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The Drone Czar: He Decides Who Lives or Dies

Written by Gary North on May 30, 2012

With all those drones filling the skies over Third World nations, America needed a drone czar. His name is John Brennan.

He will decide on which terrorists to take out.

He will lead a small team at the White House.

It has been up and running for a month.

The Pentagon will have less authority over who gets droned.

President Obama imposes makes the final decisionn.

In the old days, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff decided. Brennan was only one voice. He took the list to the President.

An example of a recent Pentagon-led drone strike was the fatal attack in January on al-Qaida commander Bilal al-Berjawi in Somalia. U.S. intelligence and military forces had been watching him for days. When his car reached the outskirts of Mogadishu, the drones fired a volley of missiles, obliterating his vehicle and killing him instantly. The drones belonged to the elite U.S. Joint Special Operations Command. The British-Lebanese citizen al-Berjawi ended up on the JSOC list after a studied debate run by the Pentagon.

Civilians are safe, it says here.

Brennan gave a landmark speech last month describing the Obama administration’s legal reasoning behind the drone program. He said the choice of targets is weighed by whether capture is possible vs. the level of threat the person presents to Americans. He argued such targets are not civilians, but akin to targeting Japanese or German commanders in World War II.

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8 thoughts on “The Drone Czar: He Decides Who Lives or Dies

  1. patriot says:

    Armed drones coming to a neighborhood near you. Sudden house obliterations will likely be attributed to natural gas explosions. You will never know what hit you. What a great country we now have thanks to the progressives, the only consolation is that eventually the elites will turn on them also. What you sow, ye shall also reap.

  2. Another Czar. When is the house going to stop paying rhe salaries of these illegal appointees??????????????????????/

  3. Are we allowed to use the drones for target practice ? Pheasent and Quail season is comming up you know

  4. US Citizen says:

    This is an extremely bad idea. ONE guy virtually running this area of the military and I am sure it will spread to our own soil as well. I hope the whitehouse is ready to get soiled because I hear in November they are all about to be wiped out. Enough of this nonsense! Wake the dead, get them out to vote too…..just kidding….WE will do it all legally so there will be NO disputing the facts.

  5. Kevlar Linc says:

    "Drone Czar"? Are you serious? Lewis Carroll couldn't have come up with this! What's next? "Political Dissident Assassination Czar"?

  6. Sooo..this sci fi stuff is what happens when we elect a president whose parents aren't both American citizens? I thought it would be less obvious but now it is in our faces!

  7. Gee, obama giving some of his god powers to someone else? I'm surprised he would cede such power to someone else. Guess he's afraid to actually be the one to get his hands dirty.

  8. "President Obama imposes makes the final decisionn."? 2 questions. What the h#!! does this mean & who edits this stuff? Some product of our dumbed-down public school system?