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Obama’s Stimulus Sponsors Soap Opera: Almost $1 Million

Written by Gary North on May 15, 2012

When the Congress approved $787 billion in “shovel-ready” money to stimulate the economy, that opened the door to entrepreneurs of all kinds.

One of them had in mind a kind of soap opera: “Diary of a Single Mom.” It starred Billy Dee Williams.

I missed seeing it. Maybe you did, too.

The total bill for the show was $930,000.

The Department of Commerce handed out the money. It was part of a $28.5 million fund to promote broadband Internet service in areas of the country that are under-served.

How did the bureaucrats determine which areas are under-served? Frankly, I don’t know. But I am sure there were rigorous standards, beginning with this: “We’ve got $28 million to spend. Let’s spend it.”

About $1.5 million of this pile of cash was used to fund programming such as “Diary of a Single Mom.” Given what that one cost, it could afford maybe two shows.

It turns out that the stimulus package allocated $7 billion to bring broadband to under-served areas.

Why did we need a program to promote broadband use, if $7 billion in subsidies were not enough?

The Internet has maybe 250 million sites. Why did the nation need a federally funded show?

Because the money was there to spend.

The $28.5 million go 150,000 subscribers signed up and educated about Internet use, or so the grant’s director said.

Let’s see. That’s $190 per new customer.

That’s not paying for the service. That’s to convince them to sign up.

Assuming all the money went where it was supposed to go, that’s not very many people as a share of all the people who live in rural areas. Who determined which locals were given the training?

You will be pleased to learn that the show in 2009 won Best Indie Soap by the Indie Soap Awards.

What are the Indie Soap Awards? They are hanced out by We Love Soaps. The first awards were in 2009.

What is We Love Soaps? How influential is it? I checked the site’s ranking on Alexa.com. Google is #1. YouTube is #3. We Love Soaps is…..


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3 thoughts on “Obama’s Stimulus Sponsors Soap Opera: Almost $1 Million

  1. Sprint collected the Stimulus to put internet into our area. It did not happen. We asked why! Well because we had storm damage and had to use the money to repair it. I thought this money was for Internet? Well thing beyond our power stopped it. 8 out of 70 families put in Satilite. Which is a little better than dial up. Now they say it is not feasable to put it in with all the satilite dishes. Every one of us would drop satilite for DSL.

  2. erik osbun says:

    The administration gangsters raid the taxpayers pocket book again. It will stop when the administration gets kicked out of office in November.

  3. jim28threg. says:

    The rape will continue until every one of those carrier congress vampires are kicked out or sent to prison. Though I like the hangman better . It just seems fitting for traitors.