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What It Costs to Keep Retired Presidents Comfortable: $3.8 Million

Written by Gary North on May 15, 2012

FY 2013 Congressional Justification.

This is from the section labeled FP. That stands for Former Presidents.

For a summary of which President got how much for what, click here.

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5 thoughts on “What It Costs to Keep Retired Presidents Comfortable: $3.8 Million

  1. D Christenson says:

    We ought to give Obama a few million to leave NOW…. if he steals another election, there won't be anything left to support him with 4 years from now.

  2. This shows that nobody in the government is not concerned about the deficit. If the ex-presidents were concerned about the deficits they would refused some this spending. Some of this is necessary but not to this extent.

  3. I wish these buzzards had to count their pennies to get a loaf of bread. This whole rat race in Washington makes you want to scream. And as poor as I am I wouldn't vote for Obummer if they offered me a million dollars.

  4. ProundPatriotToo says:

    This is how I feel about retired Presidents, and this has nothing to do with the dictator in the white house now. I have always felt this way. No.1. No one holds a gun to anyone's head, if they want to run for office (including a Mayor of a town); No2. you screw up while running this country into the ground with self serving needs and the needs of your thug friends, to bad, your decisions. No3. you didn't have body guards before you entered the while house, so you can return to your civilian life as usual. No4. your family was not the one to hold office, so therefore, why are they treated like royalty after vacating the white house.

    I could go on, but I am fed up with these professional political moochers. They have lived their whole life on our tax dollars. This needs to come to a halt. Once you leave the white house, you and your family are on your own, including health coverage, etc.

    Look what they are taking away from military families and retirees!

  5. Why do these past presidents need protection. I'm sure I have some people angry at me from my previous position of authority. I don.t have any secret service protecting me.