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New York City: Whites Rarely Get Murdered

Written by Gary North on May 14, 2012

In an article about the rise in the number of police stop-and-frisks  (over 700,000 a year), this fact emerged: 96% of shooting victims in the city were black or Hispanic in 2011. So were more than 90% of murder victims. Conclusions: whites and Asians are safe from these two crimes.

The report appeared in the New York Times, liberal to the core, so the author did not mention this.

There was no mention of the percentage of black and Hipanics convicted of these crimes. It also did not mention the percentage of these crimes that were not solved.

The number of murders is about one every day. This is considered a triumph.

So far this year, 129 people have been murdered in New York through Friday, the 132nd day of the year, a number that put the city on track for a new low in annual homicides. The 471 murders logged by the Police Department in 2009 was the lowest annual tally for any previous 12-month period since reliable numbers were kept in the early 1960s.

Conclusion: if you are black or Hispanic, don’t live in New York City.

The police department says that its sop-and-frisk program has led to this “triumph.”

On Saturday, the department disclosed the information to reporters and credited the controversial topic known as “Stop, Question, Frisk” as one of several policies of engagement whose effectiveness was vindicated by a decline in homicides in New York.

Proof? There is none.

The frisking produces essentially zero results.

So far, the numbers through March translate into an average of about 2,200 stops per day. The police said that 5 percent of the stops led to arrests and 5 percent led to summonses, slightly lower figures than in the first quarter of last year.

Arrests are not convictions. Neither are summonses. They are simply ways to eat of resources. To begin to prove that this policy of stop-and-frisk is working is to show that the people arrested were convicted, and that their conviction kept them from murdering someone. This is impossible to prove, of course.
We need to know why people get murdered in the city. Is it gang-related? Is it marital strife?
We also need to know what percentage of these crimes are solved.
Bottom line: no one knows why the murder rate has fallen.
What anyone ought to know is this: a policy that produces 5% arrests and fewer convictions isn’t working. It’s just making work for police on the beat. It’s busy work, like the useless assignments we had in grade school. It provides the illusion that the police are Doing Something to Fight Crime.

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4 thoughts on “New York City: Whites Rarely Get Murdered

  1. Who thinks of this kind of propaganda? It is a well-known, documented fact that blacks commit more crimes, especially against their own race. Whites are murdered by more black perpetrators than whites, yet the black perpetrator gets far too many breaks when their victim is white (a white committing a crime against a black receives the maximum penalty in most cases). Favoritism in our criminal justice system? Yes–and it is geared towards blacks, period. I never heard of frisking as a crime-prevention tool; as the author noted, it did nothing to reduce the crime statistics. Asians and Whites are still at risk for being victimized because not much is done to protect these two groups. Oh well, the article originated out of NYC–the worst liberal cesspool in the USA–and the procedure of 'stop and frisk' manages to keep their officers out of harms way.

  2. No Fool says:

    Conclusions: whites and Asians are safe from these two crimes: So if you're white or Asian and statically in the 10%, it's okay to be a victim?

    Conclusion: if you are black or Hispanic, don’t live in New York City: Sure, feel free continuing to be a thug and be killed elsewhere.

  3. Mike Knight says:

    It could be due to the fact that whites aren't roaming the streets in their punk gangs looking for trouble.

  4. ratsnot says:

    I live in NYC I have never heard of "sop-and-frisk program", so much for reading this guy Gary North.(I stopped reading NYTimes 20 yrs ago in order to keep a clean perspective on truth)
    The fact it that the majority of people that live in NYC are not white, end of report. The black transgender that come to my neiborhood are brought there by the government to have a feel good moment and trade spit, jewelry and stories of whoa.
    The government gives them metro cards and a meal. They block the sidewalk exposing parts of their bodies that no one should have to look at and bum cigarettes.
    Their intent and presence is a negative.