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More Tax Money to Enslave Small Farmers

Written by Gary North on June 4, 2012

It has long been the goal of the U.S. government to control American agriculture. The Department of Agriculture, in the early 1930s, was under the control of Secretary of Agriculture Henry A. Wallace, whose fortune was based on hybrid seeds for corn. He was also the most far-Left figure in the Roosevelt Administration, serving as Vice President, March 1941-January 1945. He ran the Agricultural Adjustment Administration. It was in the AAA that the first Communist cell in the U.S. government, known as the Ware group, got started. This was how Alger Hiss, soon to become a Soviet spy, was first recruited into the government.

Control has always been through regulation and cheap loans. This never changes.

The United States Department of Agriculture has announced a new rule that will provide more loans to small family farms. This is what the Department calls a microloan program. It will be run by the Farm Service Agency

These loans will be up to $35,000. This will make it cheap for small farms to get trapped by debt.

This program is justified as a way to benefit the countryside. But with agribusiness in complete control of American agriculture, this program will be for window dressing in an election year.

This program is targeted at the young. The strategy: “Trap them when they’re young.”

“This new program is a step in the right direction for the next generation of farmers who often are looking for smaller loans when they’re first getting started in agriculture,” notes National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition Policy Associate Juli Obudzinski.

With “free” money from the government always comes control.

Everything will be speeded up. Hooking the next generation has never been easier.

To get the money, a person needs a bachelor’s degree in agriculture. This cements control of the government over higher education.

The agricultural and mechanical universities were first set up in 1862. They represented the first intrusion of the federal government into higher education. This set the precedent. The government has never looked back.

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2 thoughts on “More Tax Money to Enslave Small Farmers

  1. Isn't the ultimate goal to get rid of the small farmer in favor of the mega-agribusiness farms. They, of course, will use the GM seeds and control the food supply for the country.

  2. Tionico says:

    all the more critical that the small guys, backyarders, etc, preserve seed stocks of naturally reprodicing plants. Sooner or later, bog ag will crumble, most likely when government financial support is removed…. as, when the system as we know it implodes from its corruption.