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Alaska Gun Dealers Tell Federal Gun Agents “No Deal.”

Written by Gary North on May 25, 2012

Agents of the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives began asking gun dealers on Alaska to open their files to the BATFE (which is known to gun owners by its old acronym, BATF). The dealers refused to cooperate.

The region’s Congressman got word of this and sent the head of the BATF a scorching letter. The BATF has no authority to do this, he said. You can read the letter here.

The head of the BATF made the usual response of a bureaucrat whose agency gets caught in something blatantly illegal. “Oh, gee, how did this happen? I never authorized this. Gosh, all whillakers, it will never happen again.” The Congressman seems to have bought it, hook line and sinker. Here is his press release for the folks back home. (Well, something is better than nothing . . . until next time.)

Following up on a letter he sent demanding answers from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) regarding ATF agents inquiring about gun store records, Alaskan Congressman Don Young met with ATF Deputy Director Tom Brandon today. The letter, sent on April 24, called on the ATF to explain why its agents had been visiting Alaskan gun dealers and asking for copies of their gun sale records.

“I requested today’s meeting because the idea of any government agency having a centralized database of gun sale records is very troubling to me,” said Rep. Young. “During today’s meeting Deputy Director Brandon assured me that this is not an accepted practice at the ATF and that they are looking to remedy the situation to ensure it, or anything like it, never happens again in the future. There will also be a seminar held in the near future for Alaskan Federal Firearms Licensees in which I have requested the ATF listen and work with Alaskan gun shop owners to make sure their questions are answered and all of their concerns are heard.” 

“Looking to the future, I am hopeful that ATF has gotten the message that hassling gun shops for copies of their records is absolutely unacceptable to me and quite frankly illegal. While I take the ATF at their word that this was an isolated incident and is not ATF policy, I will be working to ensure gun sale records remain with the gun shop and not the federal government in some database.”

For more information on what the BATF did, click the link.

Continue Reading on www.alaskadispatch.com

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15 thoughts on “Alaska Gun Dealers Tell Federal Gun Agents “No Deal.”

  1. Fr. Frank+ says:

    Any holder of an FFL does NOT have to open his sales records or customer database to the federal government, EVER! However, in some states, the state MAY subpoena the FFL holder in regards to specific sales records that may pertain to specific firearms crimes, which in turn must be specifically enumerated in the subpoena. No fishing expeditions allowed!
    On the other hand, the FFL dealers I know are generally happy to help solve gun crimes, without giving all their data to the government.

  2. James Burnham says:

    And BATF didn't realize this was against the law? right Just another Big Brother move.

  3. well he learned from holder

  4. AD Roberts says:

    No, they were both taking instructions from Obama and the Bilderbergs.

  5. ProundPatriotToo says:

    It's coming folks. I hope each state follows Alaska. This country needs to start being the country of h@ll no Obama, stay out of our personal lives, you Muslim dog.

  6. Max Penn says:

    Seems the law is only for us, the people, not the goverment. Remember Ruby Ridge? Randy Walker, the ATF undercover guy paid Randy to saw off a shot gun. Randy cut it 1/8 of a inch longer then the legal limit. This was not want the feds wanted, so they cut of more and then went to a judge and claimed Walker did it. They got a warrant for Walker. This all led to the ATF shooting Walkers wife and his 10 year old son to death. Janet Reno brought down the entire federal goverment down on Walker with army tanks, helicopter's, snipers. All for what? The guy did nada. Reno/Clinton would have killed them all if not for the towns people. He was found innocent and got a 1.5 million judgement againts athe ATF. Saddly, the goverment can not be trusted anymore..

  7. IF it is illegal AND IT IS, THEN WE the PEOPLE DEMAND THESE AGENTS be ARRESTED for THEIR CRIMES against WE the PEOPLE! By doing so it will send a clear message to their BOSSES whom gave the order without question, WE the PEOPLE will not go quietly without a FIGHT! NO ONE is ABOVE the LAW,NO ONE!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Randy Weaver, not Walker.

  9. wnettles says:

    You can ask the question "Why were the agents and employees of the government not charged with the crimes that they have so obviously committed?" . And the silence that you will hear speaks volumes. YOU KNOW WHY.

  10. William 1 says:

    OOOrraaahhhhh and AMEN!

  11. DoctorBob says:

    Every so slowly, one by one, this tyrannical government is disarming us all. Through the front door, back door, side window, down the chimney, every day they find someone new to disarm. In my personal little circle, I have a friend who is a returned veteran of Afghanistan. One night he got in an argument with his wife, and before long she had filed a charge of "Domestic Violance" against him. Presto – banned from owning guns, ever. Another friend, a Vietnam veteran, experimented with drugs years ago, got caught with some illegal drugs, and picked up a felony over it. Despite having risked his life for this country, today he cannot own a firearm, even though he is a peaceful and quiet citizen. I could go on and on and on. Our government seeks out ANY excuse to disarm us all. We need to overturn about 95% of these anti-gun laws. They only serve to disarm us all from self-defense, and more importantly, make us helpless against government tyranny! That needs to change! Unless you are a VIOLENT felon or insane, you SHOULD be able to own and possess firearms. If not, then let's just quit the charade of "Land of the Free" and declare America to be a Tyrannical Dictatorship!

  12. robowang says:

    Yep, and now BATFE is looking for public comments on their new ban on "military" shotguns.
    Make sure you ALL give a response to that one.

  13. yupikesk1 says:

    Hooray for Young. With the two milk toast women we have for senators here in Washington I envy AK.

  14. This wonderful country is in serious trouble in many areas and a small percentage even cares. This concerned group are split into many factions. Just how many "TEA PARTY" groups do we have? How many "GUN" groups do we have? WE, THE CONCERNED, needs to be united. If all the "CONCERNED" were united, we could possibly save our WONDERFUL COUNTRY. We are in serious trouble and some of us know it.

  15. Ric Shaw says:

    We livin low down, it BE the age of the BAK DOOR MAN, so hunker down and watch your back.