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Worm Farm Gets $100,000 in Federal Grant . . . for Art

Written by Gary North on May 21, 2012

The federal government continues to be at the cutting edge of scientific research. A worm farm in Wisconsin will receive $100,000 in grant money.

Actually, it’s not really for worm research. It’s for art. It’s all part of the Reedsburg Fermentation Fest. as in ‘festival.” You may not have heard about this.

Reedsburg Fermentation Fest – A Live Culture Convergence brings together new and existing arts activities and the food and farming community for a 10-day annual fall festival during which farmers, chefs, artists, poets and cheese makers converge in the working lands of Sauk County for a series of tastings, demonstrations, art events, seminars, farm tours and more.

It features the Farm/Art DTour a self-guided 50-mile scenic loop with land based art installations, artist-built Roadside Culture Stands, Field Notes (rural education sites), and outdoor performances through the landscape that is itself a cultural resource.

Your tax money is helping to fund this. Do you find this incredible? I hope so. It’s an incredible opportunity.

“This is an incredible opportunity for our region,” said Wormfarm Executive Director Donna Neuwirth, “We are very fortunate to have local leaders who recognize that community revitalization, agriculture and the arts are linked. After all, the word ‘culture’ is embedded in agriculture. This creative placemaking grant will allow us to invest significant resources at a critical time as we build an ambitious cultural event that celebrates food and farming using the vision of artists to explore and expand the timeless connections between land and people.”

Previously announced this summer, the Wisconsin Department of Tourism presented a $20,665 Joint Effort Marketing grant to the Wormfarm Institute, and Fermentation Fest received an Our Town grant worth $50,000 from the National Endowment for the Arts. Wormfarm earned one of only 51 grants awarded by NEA nationwide, among 337 applicants.

Each project supported by ArtPlace has been selected for developing a new model of helping towns and cities thrive by strategically integrating artists and arts organizations into key local efforts in transportation, housing, community development, job creation and more, according to a news release announcing the grants.

Artplace? What exactly is Artplace?

ArtPlace is an initiative of 11 of America’s top foundations working in conjunction with the National Endowment for the Arts and seven federal agencies. Its aim is to drive revitalization across the country by putting the arts at the center of economic development.

This is all part of a program, federally funded, to subsidize rural life.
“To thrive, rural America will need infusions of new people, new ideas and new sources of vibrancy” Reedsburg Mayor Dave Estes said in the news release. “Wormfarm Institute is an asset for Reedsburg that delivers on all three of these needs. With the collaboration among Wormfarm, Sauk County and The Reedsburg Chamber, we can create a model to jump-start our economy that is grounded in who we are.”

To find out what other terrific uses there are for your tax money, click the link.

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5 thoughts on “Worm Farm Gets $100,000 in Federal Grant . . . for Art

  1. Cliffystones says:

    Just a bunch of people who are either total dimwits (doubtful) or attempting to use a bunch of politically correct jibberish to game the system (likely) for free money. Starving artists using our hard-earned money to pay for their folly.

    Did anybody entrusted with our tax dollars ask anyone from this "worm fest" to explain exactly how "artists and arts organisations" are going to "drive revitalization across the country by putting the arts at the center of economic development"? Really. I can't wait to hear how that is supposed to work.

  2. ProundPatriotToo says:

    Oh! Yaah!, I can hear the money toilet flushing again. Just the other day, Congress and the Senate are looking to spend another trillion to the failing budget. What budget, we don't need no stinking budget.

  3. There is Agenda 21 to get us out of the countryside and ArtPlace to keep us there. Big Brother is in a kerfuffle.

  4. Cliffystones says:

    But the Liberals will reserve the "countryside" for their connected elite.

  5. This is one of the major reasons the goverment is broke and the people taxed to death. Along with the green energy and foreign aid , G.S.A. and billions of dollars in government assets . I am so sick of this I can't stand it. Then they holler entitlement are busting the system. Charity begins at home Mr. Obummer.