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Journalism Student Arrested for Photographing Police

Written by Gary North on May 16, 2012

The police do not like to be photographed. They take away the offender’s camera. They say it’s illegal to make a record of what they are doing.

Then they get sued. The city or county usually loses the case. The city or county pays money to the “criminal.”

This is good. Bureaucracies change only when (1) their budgets get cut; (2) they receive bad publicity; (3) an outside board takes over monitoring them. All three strategies are needed today.

Here is another case.

Police confiscate a college student’s camera because he dared to take photos of them while he was outside his home.

He was arrested. The charges: obstruction, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct.

His attorney says he merely took photos.

The police arrested his girlfriend, too.

The police refise to talk to the press about the details.

Add “stonewalling” to the list of stupid police tricks.

The student was sitting on his front steps. The police pulled over a vehicle. He had a camera. He took pictures. He is a journalism student.

A policeman told him to stop taking pictures. He refused, claiming Constitutional rights. It was public space.

The student says one cop said, “Public domain, yeah we’ve heard that before!”

He says they pushed him to the ground and then handcuffed him.

His girlfriend was arrested when she tried to get his camera back. The camera belongs to Temple University.

She was charged with obstruction and disorderly conduct. This went on her record. She had to do community service to get this expunged.

The head of the journalism department asked an attorney to get involved. He sees this as having a chilling effect on free speech.

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5 thoughts on “Journalism Student Arrested for Photographing Police

  1. These type of thugs should be fired, prosecuted, imprisoned, and banned from ANY law enforcement job ANYWHERE!

  2. Dark_nite says:

    You can't get rid of Cockroaches. You just need to turn on the light and they scatter. When the government entities begin underfunding the local police and sheriffs offices then the bad ones will be removed and freedom will be restored. You have to change the money flow to stop stupid!

  3. cedricward says:


    i totally agree with you. The problem is…who do we get to prosecute these psychos?
    It appears that the entire system is corrupt from top to bottom including the courts who,
    even if these thugs are convicted, are given pathetically small sentences of a few weeks or
    a month not fined at all. Many are put on PAID LEAVE while the case is being investigated.
    Some even find similar work in a new locale.
    The victims often have severe physical injuries, loss of their jobs, etc and can't recover from
    the damage done by these thugs.
    When are we all going to simply FIGHT BACK VIOLENTLY before we are all herded into
    the FEMA CAMPS and murdered or turned into free convict laborers until we are no longer
    worth keeping alive? This is becoming worse than Nazi Germany and the potential is even worse
    as the ultimate goal is to reduce the world's population by billions.

  4. cedricward says:

    I disagree that when the funds dry up only the 'good' ones will stay.

    I think the bad ones will be left to steal even more from us.

  5. So what if the courts award a settlement in a lawsuit against the police? This will only come out of the taxpayers' hides, not the cops'. The cops will be put on paid administrative leave (which means that now they can receive their pay without performing any "work"–which may be just about as good a thing as paying off all our senators and congresspersons to just stay home, come to think of it) and there will be no personal repercussions against the police perps.