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Joint Military-Police Training in South Florida: “No Need to Panic!” Yet.

Written by Gary North on May 14, 2012

Around the USA, the military is conducting maneuvers aimed at crowd control.

The local authorities say this is just routine. It is becoming routine. It has never in American history been routine.

This is preparation for domestic crowd control. Only a handful of Americans understand this.

Here is a video shown on a local TV station.


Then read this.

COCONUT GROVE, Fla. (WSVN) — Many residents were left concerned after officials conducted a military drill in South Florida.

It was a rude awaking for many residents in the Coconut Grove area after hearing helicopters hovering over South Florida. “I had to go out in the balcony to see what was making the noise,” said Rusty Hudson.

The scene was much like the military exercise over Brickell in April of 2011. Residents in Coconut Grove were in panic mode. “I saw the helicopters, and I saw the police cars. I saw, I guess, dropping a precaution thing, the simulation of gun fires and all this other stuff,” said Hudson.

The Department of Defense was conducting an operation that lined the driveway of the Grand Bay Hotel Tuesday, where residents saw people repelling from helicopters and entering the building between 1 and 3 a.m.

Miami Police Department Major Delrish Moss said there was no need for concern. “A lot of people have called in a panic. There is no need to panic. These operations are quiet, they are efficient, and they are fast,” he said.

Sites near Miami City Hall and Peacock Park also saw military action. Moss said, “They practice here in an urban environment, and they work with local law enforcement so that they can do their jobs better, to keep us safe.”

To keep us safe from what?

How soon?

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41 thoughts on “Joint Military-Police Training in South Florida: “No Need to Panic!” Yet.

  1. jheasler12175 says:

    Who is going to keep us safe from them?

  2. CHARLIE says:

    This is the practice for "martial law" which will follow shortly. Remember… MARTIAL LAW means NO ELECTION!!! Obama can keep MARTIAL LAW going for as long as he wants. G O D H E L P S U S.

  3. sean murry says:

    Thye are getting ready for urban warfare.

  4. Victor Barney says:

    In reality, our CREATOR is going to DESTROY U.S. save 144,000, 12,000 from each tribe, except Dan, as written in Revelation, chapter 11. In fact, I predict that these two-witnesses will first appear on September 16, 2012 on the Israelite(by the seed of Joseph, but including Judah(Gen. 48:16) Feast of Trumpets(war) for electing the prophetized "forbidden foreigner" of Deuteronmy 17:15. Did I mention, also the "RIGHT" self-professed Anti-Christ(MARXIST) over u.s. this time? p.s. Welcome to Adam's world since Cain was born and believe me, equal-sex severe punishment is coming to last for 3 1/2 years? No, Obama or blacks can not be touched by these two-witnesses because they are NOT ISRAELITES! No? Watch!

  5. oldgringo says:

    The Mayor of Coconut Grove should be privy to a Recall Election….The new Mayor should fire Chief of Police Moss…..And replace him with some one who is a Patriot instead of a weak kneed Traitor in the eyes of the people!

  6. Guest-USA says:

    Its time we Americans wake up and smell the coffee!!

  7. This exercise is meant to condition citizens to a military presence. Stop and think about it. During the riots and unsrest of the sixties, the States called out their National Guard to control criminal activity and patrol, and assist local police– not the U. S. regular military. Their was no gun fire, assault training, or helicopters circling the area during the riots in Harlem, the aftermath of Katrina, nor during the events of 9/ll. Now we need military intervention and training? We are all familiar with the military usage of control in foreign countries to deter crowds, we have seen the scenes on TV of Tenniman Square, and recently in Arab Spring incidents.
    While my dad was in the military for 30 years none of his exercises took place in populated areas. Even in Germany response exercises to Russian invasion in the 60's entailed troop withdrawal from the post and preprations for dependent withdrawal. We had no armed patrols on post, no planes overhead, no gun fire going off.
    We are being conditioned to accept military presence on our streets. Not for the purpose of protection, but for a preview of what will happen under martial law when enacted.

  8. Folks,
    We are already in a police state! They are arresting farmers for selling natural food. The only food that they want us to eat is the processed junk from the corporate farms that are in with the government. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!!!

