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Pregnant Woman Tasered for Failing to Sign a Traffic Ticket

Written by Gary North on May 18, 2012

Across the United States, a crime wave is threatening the very fabric of American life. Pregnant women are refusing to sign traffic tickets.

Authorities are unclear how to stop this. Should these women be shot on sight? Or will simple tasering be sufficient?

In Washington state, the police have decided to go with the kinder, gentler approach: tasering.

But one formerly pregnant woman has sued the police for this. So, next week, the U.S. Supreme Court will decide.

Malaika Brooks was driving her son to school. She was stopped fir a moving violation. The policeman adked her to sign a traffic ticket. She refused, thinking this would be an admission of guilt.

In Washinton state, it is a crime to refuse to sign a traffic ticket. So, the cop ordered her out of the car. She refused.

This woman was clearly dangerous.

The policeman consulted with two of his colleagues as to the proper penalty. They agreed on the taser.

First shot: her leg. Next, her arm. Finally, the grand finale: her neck.

She collapsed.

After she came to her senses, she sued the three officers.

The case went to the U.S. Court of Appeals. The cops won a split decision. “The majority believed that the officers used excessive force but could not be sued because the law was unclear at the time of the incident.”

Chief Judge Alex Kozinski said that Brooks had been “defiant” and “deaf to reason,” which caused the incident to occur, and that the officers deserved praise and commendations for their actions. Although the officers won the case, the court informed them that “some future use of Tasers would cross a constitutional line and amount to excessive force.” The officers appealed the case to the Supreme Court to “clear their names” and preserve their right to “a useful pain technique.”

A useful pain technique. Right. I get it.

My advice: if you get pulled over in Washington state for speeding, let alone running a red light, sign the ticket.

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19 thoughts on “Pregnant Woman Tasered for Failing to Sign a Traffic Ticket

  1. gunner48 says:

    With everything that happening in this country, Why is this shocking ???? It looks like the beginning of the Hitler regime. and the terror they inflicted on the jewish populace…….."Welcome to the ghetto !" Anything Goes! We have no respect for Motherhood or anything else lately!

  2. I used to think police were our friends. Then, I started to be afraid of them. Now I'm angry. I think I'm in good company.

  3. submariner663 says:

    If we don't tase pregnant women then the Terrorists shall have won.

  4. I find these comments interesting. What should the officers do when someone refuses to obey the laws & refuses to sign a ticket? Why do these people think they do not have to obey our laws? That irritates me more than the fact they tasered some pregnant woman. You know she was warned & she still refused. She is responsible for her own actions & the consequences that come with it. I will say however the officers need another way to deal with such people. Maybe take a picture along with the ticket to keep on file, once they build up arrest them, which is I assume what they do now.

  5. Richard Honre says:

    Wait til it happens to you, pal. Then you'll go screaming for your mommy. Except that she mush have flushed you along with what you smell like.

  6. Gene Poole says:

    Who are "these people", Candy? What if it happened to you? Wouldn't you not then be "these people"? I hope you make it through life without somebody deciding you too are a criminal, Candy. With a lot of luck, you might.

  7. What they should do is what they have been doing in most states; note that the person refused to sign the ticket so when it goes to court they can be sited with obstruction and failure to obey a lawful order… DUH!

  8. Anthony says:

    Their right to use a "useful pain technique". Okay, if this was done to terrorists at Gitmo, would it be considered torture? I bet the liberals would be screaming and the current president would have made many speeches about how bad it is while out campaigning for his office. But let me draw your attention to the fact that the liberals are not protesting this. Now what does that mean?

  9. Dr. Barbara says:

    I have had a few speeding tickets in my life and I have never signed the ticket. I told the officers that I would go to court, which is my right, and they noted on the ticket that I refused to sign. Had I been pregnant with my other child me, I would have done the same thing. And if I had been tasered with my child sitting there wondering what these men were doing to Mama, I would sue every last one of them and take it all the way to the Supreme Court. I would also call every news media out there and let them investigate. We do not (yet) live in a police state. A lot (not all) of policemen are abusing their authority. Remember, they work for us.

  10. Gary,

    Spellcheck. I find at least 2-4 errors per article. 🙂

  11. People who do not obey the laws. Do not try to make this into something it is not.

  12. A taser should be a substitute for using a gun, not for talking, or physically restraining a person. Policies on taser use are far too lax. Unless the person is threatening the officer or others with physical harm, tasers should be off-limits. Using them for "compliance" is tyrannical.

  13. Gary uses voice recognition to do most of his work. Otherwise he is hunt and peck. I am a stickler for grammar and spelling, but as long as I can understand what he is saying, I don't really mind. It is more important to get the content published than to worry about every error.

  14. Now that the police have the taser, it appears they really like to use it in any and all circumstances. Of course, it does not carry the same reprocusions as shooting someone and that seems to be the problem. Police departments have procedures they following in a shooting incident, it seems they should have procedural policies for using tasers. Doesn't Washington have the option most states have on whether or not to sign(accept) the ticket or go to court?

  15. Smeethow says:

    The peoples repulic of Washington has been controled by liberals for way to many years.

  16. Charlie says:

    Three cops , one woman…… what a bunch of wooooozzzzzeeeessss these three cops were no matter how large the woman was it is still three against one and if the cops all three could get the one woman to understand what they were saying about the law they were enforcing then the cops need to go back to school. Unreal even in a street fight three against one is not fair the one usually ends up in a world of hurt. Maybe the cops just thought hey we have tasers, pepper spray handcuffs, guns and there are three of us heck let's just tase the crap out of her and watch her flop around.

  17. ImpeachBO says:

    OCD check, this isn't a spelling contest

  18. gavinwca says:

    you are not a truth Teller.

  19. You obviously have never heard of jury nullification either. There are countless bad laws on the books. Everything Hitler did 70 years ago was "legal" at the time.

    In 2005 I was stopped for a moving violation. While detained I saw another driver pass by committing the same offense. I pointed out why his partner was not arresting that individual as well. He became belligerent and threatening. When he handed me the citation to sign I merely stood mute. He then snapped "I'm going to cite you a second time for refusing to sign". I beat the "refusal to sign" in traffic court because I did not "refuse" to sign anything. Today I would be dead at the scene at the hands of those 2 cops.

    People like you always retreat into excusing criminality just because it wears a uniform and a badge. It's easier than doing something about the problem. The German people didn't do anything about their problem years ago and look where it got them!