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“Look! Up in the Sky!” Armed Drones.

Written by Gary North on May 24, 2012

We know about the use of drones by sheriffs’ departments. The drones are getting cheaper.

You may not have read about how drones are being armed. They carry bombs. They carry machine guns.

If you want to get an idea of what is being tested, read this. It really is astounding. Technology keeps getting cheaper. Here is the economist’s law: “When price falls, more is demanded.”

A lot more will be demanded.

The Federal Aviation Administration is authorizing police departments to use drones for surveillance.

One police department is considering arming its drones with rubber bullets or tear gas.

Who will be first? As soon as there is a first, departments will line up to be second.

In 1953, science fiction author Robert Sheckley wrote a short story about all this. It was called “Watchbird.” I have posted it on my site. It’s still worth reading.


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10 thoughts on ““Look! Up in the Sky!” Armed Drones.

  1. Remember how Sky Net came into existence in the movie Terminator? Remember the justification for it? Funny how Sci – Fi eventually becomes reality.

    Given that the Japanese have a highly sophisticated robot that can be used as a sex surrogate it is only a matter of time before the melding of technologies gives us a "Terminator."

    But don't worry. Everything will be fine. It's for the children. The Government is here to protect you. We feel your pain.

  2. sean murry says:

    Target practice.

  3. ProundPatriotToo says:

    This is interesting, but apparently the ACLU is actually very, very, upset with Obama and the drones. Funny, normally these boobs always have their panties in a bunch over a dark skin issue. I understand that they are going after BO about this, you know, civil liberities. Hope this story is true. Maybe they are beginning to see through their false demi-God, Obama. Revolting (rev) Wright has been jumping up and down about how BO has changed. "Oh!, someone is getting to him, he shouldn't be acting this way." Revolting Wright, who do think he was going to act like, you,? All dictators forget about the people who put them in power. Read world history, Revolting (rev)Wright. Obama's handlers are telling him what to do, you were just a step stool to the white house. Dictators use people like you.

  4. Jstarusa says:

    Break out the RPG's LOL

  5. And what the public doesn't remember, Iran able to hack the software and take it over to land it for study.

  6. I think they (the A.C.L.U.) are more worried that he will lose the election, and a Republican will have control of the drone option.

  7. kparsels says:

    Wait until there is an accident with one and watch the finger pointing start. If helicopters go down every so often, what makes them thing these won't?

  8. Will some one write a Drone Song so we can all sing alone, Drone Drone Drone R U watching my home, or something like that.

  9. " Non lethal" rubber bullets killed a young girl in Massachusetts during a riot a couple of years ago.

    If you allow your local police to have these toys, to spend the money for operators and inferstructure the rusult is your fault,

    You control the purse strings in your community, the police will always prey on your emotions your fear. We need more cops, newer faster cruisers, bigger guns, drones whatever. Want to feel safe, give us money. Well do you feel safer, larger forces more and better gadgets, new police stations, crime still continues unabated.
    When the cops show up asking for money for the latest newest toy, just say no.

  10. I believe Los Angeles PD are using or will be using drones thus year.