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Police Brutality Defended by Police Department

Written by Gary North on May 14, 2012

A police officer kicked a clearly pregnant woman in the abdomen. The woman filed a complaint. The police department says the offider was in the right.

Here is a case of a bureaucratic reaction that is universal. But, if the days of the Internet, this reaction can backfire.

No charges have been filed against the officer. The woman says that says she was “trying to calm her brother down during police questioning after a police officer used a Taser gun on her sibling. After her brother was shot, Ms. Dozier says she started crying and questioning the officer over his actions. That’s when Wheeler is reported to have gotten violent.”

The officer tired of being questioned, she thinks, and that was when he started kicking her.

Ms. Dozier was just shy of nine months pregnant during the incident. She underwent an emergency c-section procedure two weeks after and gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Levi. Now more than four months after being assaulted by the officer, Dozier is still demanding justice.

According to the County Police Department, the officer was in the right.

He insists that he could not tell that Ms. Dozier was pregnant during the incident. She was in her ninth month.

Regardless, he explains in the official police report that accompanied the incident that he used “a front push kick to the abdomen, as he was taught to do at the academy” because she “approached him aggressively.”

If the Academy teaches this with respect to aggressive females, then the Academy needs outside supervision. The department also needs to hire larger officers.

The police department then went after the woman.

A police report was filed because officers charged Ms. Dozier for obstruction during the altercation. Prosecutors have since dropped the charge.

I have no doubt that the charges were dropped. Can you imagine a jury convicting?

The woman filed a complaint. “At least four supervisors and an internal affairs detective subsequently approved of Wheeler’s actions and agreed that the attack was within the department’s use of force policy.”

WSBTV reports that a police representative declined to comment with them as well regarding how the department was handling the officer.

What has been revealed, however, is more shocking news about the officer’s sordid past, including events from only the last few months. In September, a 53-year old woman said the officer twisted her arm and slammed her into a cop car for seemingly no reason.

In another incident, he responded to a 911 call, went to the wrong address, and then shot a leashed dog that was inside the incorrect home’s garage. “He was exonerated of both crimes.”

Any bureaucracy that does not police itself will wind up in the news. Then there will be calls for outside supervision. There may be penalties assessed by juries.

This is why local voters need to pay attention to local affairs. We can have some effec locally. Above the local level, voters have little leverage unless an incident becomes front page news for days.

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20 thoughts on “Police Brutality Defended by Police Department

  1. sean murry says:

    Sounds like bad cops.

  2. jheasler12175 says:

    What community and what police department are we talking about? It would be nice to know in which community we are in as much danger from the police as from the bad guys.

  3. CHARLIE says:

    If that pregnant woman was my wife the cop would have been "grave yard" dead before his foot ever touched my wife's stomach.

  4. WSBT is out of South Bend, Indiana. I assume they were reporting on local news.

  5. Anthony says:

    First of all, women want to be equal to men, except when in a confrontation, then they want the guy they are fighting with to play by different rules. Heck no, if a woman wants to be treated like a lady she had better act like one. If a woman is going to get all thuggy and up in an officer's face they don't be suprised if he takes control of the situation by the quickest means possible. Second, her first duty was to her unborn child, not getting in the middle of an altercation with a police officer. I don't want to have to defend the officer, but she was clearly the one who was wrong.

  6. Fritz329th says:

    Tony you are clearly a mental case. I use to be a Policeman and no woman should be kicked. This is truly a case where the cop is WRONG and I do not care what the situation was. You need to remember, these cop go to a police academy and are taught by cops who could not make it on the street. The Academy's are a BIG JOKE.

  7. Anthony: and this is exactly why you should never be put in the position of authority EVER. You are a moron.

  8. Anthony says:

    I am not crazy or a moron. I was playing devil's advocate. I really think both were out of line. The woman did have a duty to protect her unborn baby first and the officer should have shown more restraint. When there is fault going both ways then it is all a wash for blame, but publicity may cause the officer to lose his job if his actions draw enough outrage. All to often the police in our country boldly step into oppression of the people. Unfortunately there is not much the people can do about it but file suits and rant about it. All of which has not stopped the oppressive behaviors of those police officers that are inclined to be less than honorable.

  9. WSB TV is in Atlanta GA

  10. AD Roberts says:

    I agree with you. Both sides were out of line, but the excesses of the policeman do not negate the extreme stupidity of the woman. She would have been better to stand at a distance and use her camera phone.

  11. porterv says:

    An ex Miami police acquaintance of mind , tells me that they were trained to treat civilians this way, to put the fear in them. They can force their way into your home, kill half of your family, and the system will always say that they were acting properly. Similar situations occur all accross the country every day. Who is your enemy?

  12. gavinwca says:

    She got into this problem by trying to help her idiot brother, sond falmiliar. Notice they showed no pictures of the obviously pregnant woman. All of us know women who were pregnant and did not obviously show it.

  13. Protecttheinnocent says:

    People, especially pregnant women should not put them and their unborn child in danger. When you are an aggressor towards a police officer, you put yourself and your unborn child, in danger and you are responsible for anything that happens to yourself and your defenseless unborn child. If anything, the officer should have arrested her and held her in jail awaiting court action. Additionally, an investigation should have been made as to the competency of the woman as a parent. She, obviously put her own desires above the safety of the baby.

  14. They're all bad.

  15. DoctorBob says:

    It is time to draw the line with ALL these brutal cops across the country. Las Vegas, Fullerton, Chicago, it doesn't matter. If a large male officer feels himself so out of control of a situation involving a female that he needs to brutalize a citizen (his boss, the ones paying his salary, his reason for being on the street in the first place), then he needs to be removed from the force and told to go get a job in MMA wrestling. Used to be an ugly incident of police abuse of force was a rare and shocking story. Today, it's a daily occurrence. ALL cops need to be sent back for retraining in non-violent methods of control NOT involving physical harm to their employers. I work in a hospital, and we get extremely violent, crazed and abusive people in the ER every night of the week. We do NOT beat them, tazer them, gas them, shoot them, kill them. Instead, we swarm them and take them down without physical harm to anyone, and restrain or sedate them as necessary. Nobody gets injured or killed in the process. Tazers in particular NEED to be outlawed! The cops obviously don't know how to use them safely, and aim for the chest, which can stop the heart and kill the person. And, indeed, you read stories of people being tazed who die all the time. I've seen them brought into the ER, dead, with tazer burns directly over the heart! That's murder in my book! Tazers are NOT the safe means of subduing a person they are made out to be. Cops, aim below the belt or don't use the things at all !! Sick of violent, over-reacting cops, dangit!

  16. Blair Franconia, NH says:

    Defending the indefensible doesn't work.

  17. MI Patriot says:

    Anthony…where in the article does it say she was in the cop's face? Where does it say she was being aggressive? If you read strictly the words in the article, she did nothing agressive. And anybody who knows pregnant women knows that a 9-months pregnant woman LOOKS like she is 9-months pregnant. They don't move very fast either.

    The cop was in the wrong. He overstepped his bounds and should be held accountable. It's cops like him that give the good cops, just doing their duty, a bad name. The woman should work her way up the food chain in her search for justice. Getting a good lawyer would be a start. A 800CALLSAM-type lawyer even better.

    I hope she finds justice and the cop gets punished for what he did.

  18. Pathfinder0100 says:

    There are bad apples everywhere— even you!

  19. ratsnot says:

    This is not true journalism , it reads a story some one dreamed up.Just the emotional charged is all that is needed for someone to read. Can we start with ,WHERE IS THIS?

  20. Try Google! How easy is that? The story is on WSBTV's website.