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Virus Lets Government Monitor Your Computer’s Microphone

Written by Gary North on May 31, 2012

The sophistication of hackers continues to grow.

A virus that has been around since 2007 allows the government to turn on your laptop computer’s built-in microphone and record anything spoken nearby.

The question is: Which government?

Because this virus is found most often on computers in Iran, the assumption is that the Israeli government designed the virus. Conceivably, it was the Iranian government. The virus is found on Israeli computers.

Iran has blamed the USA and the nation of Israel.

What a government can design, some private hackers will be able to design at some point. The computers keep getting more powerful.

The virus is called Flame.

This is the only virus with spying capabilities discovered so far. Some computer experts think there are others.

Iran’s National Computer Emergency Response Team claims that Flame may be linked to cyber security attacks which Iranian officials say caused data losses on some computer systems. But the organization could also have blamed good, old-fashioned hard disk failures.

Flame can do more than monitor microphones. It can collect data files. It can remotely change settings on computers. It can take screen shots. It can log instant messaging chats.

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3 thoughts on “Virus Lets Government Monitor Your Computer’s Microphone

  1. We know the Stuxnet worm was developed by US and Israel specifically to target the Siemens-manufactured controllers at Iran's nuclear facilities. The problem with governments like the US and Israel fiddling — who are hellbent on starting WWIII – is that in using this technology to achieve their dreams of geopolitical hegemony, they may have unleashed the Stuxnet on the Siemens controllers at Fukushima as well. All 6 of the Fukushima reactors fail to shut down simultaneously when the tsunami breached the retaining walls, making a natural disaster into a true doomsday scenario.

  2. AD Roberts says:

    And just who told you that this worm was used at Fukushima? Sounds like your info may have been phototshopped. LOL

  3. AD Roberts says:

    So you will stuff my freedom of speech. What is going on here? Are you working for the Obama Administration?