  9. 1776Patriot says:

    Here is what happened to the soldiers in the holocaust soldier 1) walked prisoners to the showers, he was told after they shower we put them on to a train for relocation. soldier was just following orders (feels good they are treating them well.) . 2nd soldier opens a door where there are dead bodies and told they died from disease and they need to move the bodies for protection of other detainees. So they wear protective gear and place bodies on the train just following orders again. Feeling good they are ptotecting other detainees from disease…..THE SHEEP SOLDIERS had no idea what was happening in that room. Soldiers will just follow orders. I served 24 years.

  10. John G. says:

    1776Patriot, the Holocaust (extermination of Jews via gas) did not happen. Read The Leuchter Report, The Hoax of the 20th Century, The Rudolf Report, all of which are available free in PDF format on the web.

    No doubt many, many Jews died in the work camps from typhus and, near the end of the war, due to failed German logistics, starvation. But, the two hard science PhDs (Butz and Rudolf) and the sole designer and installer of gas chambers in the U.S. (Leuchter) inspected Auschwitz and researched hydrogen cyanide (Zyklon), and showed that it was not used in the huge alleged ‘execution’ chambers, only at the much smaller (clothing and bedding) disinfection chambers.

  11. gavinwca. says:

    I am a retired Police officer. for thirty years that i know of MIlitary Special forces have utilized the opportunity to use Neighborhoods that are blighted and being demolished, or ,public housing areas being replaced for Temporary training, the training is not Martial law. training in a city setting. these opportunities or few and far between. do you not believe that our special ops operate in foreign cities. This training is necessary for there survival in world problem areas.

  12. taliesin319 says:

    Why has our balless, painless, traitorous Congress not given the order to physically haul this usurper in front of both Houses and arrest him and every member of the joint chiefs of Staff for traitorous actions against the American people

  13. our selves WE are the biggest army the is WE VETS
    washington has now ordered 45,00 rounds of hollow point ammo—-WHY?


  15. Bob Funk says:

    John G. – yes, and a bunch of them committed suicide too….the U.S. Army found them shot in the back of their heads. This is a very difficult way to commit suicide, but those sneaky Jews, you know they would do anything so we would think the kind and generous Nazi's were really a bunch of old meanies. How dumb do they think we are??

  16. They could use the entire city of Detroit to train in. And, as a secondary benefit, we could get rid of a bunch of muzzies in the process.

  17. MI Patriot says:

    How long would it take a well-trained military to travel 4.5 hours from Coconut Grove to Tampa Bay? That is where the republicans are having their national convention. Maybe that is why they are training in populated places. And of course the Russians are involved in Colorado in a "joint" operation. Makes one wonder doesn't it? He will declare marital law, close down the convention and cancel the election in November. Dictator for life, rules supreme. End of America as we know it.

    And to "guest" who posted about Detroit…I live in Michiganistan. I think your idea is great.

  18. Desert Soldier says:

    Where to start but lets just start with the obvious. Internment centers, Displaced persons centers, and concentration camps only differ by their intent and resources needed. When the U.S. House of representatives gave up their control of the National Guard and allowed the Federal Government to create the Department of Homeland defense they merely were stupid. But smart people can and do take advantage of opportunities… The National Guard Bureau was created to do what the department of Home land was created to do…. Buildings were built manned dogmas created and power moved from elected to appointed folks. Then they looked around and said how will we ever defend the country without a centralized command AH Ha North Com. Forget NGB and the 50 state headquarters already exist just forget it… let them play at being Generals we'll pick our team… Forget the Local National Guard and Police know and work with each other all the time… Just for get it… We'll pick our team and run it all… Las Angeles found out the difference between National Guard assistance and Federal troop Assistance.. The National Guard was faster better and more in-tuned to the communities needs which translated into responsiveness. I could go on but I;m bored You folks let these things happend and supported them when they were offered and you will ask uncle sugar to send in federal soldiers to save you…

  19. Ben E. Dictum says:

    The 144K are the Israelites, it has nothing to do with genuine Christians. That "remnant" of Israel are those who will come to believe upon the Christ, and that has no number relevance to saved Christians.

    Furthermore, we are not going through some apocalyptic event in the very near future either; that is also incorrect. You, as well as many others, have put on the sandwich sign claiming the "end is near", and you'll be wrong just as so many others have been wrong. When the time comes for biblical fulfillment of prophecy, the saved will be quite alright and there should be no fear-mongering. There will be wars and rumours of wars for a long time, for that is the way of mankind.

