collected welfare ,W I C ,SSI etc before she got caught , She pronanly voted for every Dumbocrat that came along ..

  13. Boy — You REALLY got your head up BOs ass –can't ever think clearly-because you are eating BOs BS

  14. Not if it is forced –After 7hrs of interrogation -no food , no water — you would sign too

  15. The way you do that is find someone like Obama's mama to marry you. If you are nonwhite, nonChristian, and (preferably) a communist revolutionary in your own homeland, it will be easy to find a rich, white, letwing female who will take up with you and marry you to mess with immigratino and her parents at the same time.

  16. Treetorn says:

    The whole thing is ass backwards. People cry for small government but yet vote for big government and the violation of individual rights. What did Franklin say? Something about giving up liberty for security… and you will have neither? Isn't anyone listening?

  17. Treetorn says:

    If it is about defending ones property, then they should use deadly force, but crime is not the real reason for the complaining in most cases. People do need to defend themselves, their family, and their own properties with deadly force, instead of acting like sheep and relying on others to do it for them. This alone would deter crime

  18. Treetorn says:

    But what is a US citizen anyway? Are not the states sovereign? So why not state passports? But are not states custodians of rights or do they own their residents. And why a Union if not a volunteer association? And if it is a union than why the borders issues anyway. Do not states require border checks within the country? Are they needed? No! If anything people are sovereign with states acting as custodians of rights, which would mean more private property rights and more protection.

  19. Treetorn says:

    There should not be any such thing as federal passports or photo id's if each person is a sovereign. Of course residents could make their own passports, held in private databases and subject to union guidelines. And this still means that a person who is caught and convicted in a crime can be detained.

  20. Treetorn says:

    But if you want to really control immigration than stop all the social benefits, including yours. And stop all of the wage regulations and taxes. This is the real reason why it happens. In this way, no one can live off the government. This would stop the issue dead in its tracts and many other problems. But sadly it is not about solutions, right? it's really about placing the blame on someone else for ones financial plight.

  21. You can bet the farm that the damm lawyer is American.

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