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“Occupy Bilberberg” and Other Naive Fantasies

Written by Gary North on June 4, 2012

A protestor last week carried a sign, Occupy Bilderberg, outside the Virginia hotel that housed the Bilberberg meeting. There was no way that anyone except Bilderberg was going to occupy Bilderberg.

I read about this in a news story published by the liberal Guardian, a British publication. The Guardian began sending the same lonely reporter to cover the meetings four years ago, over half a century after the organization was founded. Better late than never, I guess.

The meeting was held at the Westfields Mariott Hotel in Chantilly. As always, there was no mainstream media coverage.

The hotel was in lockdown, as every Bilderberg hotel is during the week of the meeting.

This time, the meeting was being held 15 minutes from CIA headquarters.

The meeting was held here in 2008. That was also an election year. The economy was in free-fall. That was the year when Obama and Mrs. Clinton both visited the meeting, having shaken off the press corps. The media, having been snookered, reported this as “an event held in Virginia.” Here was how the Associated Press reported on the incident.

“Reporters travelling with Obama sensed something might be happening between the pair might when they arrived at Dulles International Airport after an event in northern Virginia and Obama was not aboard the airplane.”

The article provided a link to an old YouTube video of Obama’s press secretary trying to placate the press corps, which got left on the tarmac. He refers to it as hilarious footage, which it is. (The person posting it added bubbles.) “Others had a desire to meet with him in a private way,” he explained.

This year’s big topic, the author speculates, was likely to be Greece and the euro. I think this is a reasonable guess.

The Powers That Be do not want Greece to leave.

You can feel the unwillingness of Bilderberg to countenance a ‘Grexit’ in the stern words of Bilderberg spokesperson, the UK member of parliament for Rushcliffe, Kenneth Clarke. To leave the Euro, says Clarke, would be “disastrous” for the Greeks. “If they get a hopeless lot of rather cranky extremists elected at the next election then they will default on their debt.” Clarke took the time to brand eurosceptic British MPs “right-wing nationalists”, and euroscepticism itself “irresponsible”.

Clarke’s most telling remark is that: “It’s going to take a crisis, an absolute crisis, to make Europe’s leaders act.” This week’s Economist magazine agrees: “For the past six decades, steps forward to greater European union have taken place at moments of incipient crisis.”

We are seeing the preliminary steps to create a New European Order to replace the existing New European disorder. But the politicians are facing a capital markets crisis that will not wait around for the Eurocrats to get their act together.

The author cited high officials calling for a strengthened central government.

There were protestors. One carried an umbrella: “Occupy Bilderberg”

What a difference a year makes. Occupy Bilderberg? I love it. The Occupy movement seems finally to have realised that the problem isn’t the 1%, it’s the 0.001%. It’s the guys and gals and whatever David Rockefeller is who are meeting in Chantilly, Virginia, at the end of the week. Many hundreds of protestors have pledged to show up. And who knows, they may just manage to drag the mainstream news media with them.

The mainstream news media remained silent, as always. That’s why the Web is great.

Continue Reading on www.guardian.co.uk

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3 thoughts on ““Occupy Bilberberg” and Other Naive Fantasies

  1. recon77 says:

    yes we love the web…bye, bye bilderberg hello r3VOLution

  2. Rethinkr says:

    Criag Karpel's Gnomes of Bilderberg article comes to mind. Fint it here http://bit.ly/LtJaQR

  3. toosmarttovotegop says:

    Here's another naive fantasy the author neglected: Reaganomics: the policy that brought the world to it's knees.