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I Left My Trash in San Francisco — and Avoided a $500 Fine

Written by Gary North on June 1, 2012

In San Francisco, you must segregate your trash. This kind of trash in here. That kind of trash over there.

We can’t have mixed trash, can we? Of course not.

So, if you live in SF, you segregate or pay $500.

That was the decision of the Board of Supervisors.

I mean, if you’re supposed to supervise, you need things to supervise. And mixed trash is surely a candidate.

Why is this necessary? To reduce greenhouse gasses.

That’s what they said. To avoid greenhouse gasses.

There will be no more new landfills in 2020. There will be no more incinerators.

The New Gasless World Order will be in force in San Francisco.

There are three color-coded bins for waste. Black for trash, green for compost, and blue for recycling.

It is not clear what color-blind people will do. Maybe apply for handicap status. Maybe apply for help for the color-impaired. Maybe the city will start a special program.

Numbers!  That’s it!  A specialist in color-coding can be sent to paint numbers on the sides of cans. By the numbers!

Initially, fines are capped at $100. But serial non-segregators will face $500 fines.

It is no clear if this is $500 per bin or $500 total. This will be cleared up by the courts, I suppose.

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7 thoughts on “I Left My Trash in San Francisco — and Avoided a $500 Fine

  1. delmar Jackson says:

    The green movement was taken over by cultural marxists. I used to belong to the sierra Club and was an environmemtalist, still am. When I did research and relized overpopulation in the 3rd world and massive immigration to the west from the 3rd world were driving our environmemtal destruction, i was pretty much ostracised and banished ffrom the Greenies. far better to wear a moral crown and teach our children to ride a bike and recycle our trash while we import millions of immigrants that will breed like rabbits, never recycle or have small families and thier home countries explode with new hungry mouths to feed and be exported here
    .But at least our trash will be organized..

  2. Segregation is what politicians are all about.

    "Hello. I'm from the government, and you're not!"

  3. I wonder if the morons in San Fran know that the germans burn garbage in incinerators to produce electricity…or are they shipping their garbage to another city for them to deal with it so they can feel superior? What can you expect from a part of the country that keeps reelecting garbage like Pelosi and Boxer?

  4. They need to add one more box and make it yellow. A box for Boxer, one for Pelosi, one Waters and the yellow one for Brown. that will be a start for getting rid of their garbage.

  5. vincent says:

    A disposal container for the governor? I believe that his hair plugs are non-biodegradable! While illegal immigrants pollute and trash our national forests and parks, the trash nazis are attacking their own constituents. But Sanfransicko is a sanctuary city for MS13 and other illegal immigrants. As well as homeless bums that leave human waste in the parks and on the sidewalks…

  6. Taquoshi says:

    We have a power plant near us that burns the trash and generates electricity. People often complain that the "smoke" from the plant is "dirty", but the roof of the plant is literally bristling with scientific instruments to measure what comes out of the "smoke" stack (steam) and air quality readings are taken three or four times a day. The plant produces ash, which is supposedly sterile and there is a large pile of it in a nearby town. I often wonder why it is not trucked to Pennsylvania and used to fill in some of those abandoned coal mines that are now slowly caving in.

    We have a "greenie" in our town that just LOVES to report people, so when our city finally got their demolition permit to take down an old administrative building, the contractor knocked off a corner of the facade to see how it was affixed to the concrete infrastructure. Our local quisling called the state and reported that there was contamination, even though the remediation team had finished their work and signed off on it. It cost our city probably close to an extra $100,000 to deal with the EPA and DEP and at least six more months in terms of take down time. There were no problems found. However, she feels she was protecting the public.

    It's not really about protecting the public, it's not really about living a greener lifestyle, it's about control. When they pull out the moral righteousness card, it's about control. Don't be fooled.

  7. clmagnino says:

    The same people that are complaining about all of these plastic bags contaminating the rivers, lakes, beaches, and causing problems in the landfills (environmentalists) were the same groups that brought about the plastic bags 40 yrs ago! Remember? They were against the use of biodegradeable paper bags, they're thinking was that too many trees were being cut down to supply the retailers with paper bags so why not plastic bags? Now because of tons of garbage that will not degrade naturally in our landfills they want the politicians to come up with a solution. Too many times the special interest groups and the politicians cant' see the forest through the trees and they come up with a solution like the "plastic bag"