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Your Body Is an FDA-Regulated Chemical Factory.

Written by Gary North on May 22, 2012

The Food and Drug Administration asserts authority over your body, because it is a chemical factory. We wouldn’t want to see 300 million unregulated factories wandering around, would we? Of course not.

Consider stem cell research. What if a company found a way to extract chemicals from your body (called bone marrow) to treat your body for cancer? Well, we know what would happen next. You would be tempted to start selling unregulated bone marrow. Or some profit-seeking third party might. So, the FDA has taken steps to nip this in the bud.

It has brought action against a private laboratory that supplies bone marrow to people — bone marrow taken from their own bodies.

No, you may be thinking. This is Alice in Wonderland. This is an asylum run by the inmates.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has gone to court to prevent the Colorado-based firm Regenerative Sciences from using stem cells developed in one part of your body (bone marrow) to repair damage in other parts of your body, such as joints. The FDA objects to the fact that these cells are chemicals, the use of which they have the power to regulate even though the cells are taken from your body to later be injected back into your body.

The FDA is accustomed to the process by which it requires that many years and millions of dollars be spent to approve drugs developed in a laboratory before anyone is allowed to use them. Regardless of clinical results that show use of stem cells to be highly effective, the FDA finds it intolerable to let you use the cells in your own body without prior approval by a vast and expensive bureaucracy.

The FDA is clear: it is in charge of your body. You aren’t.

This is North’s first law of bureaucracy in action. What is North’s first law? This: “Eventually, some bureaucrat will enforce a rule literally to the point of insanity.”

Will the FDA get away with this? Probably. Who will challenge it? Who can afford to challenge it?

Maybe a public interest law firm will come to the rescue. But there are many bureaucrats and few public interest law firms.

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6 thoughts on “Your Body Is an FDA-Regulated Chemical Factory.

  1. sean murry says:

    I am in chrage of me not no FDA.

  2. LOL you keep thinking that.

  3. Max Penn says:

    As long as we the people just set on out hands and let the goverment run over our rights it will only get worst.

  4. If the fed can control CO2 output – a by-product of every human activity — and our health care — they control us — evert aspect of our lives.

  5. Frank Norton says:

    I learned as a youth not to do anything your parents, teachers, ministers, and other kids told you what to do. I got banged around until I got old enough to defend myself, and by 15, I took on my dad and moved out on my own. He was the same but got kicked out of every school he went to. I, on the other hand took to teaching my teachers and my classmates, and got honers from and for my schools. When I graduated from the K-12 school system, I was wise to our government and doctors, and do the opposite to what they say. A law can be enforced only as long as 95 percent of the people follow it. Basically I am known as a terrorist, according to government – like in the days of the revolutionary war against the King of England. I also go to Mexico for at least three weeks of the year for the past 35 years. What I have learned is that life in Mexico is like life in the United States in the 60 – 70s. OK, so I am a spoiled free American. At 76 years old, I am wealthy, healthy, and wise.

  6. Got Liberty? says:

    Dear Regenerative Sciences, et al.

    Welcome to Washington. You didn't grease the wheels, and now it's time to pay the piper.

    There's a few lawyers, aka lobbyists, aka ex-politicians, that will help distribute the money to the appropriate hands. They'll even write an invoice so that you can write this expense off. Nevermind this being illegal, they wrote the laws, and even if they're violating one, everything is protected under attorney-client privilege, or the 5th, and worst case we can settle out of court and never miss a day of work. *wink*wink*