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Wine & Food Center Needs Another $100,000 in Tax Money; $2 Million Just Didn’t Cut It

Written by Gary North on May 17, 2012

The U.S. government gave a grant to a community in Washington to build a wine and food pavilion. But the Feds required the local community to cough up $100,000. I mean, it would look like a terribleĀ  waste of taxpayers’ money if the locals didn’t pay anything.

Well local politicians aren’t going to be roped in so easily. Sure, the community agreed to pay $100,000 to get the money, but now it’s dragging its feet. I mean, who really expects the local taxpayers to pay $100,000 to the Feds. The Feds owe it to the community, right?

This is part of a national program. The Feds pay confiscated and borrowed money to fund boondoggles. That’s the government’s job, right? “Boondoggles R Us.” But they want to make it look reasonable. They ask for a token payment.

Local governments sign papers. But then comes judgment day. The locals claim they just can’t afford it. Times have changed. Revenues are down. “You don’t really expect us to pay, do you? That was then. This is now.”

If the locals don’t fork over the money for the food center, the Feds won’t pay.

I”m rooting for the locals. “Not a brass farthing!”

The people who want the funding have asked the county to write the check.

It turns out that everyone wants into the act. The requests for local funding are at $10 million.

It turns out that politicians at all levels are trying to bail out.

With about $1.4 million remaining from the state grant, the port needs to raise $535,000 to match the $2 million federal grant. Most will come from private donations, the port is counting on the county to provide $100,000.

What, exacty, is the money going to buy? This: “a destination for wine and food education, featuring a tasting room, kitchen, exhibits, teaching vineyards, gardens, classrooms and conference rooms.”

In short, a boondoggle.

Is the national government going bankrupt? Yes. Will this ever stop? Not until it’s bankrupt.

When Washington’s checks stop, people making their living from boondoggles will have to find new careers. They will be a glut on the market.

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3 thoughts on “Wine & Food Center Needs Another $100,000 in Tax Money; $2 Million Just Didn’t Cut It

  1. Bill McCroskey says:

    Just one of thousands and thousands of other stupid wasteful government programs, 'loans' tax loopholes, pork projects, funding and grants (the list goes on and on.) Dr. North is right …. it will end some time with finger pointing replacing boondoggles.

  2. teaching people how to throw better party's ,just what we need more party's

  3. Katchaturian says:

    These wineries, (whineries) are infiltrating both sides of the Cascades. Its an infestation, and they are a curse to be heard on TV commercials day and night. If your bloody winery is so good, why do you need money from taxpayers some of whom don't care for the overrated fruit drink? NNNNNOOOOO ?????????? Earn it.