  20. Training for the upcoming race war that OBOZO wants to occur, when/if he loses the election. Race wars would be welcomed, if it would guarantee that this illegal alien loses. God help us all get rid of this racist, imposter, ineligible, illegally elected, ETC.!

  21. wnettles says:

    That's 450.000.000 rounds of copper jacketed hollow point .40 cal. S&W handgun ammo. There is language in the appropriations bill for this amount for the next 4 years, also. Just thought you ought to know……

  22. wnettles says:

    I bet you would even argue that your own mother never existed, as well.

  23. wnettles says:

    I fear that the game may be more one of "Cowboys and Politicians", don't ya know……..

  24. @gavinwca, I'd like to believe you but c'mon- Coconut Grove Florida? I agree more with some of theother replies and comments that this is more likely to be to get Americans used to the idea of joint military and police presence. In 1968 I lived in DC and post MLK's assassination the city was in turmoil. Martial law was in effect with soldiers on almost every street corner and a curfew. It was not pleasant. I thought then, and still believe, that our troops should not be used against its own citizens.

  25. Dakota Sunshine says:

    that is what I do not understand. We do not hear a word from our representatives whether conservative or liberal.

  26. icetrout says:

    40cal.what a joke.Out shoot em every time with a .22. 10 to the head U-DEAD 🙂

  27. icetrout says:

    Antietam x 1,000,000 will be the answer to marshal law…

  28. JayMarie says:

    Correct they train in blighted, low population, rural, areas. This is not one of those. Could you imagine one of the black hawks failing and crashing in Coconut Grove Florida? Military do not train in areas where American civilians would be put at risk!

  29. catchesthewnd says:

    Are you a closet Palestinian?

  30. The article is not correct when it claims that crowd control has never been a routine part of military training in the US Army. When I was training for WW2 at Fort Knox we were taught crowd control as part of our bayonet training. We were taught to threaten with the bayonet but use the butt of the rifle if we were attacked.

  31. MontieR says:

    You sir are the symptom of a horrible disease. It corrupts all brain cell activity having anything to do with reason and cognitive ability. It is called progressive liberalitis unfortunately it it infectious and terminal.

  32. This is just another test after TSA (Touch,Stroke, Assault) to see how far they can push the sheeple until they rebel. No huge rebellions at the airports, take the next step. Send the military in as a "training exercise." No rebellions or uproar? Take the next step……

  33. This bunch in Washington is the biggest bunch of American haters that I have ever seen in my life time. They are the most despicable group that all they want to do is destroy everything good that this country stands for.They have no shame and absolutely don't give a damn about any of us. They only care about what they want and how much they can take away from us. If people don't wake the hell up it is going to be to late to save ourselves from these idiots. WAKE UP AMERICA.STOP LISTENING TO THE LIES AND BULL CRAP.

  34. Mike Knight says:

    I remember a few years ago when anyone who said martial law was coming was labeled as a tin foil hat conspiracy nut. Now it's an obvious reality. A lot of things that were thought to be nutty are coming true. Including TSA proctology exams, and roadway checkpoints.

  35. @ jheasler12175: Your neighborhood Patriot's Group. Better get organized !

  36. @ Victor Barney: Only our Heavenly Father knows when His Son Jesus Christ will return in Power and Glory. Get ready !

  37. EHeassler, USN-Ret. says:

    I wish that I had enough faith in this administration to think that this training is for the public good. I truly suspect that it is for somehting far more sinister.

  38. America, once God's gift to the world, has turned away from God and He is lifting His protection from us. America is NOT too big to fail. We, as a nation, must turn from our wickedness

  39. ratsnot says:

    look to London and their preparations for the Olympics.
    Look to Chicago for their preparations for the NATO summit.
    and in Ohio http://www.onntv.com/content/stories/2012/05/15/s
    and LA http://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/Police-Mi

  40. The BIG problem is, that too many American's don't know that their Constitution and their Bill of rights are under attact. The media is controled, so they only see and hear what others want them to know. Many don't even know their Constitution. Today, our schools don't teach true American history, so they will not even know what they will soon lose. We don't have the true American's of yesterday, we have a government that wants to rule us. Freedom may be a thing of the past. We need to let Washington know, that we will not give up any of our rights for any reason. ALSO, we don't want the UN, to rule us.

  41. Scary but true…From the U.P. of ‘Michiganistan’, I can (unfortunately) see something like this happen…