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An Intruder in Your Home

Written by Gary North on May 29, 2012

What should you no now to prepare for the possibility on an inytruder in your home? This video get to the basics.

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22 thoughts on “An Intruder in Your Home

  1. I don't agree with the advice to call 911. Good way to lose your rights, property, and pets.

  2. Mike Knight says:

    Bed of nails in front of each door, and window. Let the intruders scream of pain alert you to his unsavory presence. Call 911 as a last resort since the government is trigger happy, unpredictable, and tyrannical. Have gun, and handcuffs ready to citizens arrest the scum. Then try, and convict him in your home court of law. Jail criminal in your car trunk, and then handcuff around a tree trunk in the middle of a large forest. It may take you several hours to get there but it will be worth it. Then he serves out his sentence in the great outdoors. Whether he lives or dies is up to the almighty Lord. Amen.

  3. Cavalry Dave says:

    use 3" deck screws……..they are needle sharp, and threaded, so they don't push back through the board, and they won't pull back out of the body without bringing some meat with them. Also, smear some feces on them and you won't have to wait so long to get your handcuffs back! On a large enough scale, your plan could balance the federal budget, on the
    savings to the legal system, the prison system, and law enforcement, in the fewer repeat offenders!

  4. Keith Mathison says:

    If you are awakened by the sound of an intruder IN your house don't you think the intruder, being awake, is even more sensitive to hear even a pin drop? Will the noise of a call to 911 tell the intruder exactly where you are and that you are awake? How will 911 respond in seconds to an intruder advancing towards your bedroom? The government wants us to think we should give up our guns and let them handle a home invasion but most of the time the news reports police officers at taped off crime scenes after it happens, and chasing the criminals after the crime. There are few reports of preemptive rescues because 911 can not respond in seconds. Don't ever give up your guns for self defense!!!

  5. Better to be judged by twelve than carried by six. Shoot first, ask questions later.

  6. I'm not sure. I think there's a bigger chance that when the police do find out, they will use the fact that you didn't call 911 against you in court.

  7. That is why I got a pit bull. My wife and son will be safe if I'm not there. I also believe in getting properly licensed to carry a firearm. If they break in point it at them.

  8. Max Penn says:

    Your going to frighten all the loony lefty's that read this…

  9. Dr. Jim says:

    There is too much false bravado in most of these comments. The 911 call is so you can establish that you are in danger and justify your actions.
    In Oklahoma recently, a woman, also a handgun instuctor, was assulted in her own home by 2 would be rapists. She was able to call 911, and get to her hand gun, resulting in one dead assailant and the other wounded. With the 911 tape the surviving assailant is being charged with felony murder, and the woman is not charged.
    We need to think things through, plan and practice to deal with such situations. There will always be an investigation afterwards, and the possibility of lawsuits form the criminal or his/her family.
    Be smart about this kind of thing.

  10. Point it at them? Bullsh*t! Shoot them! Than call 911 and tell them that you feared for your life…

  11. Bill in NC says:

    If your bedroom is above ground level, it's best to be behind an exterior-rated door with reinforced frame (i.e. can't just be kicked-in).

    Standard interior doors might as well be made of balsa wood.

  12. LCRonMar says:

    I agree with the video, the audio and the advice to call 911. A handgun has advantages, but a shotgun – I prefer .12 gauge with hi-power #4, 5 or 6 shot – works well in home defense. An easy bedside rack can be made for the shotgun with two strips of metal holding the gun within easy reach of your dominant shooting hand and side. Children and others in your home are considerations also, but I live alone presently. I base my views on a year in Southeast Asia combat, four years in the Southeast Asia war theater, 36 years total in U.S. Armed Forces uniform, 21 years of active duty ending shortly after the Grenada operation to remove Cuban soldiers and take them back to Cuba, and 28 years since then as a safe, secure retired military officer.

  13. LCRonMar says:

    Ridiculous and silly to, such a post on such a serious subject.

  14. LCRonMar says:

    Calling 911 on m cell phone takes only one button stroke. Then I can leave it where it is, or take it with me, my hands free to handle my weapon while giving the dispatcher the essential information. You are right: When seconds count law enforcement is only minutes away, and when they arrive I expect all to be left for them to do is what they do most often and best, much as you state.

  15. LCRonMar says:

    Your pitbull may turn on you or your family. Licensing is okay. If they break in, not only point it at them, but shoot them if they fail to respond instantly to your command(s). Really only one command: "FREEZE!"

  16. LCRonMar says:

    And we should care?

  17. LCRonMar says:

    Amen doctor.

  18. LCRonMar says:

    Depending on where and how you live, steel-bars on windows and doors, a safe room reinforced against hi-powered weapons up to and including RPGs, maybe even LAWs are defenses to consider.

  19. Bill in NC says:

    Well, one should minimize the avoidable risks.

    E.g. I wouldn't live next to a rail-road track and expect a gas mask to protect me against a tanker full of chlorine that had ruptured in a derailment.

  20. It has long been said that criminals choose their victims before committing their crimes. In other words, if you look like someone whose house isn't easy to break into nor do you look like someone who will be a passive victim then you probably won't be a victim at all.

  21. We live in South Florida in a drug infested neighborhood. There are all sorts of people creeping around out there day and night, But what if one of those guys higher than a kite just happens to walk down my path and approach my house one night. I don't believe he will care if the house looks like it's not easy to break into or not. He's going to try to come in–that's why we have a dog – she's part North American Foxhound and Beagle and she watches the house, believe you me. If there is something really serious going on, that hound dog baying comes thru loud and clear. The whole neighborhood is aware and alert. I'm sure they don't always appreciate her howling, but then I'd rather have her racket than face an intruder. When she is on alert, the hair up and down her back stands straight up which is really amazing since her hair is so short. I just say "thank you, Lacey".

  22. Hence you agree putting up detterent works – criminals choose their venues and victims. You could easily laugh at the notion that anyone who would put up a "gun free home" on their front door might as well say "please rob me, I won't retaliate".