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FBI Wants to Monotor Skype, Internet, and Wireless. Can’t.

Written by Gary North on May 30, 2012

The FBI has a problem. It can’t de-crypt Skype conversations. What’s a government agency to do? It has hired programmers who may be able to do the job.

It is part of a program called the Domestic Communications Assistance Center (DCAC). I mran, who wouldn’t appreciate a little assistance from one’s friend in Washington.

Well, not exactly Washington. It is housed at Quantico, Virginia, at FBI training headquarters.

Sharing in this venture are the U.S. Marshalls and the Drug Enforcement Agency.

The FBI isn’t talking about DCAC. But CNET did some research. Call it CNET-DCAC.

DCAC can do what it wants. It can spy of Skype. It can build a wiretap or analyze data from a social network.

In short, it can search for needles in very large haystacks.

CNET reports:

The center represents the technological component of the bureau’s “Going Dark” Internet wiretapping push, which was allocated $54 million by a Senate committee last month. The legal component is no less important: as CNET reported on May 4, the FBI wants Internet companies not to oppose a proposed law that would require social-networks and providers of VoIP, instant messaging, and Web e-mail to build in backdoors for government surveillance.

The FBI is likely to focus in VoIP calls, wireless, and the Internet. Basically, everything.

Now, all it needs are a few hot-shot programmers.

The Senate appropriated over $54 million to fund electronic surveillance.

But what does the FBI plan to do with all this information? No one knows.

I know. Collect it. Store it. Pretend that it can find something relevant. Pretend that it has agents who can interpret it.

Finally, pretend that it can nip terrorists’ plans in the bud.

It’s Barney Fife with a computer.

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16 thoughts on “FBI Wants to Monotor Skype, Internet, and Wireless. Can’t.

  1. The best news I have heard in a long, long time. The FBI having a problem invading our privacy. WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL.

  2. I guess they are upset . But then People in Hell want ice water as well . Probably upset because they can't read the porn mail passing on Skype . Yep , they got a real problem there

  3. junkbin says:

    one of the few real bad things to happen on your front steps id someone saying " I am from the government and am here to help."

  4. Skype for years has told the government to take a hike! 😀

  5. Gee, I'm glad that the FBI has told the entire world (which includes terrorists) that they can't spy on us when using skype…unless, skype is the easiest one to decode and they're hoping terrorists will all sign up for it. With this stupid administration, who knows.

  6. The fbi is in part thugs for the corrupted political elec. because they are guilty of treason and if we the American citizens allow them to continue runnung amuck over our rights we as a Nation will soon no longer remain a free Nation.

  7. Victor Barney says:

    NOT to mention, I just loved actor Don Knotts! None better in acting. Otherwise, reader be aware, "acting" also is an "art." Did I YET mention that "artist's" also tend towards the extreme political left? Yes. I call it artistically educated "CLASSISM!" Just saying..

  8. Big Brother odumbo is here. Go ahead, re-elect him.

  9. Richard Solak says:

    WOW! Talk about looking in the wrong place, not being able to find the nose on their face! The biggest threat to our country is the usuper in chief and his cohort! But we who do not partake of the kool-aid know that.

  10. Shellback says:

    Great information – but if you're going to be a professional writer. Look into this thing called "spell check".

  11. Nanna Gail says:

    Hey Victor: I will say it out in the open. These stupi hollywood "Celecrities" (in their own minds), are extreme leftists and it IS artistically "Educatted??" CLASSISM. I'm probably already on their hit list, and I am elderly, in bad health, so what do I care if they kill me.

  12. Various governments around the globe have been trying to crack/hack Skype for years and have been unable to do so. There have already been attempts, reportedly, to legislate back doors into it as well, though typically they fail simply because Skype is not based in those countries. Efforts in the US, so far, have failed. Looks like they’re trying again.

    However, another, more subtle method of solving this “problem” is to buy the company itself. I don’t mean nationalize it. Nothing that obvious, though that would be easy for them to justify in the name of “national security.” No, I mean have a company with lots of money buy a controlling interest in, or outright purchase, Skype. As long as that company is friendly with the government, perhaps because of past dealings or promises of future windfalls and regulatory policies favoring them, they can have a back door incorporated into the next version of Skype. The alternative would be to have a group of smaller bidders, each favorable to the government, buy up smaller portions of stock such that they effectively control the company.

    One major issue with putting in a back door, even if it is supposedly secret: How long do you think it will take private hackers to discover the back door and exploit it, making it useless for anyone? For that matter, how good do you think the government is at keeping secrets? (I’m thinking WikiLeaks here.)

    Oh, and by the way, Microsoft owns Skype as of October 2011. Who is Microsoft’s single largest customer? Uncle Sam.

  13. The traveller says:

    Awwwwwww. Now isn't that just toooooooooooooo bad,

  14. Public Citizzen says:

    Think about this.
    In the right hands a back door becomes a swinging door that allows access into the vitals of whoever is using the back door as an exploit.
    Very soon the spy becomes the spied upon.

  15. max willsey says:

    just another way for Obama and government to spy on its subjects (you and I) With clowns like Obama and his need to have total control over American people we are losing more and more of our Constitutional rights all the time. Who know I may have to ask big government if I may take a sh*t or a p**s.

  16. Vladilyich says:

    That's why Blackberry is quickly going out of business. Governments around the world (like Chine, Iran, U.S.) insisted on a back door. They had to give the information out to stay in business in those countries…now they're going under by the minute.