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Are You Facing a $10,000+ Medical-Hospital Procedure? Fly to Bangkok.

Written by Gary North on May 17, 2012

Rich Americans are increasingly going abroad to get expensive procedures at one-fifth of the cost.

Foreign hospitals are every bit as go as ours, if you go to the right ones. Where do you fund good ones? Click here.

Plane fares are cheaper than American medicine.

One man who was on a tour in Thailand last year got hit with back pain.  He went to a local hospital. He spent half a day in a private room.

Guess what his bill was.

It was $12. Cash.

A man who needed back fusion surgery — assuming anyone does — was told it would be $70,000 in the U.S. he had to pay $14,000. He went to Bankok

Total bill, including plane tickets: $7,000.

Last year, the hospital treated 70,000 Americans. Hip and knee replacement surgery were the most common procedures.

The numbers are up 20% this year.

Physicians there pay $5,000 a year for medical malpractuce insurance. In the USA, it’s $100,000.

Do the math.

Some American families pay $1,000 a month for health insurance. They probably have to co-pay 20%.

Medical tourism is cheaper.

If you are in a terrible auto accident, will your auto insurance pay? Check.

If you are in a terrible fire you had better have a lot of co-pay money in reserve. You need an HSA.

Costa Rica offers cheaper procedures. Way cheaper. Look up Medical Tourism of Costa Rica.

For more information, click the link.

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3 thoughts on “Are You Facing a $10,000+ Medical-Hospital Procedure? Fly to Bangkok.

  1. dennis4040 says:

    Not only is the care great but Thailand is a great American friendly country to visit.
    My wife is from Thailand. Last month while we were there on vacation she had her thyroid checked including ultrasound. We were litterly in the office no more than 15 minutes and it cost about $10 US!

  2. I have to have a blood test done every month. In North Illinois, it runs in excess of $50. When in Honduras it cost $2.00 and they were apologetic that it cost so much!

    A friend recently moved to Mexico, his medical and insurance were over bearing. He told me that with no insurance in Mexico his treatments cost less than his 20 percent here.

    I know a doctor that tells me what his expenses are and with that info it is easy to see why they are so much more. Add a lot of the cost factor to the fact that so many people here are "sue happy", and judges and jurys are so benevolent to "victims".

  3. This is another place to consider, in OKC: http://www.lewrockwell.com/lewrockwell-show/2012/

    The website displays prices for everything up front.