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Fat Head City: New York City to Ban Large Sodas

Written by Gary North on June 1, 2012

In his war against obesity, Mayor Bloomberg is trying to persuade the  Board of Health bureaucracy to ban sugar-based sodas larger than 16 ounces. He appointed all of the members.

No more super-size drinks.

But milk shakes are fine. They are loaded with ice cream and milk, which is converted to sugar by our bodies. But no sodas.

Diet sodas are all right, too. You can chug-a-lug them all you want. Big is better than ever. New York City will be Aspartame central. But no sugar sodas.

No other elected official gets to vote on this. The citizens of New York City are not reliable on matters of addiction. They buy large sodas, so clearly they should have no say. They are children at heart. They need Nanny Bloomberg to guide them.

The law will apply in delis, movie theaters, fast food restaurants, and Madison Square Garden.

New Yorkers will be allowed to buy large sodas at the local grocery. For a while.

Nanny Bloomberg has said this: “New York City is not about wringing your hands; it’s about doing something. I think that’s what the public wants the mayor to do.”

The public will not be allowed to vote on this, of course. Nanny B. knows what the voters really want, deep down inside their blubbery hearts. They are silently saying, “Stop me, before I drink again!”

The Health Commisar — sorry: Commissioner — has sided with N.B.

This law will supplement the ban on trans fats in restaurants.

The public is incorrigible. People drink sodas that make them fat. So it is clear to N.B. that the government must step in any prohibit people from doing this.

So far, there is no ban on ordering two cups of sugar soda. But if people do this — if a pattern emerges — then N.B. will no doubt take action.

Free refills will be allowed under the ruling.

N.B. insisted that the ban will not in any way limit customer choice. No, no, no; there will still be lots of customer choice, as long as the customer wants to pay extra for it.

He suggested that local businesses charge more for smaller sodas.

Hizzoner tried to make small sodas a state issue, but the elected politicians in Albany refused to take his suggestion seriously.

He tried to make it illegal to buy sodas with food stamps, but the federal government said he had no jurisdiction. The rest of the nation is going to get fat as a result, but New Yorkers will soon be slimmer and trimmer.

So, if you’re a New Yorker who knows what’s good for you, you will support N.B. in his crusade against obesity.

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5 thoughts on “Fat Head City: New York City to Ban Large Sodas

  1. Bloomberg, outlaws large containers of soda, but meanwhile, drug companies are drugging Americans with pills. Guess who's behind Obamacare? Pharmaceutical companies! $$$$

  2. Carol Setliff says:

    What's next? Will he also ban desserts like cake and/or candy?

  3. Bobby J says:

    So I guess I will just purchase 2 each of the smaller sizes each time I am thirsty?

  4. Taquoshi says:

    They are working on it, Carol, they are working on it. Be patient.

  5. usafe7ret says:

    What everyone fails to see is that this is an economic ploy to raise revenue. If you can't buy anything larger than 16 ouce drinks at a time, then people will buy muliple drinks to get what they want. That way, they will pay more in taxes so the idiots who run that broken city can have more money to pay off their cronies. And you all thought that the Tammany Government was history.

    Bloomberg is an idiot, but then again, you get what you vote for.