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Military Police Manual on Interment Camps

Written by Gary North on May 14, 2012

The U.S. Army has issued a manual to its military police. It is aimed at operations in the Middle East, Afghanistan, and other areas where Muslims resist occupation by U.S. forces.

The interesting fact is that these techniques are universal. They can be applied anywhere. Examples:

8-1. Issues of apprehension, incarceration, recidivism, and programs to curb violent behavior in released persons is a long-studied subject by generations of scholars. Entire organizations are built around these issues and take years of in-depth analysis to reach conclusions for policy application. This is further complicated by the conditions in a combat zone.

8-2. Detention provides military police with an opportunity for interaction and positive influence on U.S. military prisoners and detainees. Military police provide humane and even-handed treatment to prisoners and detainees in their care. These persons are within the control of military police under circumstances that, unchecked, could cause military police to regard them great animosity. It is the professionalism and discipline of military police that facilitates impartial conduct toward prisoners and detainees and prevent animosity from manifesting itself. This, in turn, sends a clear message of fairness and impartiality toward the indigenous people. Military police internment operations in support of long-term stability operations, particularly within the context of counterinsurgency, must be deliberately and professionally conducted
with an understanding of the impact of perception and subsequent negative information operations used by the threat to discredit the U.S. military.

8-3. Detention or imprisonment can be a period of transitory idleness where the U.S. military prisoner or detainee simply endures the period of his internment and contemplates the humiliation or perceived injustice of his condition. Conversely, it can be one of the most productive and auspicious rehabilitative measures that society can provide the individual and his respective society. Rehabilitative measures have resulted in decreased recidivism and should begin the moment the individual is apprehended or captured and fully implemented upon transfer to a fixed facility.

The section of forced resettlement is illuminating.

10-74. The exact location of the military police station depends on the facility layout and needs of the commander. Internal and external patrols are necessary; however, security for a resettlement facility should not give the impression that the facility is a prison.

Lessons learned abroad can be applied at home.

What are these lessons? First, people don’t like to be pushed around. Second, they will resist. Third, for every measure, there is a counter measure.

As Saul Alinksy said a generation ago: “The action is the reaction.” The resistance movement provokes an action. The action creates more resistance.

This manual tells us that the U.S. military expects to keeps boots on the ground for the indefinite future.

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12 thoughts on “Military Police Manual on Interment Camps

  1. sean murry says:

    Gleen Beck said this is a rumor.

  2. CHARLIE says:

    This is comming to a city near you BEFORE the PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION.

  3. Victor Barney says:

    It's coming, but it will not be for either Islam or Marxists, both being Anti-Christ's that are in caliphate with Obama against all of Anglo-Saxon men and women too if not MARXTIST in thought! No? Watch!

  4. Fritz329th says:

    This is nothing new. I was a S-3 for a MP Battalion for 3 years in the late 80s and we had these manuals. All the Army does is change a few words and give it a new FM number.

  5. Cheri J says:

    This is not a rumor.
    It was released in the most secret way. This was never intended to be for Americans eyes. It said on the first page – after read, to destroy so it won't be seen. Thank God for some great American, to have let it out.
    Yes, it is for American soil.
    Very specific on how they will call all those in or out of Military, Retired, Veterans and Police or anyone opposed to the New OB Communist Government as person to be imprisoned, re educated and relocated.

    Believe me, I read it all. They plan to take children away from parents and this is much worse than the Holocaust, it is on steroids. Nothing was talked about in it as far as murder, but that is exactly the impression that I got. The people with any Military or gun training would go to far away work camps for 6 1/2 days a week work in body chains, leg chains, etc.. If they were bad then there would be more work banging rocks and privileges to be removed. Reading through this 300+ document had me in tears and a sleepless night. Many have the full document and put in hard copy and hidden for safety.

