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$700 Million Bridge to the Suburbs of Nowhere

Written by Gary North on May 15, 2012

I am speaking of the The Knik Arm Crossing Project. Guess where it is located. I’ll give some clues.

KABATA’s goal is to construct a cost-affordable, vehicular toll bridge of about 2.7 miles across Knik Arm. Because there are no roads in the area served by the bridge, the project involves the construction of 19 miles of road to support the bridge’s accessibility. The purpose of this project is to build a bridge to fulfill the following needs:

• An efficient link between the operations and infrastructure of the two ports;
• An alternate north-south emergency response and disaster evacuation route;
• Transportation infrastructure for existing and projected population and   economic growth.

Who will pay for this? You will. I will. And locals will.

Construction Cost: Roughly estimated at $650-700 million to come from congressional appropriations (TEA-LU), state and local grants, and public and private sector investment, including KABATA revenue bonds with user fees.

Will you get some of the revenues generated by the bridge? Quoting Nancy Pelosi: “Are you serious?”

How much money in toll revenues would fund a $700 million bridge at (say) 6%, plus pay for upkeep?

A lot more than the bridge will generate. This is why the governments must fund it.

To find out where the bridge is located, click the link.

Continue Reading on www.knikarmbridge.com

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16 thoughts on “$700 Million Bridge to the Suburbs of Nowhere

  1. Gary Allan says:

    One thing about Pelosi, she is not afraid to spend other peoples money. How much was it again she made on insider trading during the ObamaCare Bill debacle?

  2. Delmar Jackson says:

    Will we even hire Americans to build our bridges?
    Watch this abc video

    why is USA importing Chinese to build our bridges? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83pNM3Oy1As

    Secret Video-Immigration Lawyers teach companies how to steal jobs from USA workers http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TEwJvmJj2uo

    They Took Our Jobs – Immigration Stories You Are Not Supposed to Hear H-1B H-2B Visas http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YItkuxv7dhU

  3. kerry keel says:

    Why not just cross the waterway between the 2 ports? As close as they are, barges and tugboats to move them would be just as effective. It would seem that such vessels already exist. The bridge project is a bad idea, and needs to be scrapped.

  4. A much better idea, builda bridge from the state of Washington to the lowest part of Alaska completely eliminating those sloshy canadians and I will be one of the first in line the day it is opened.

  5. They are increasing the size of the 95 in northerncanada that is not used enough to warrent 4 lanes an take countless peoples property away from them. The other thing is it is at the taxpayers expense, all to look like jobs have been made…if only temporarily. I know it is going to destroy one business along its pat that had jobs for others that were permament, which will end after it is all done.

  6. Sorry for the typo above…it's northern Idaho going towards Canada…

  7. I think it would be wonderful to spend the money on this bridge here in the US and have it built by American workers-not foreigners.This kind of spending is far better here in the US than sending it to Kenya for some infrastructure project that the imposter president promissed his kenyan countymen prior to becoming president/imposter here!If I could redirect all foreign aid back to this country for infrastructure projects here-this would be a much better America.Local paychecks,and money in the bank!

  8. Is this any worse than Harry Reid's high speed rail from Victorville CA to Las Vegas???? Billions of taxpayer dollars to benefit one city, Las Vegas???? We must vote these morons out!!!!

  9. "Sure, he's just defending his pork cause he lives there!" Yes, I live here. First, the funding will be accomplished through a PPP (public private partnership) and the feds aren't footing $700 million of it. There are a multitude of sources, including private investment.
    Second, google map Anchorage Alaska ( https://maps.google.com/maps?q=anchorage+alaska&a… ) and see for yourself. We are out of developable land on this side of the inlet. We have water on three sides and mountains on the other. I would prefer to not see Anchorage be redeveloped into high density urban housing. What about the Golden Gate Bridge? This growth will happen in the valley and we will need this bridge sooner than it can be built even now. Right now we only have one route North and one route South. This would help drastically with an alternative route with the awful rush hour traffic currently squeezed through our bottleneck routes.
    To sum up why this bridge to somewhere is needed:
    a. Accessing cheap land for homes as the region's population grows.
    b. Improving the Anchorage region's economy with increased developable lands.
    c. Facilitating cargo movement between Anchorage and points north.
    d. Reducing commuter travel time between Anchorage and the Mat-Su Borough.
    e. Increasing safety through multiple entrance and exit points to Anchorage.

  10. GARY maybe you should get your facts together before you shove your nose in someones back side, its about power generation not a bridge to nowhere.
    The powers ti be are fed exzuberent amounts of donations from utilities to stop affordable power just as the ABOMANATION in Washington does with drilling the oil companies have been fracking for years it is the directional drilling that is the state of the art technology.

  11. ProundPatriotToo says:

    $80,000,000, I think. But, right now she and her thug family are close to having a billion in bank; according to Obama, Pelosi's adopted brother, "it's only fair." The old double standard, leftist shuffle. What's new, one thousands and three yawn moment.

  12. toosmarttovotegop says:

    So long as Republicons maintain their anti-"buy American" policies and continue shipping American jobs to other countries kind of crap will continue as their version of "patriotism".

  13. Icorps1970 says:

    Anyone who lives in the area or has driven into area across from Elemendorf/Ft Rich or flown over it knows this bridge is a good idea. This article is extremely misleading, simply propaganda. Planning for this bridge goes back 30 years or more.
    As someone else pointed out, google earth the area. The claims its a bridge to "nowhere" is BS of the highest order.
    But of course to the people in the east AK and the northern "intermountain" west of the lower 48 count as "no where".

  14. Jacob Steelman says:

    If this bridge is such a great idea then the market will fund it without any need of government assistance. So no PPP is required. A purely private bridge would likely cost alot less than the $1billion that this bridge will in all likelihood cost the American and Alaskan taxpayers.

  15. Lou Skannen says:

    Given all the new, expensive bridges built with government money in the lower 48 in areas where there are already bridges, it’s quite disingenuous to complain about a proposed bridge – or even two – built to relieve problems and encourage development in the few built-up areas of Alaska.

    The area north and northwest of Anchorage is the fastest-growing area in the state. It is near Anchorage, a jobs and corporate dynamo, but 30, 40 or 50 road miles away without a bridge. The Glenn Highway north out of Anchorage can be a dangerous trip in even mildly adverse conditions; the Glenn and Parks Highways serving the area account for many if not most of Alaska’s driving injuries and fatalities. Big accidents frequently close the Glenn for hours and there are NO alternate routes.

    In the lower 48, bridges are built almost at the drop of a hat to relieve congestion or advance some kind of fancy-schmancy corridor plan. Alaska – phtt… While Alaska has huge potential even for the nation as a whole, improvements to develop that potential are only grudgingly (if at all) supported by citizens elsewhere who, through the government, own/control more than 60% of the state and who, through government agencies, say yea or nay – mostly nay without years’ delay and mucho dollars in my experience – to private development on private lands which comprise less than 1% of the state not counting Native corporation lands.

    Frankly, it seems to me that the rest of the country intends that we Alaskans be treated just as hired help taking care of a gigantic and lightly-visited national park or as quaint indigenous or quirky folk – “Get a photo, Jim!” – rather than as partners in making the US everywhere, including Alaska, a free and prosperous nation.



    PS: Y’all be sure to visit! With all the restrictions on our growth, we need your money!

  16. Been there, driven those roads, got the t-shirts and sweat shirts and parkas.

    They need that bridge, and it is cheaper to build it now than later.