    These people are the hardest core Communist regime and they don't plan to loose their power. They will do everything and anything to maintain it. So be ready, because this will be ugly and the worst History recorded to date, I can tell you that.
    The Government came out and admitted that they wrote it, once they knew it was out and protected and they could not deny it. May God help us all……. We will be under his Judgement for letting the evils of sin rule without us standing up for our Faith.
    I wake up at night screaming, Christians were are you? Horrible to feel so alone, but God walks with us and I believe in devine protection.
    Let me be clear, it is not our American soldiers. It is Obama and his clan with their Military Police Force. Remember before his election, he promised this. No one listened. Time to start listening people, most likely too late, now. United We Stand, but divided we will fall.
    Note to Sean in above comment: GB has said that many things were rumor and then later comes out and divulges as true.
    This won't be the first time that he works in his own time, that doesn't mean this is not true it means he hasn't been able to confirm everything yet.

  6. 1776Patriot says:

    Here is what happened to the soldiers in the holocaust soldier 1) walked prisoners to the showers, he was told after they shower we put them on to a train for relocation. soldier was just following orders (feels good they are treating them well.) . 2nd soldier opens a door where there are dead bodies and told they died from disease and they need to move the bodies for protection of other detainees. So they wear protective gear and place bodies on the train just following orders again. Feeling good they are ptotecting other detainees from disease…..THE SHEEP SOLDIERS had no idea what was happening in that room. Soldiers will just follow orders. I served 24 years.

  7. AD Roberts says:

    Why does it not raise a RED flag that this manual quotes Saul Alinsky, the radical leftist who was focused on the downfall of our country. That is the biggest concern of everything they had to say. They did not even try to hide the fact that they were following his teachings.

    Talk about sheep. Anyone who reads this article SHOULD be very concerned.

  8. AD Roberts says:

    Are you naive? Do you think that just whites will be considered the enemy by the tyrants who are in control?

    As to reparations, how many people do you know who were slaves earlier in their lives? NONE. How many do you know whose PARENTS were slaves? Of course, NONE. Then what is this talk of reparation? Did you or your parents or grandparents own slaves? Of course not.

    What a joke.!!!!!

  9. ssh49tn says:

    No, it's not a rumor. Also, there are 100k Russian troops coming in to the US to help train the military police on crowd control. Glenn Beck needs to double check things. And, there are already Russian troops secreted in the US somewhere, which not too many know about. So, my advice is, even if it IS a rumor, be ready, just in case. IF we actually have the November elections, I will be most surprised. And, if by some chance, Obama loses, be prepared for all out civil war. America is coming under GOD'S judgment, & unless people start turning from the evil that is going on in this nation, people who aren't prepared are in for a VERY bad time. Plus, they've already been doing these ops in other areas, such as Chicago.

  10. ssh49tn says:

    What MOST liberals are too blind to see too is, that, Muslims are dead set against homosexuality, so IF same sex marriage DOES get legalized, it won't last, plus they believe that women are nothing but property, & the Koran specifically allows beating of a wife, plus tells how to do it. Nor do they like all the debauchery that comes out of Hollywood. Things will be rough on conservative Christians, & Jews, but the liberals are going to suffer a lot worse because they are totally unaware, & unprepared. And, all the things they keep blaming Republicans for, (slavery of women, etc) will become a reality, except it's coming from Obama, & not the Republicans.

  11. ssh49tn says:

    And, you are totally offensive! The majority of 'white' Americans want nothing to do with slavery of any kind, neither do most black Americans.

  12. ssh49tn says:

    You are not alone! There are a lot of us Christians who feel as you do, & we have been praying mightily for God to turn this nation around. However, I read an article that talked about had America crossed the line far enough to not be able to turn back, & I'm not sure that he isn't right. However, I do know my God works in ways that we may not understand, & He does hear HIS children, when they call on His name, & repent of their sins. As long as the majority of America is in favor of abortion, same sex marriage, etc, I don't see Him not judging American. I do believe that He will take care of us through whatever comes our way. And, for those who 'say' they are against these things, but vote for people who are, they are condoning the sins. I've been telling people that if you know how to pray, please get started before it IS too late.