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Homeland Security’s $1 Billion “City of the Future” in New Mexico

Written by Gary North on May 11, 2012

The government of the State of New Mexico plans to build an experimental city.


Nobody knows. But it’s going to be really something!

What, exactly? Nobody knows. After all, it will be a city of the future. The future lies ahead.

Where will it be located? Outside of the city of Hobbs. It would be incorrect to say that Hobbs is in the middle of nowhere. It is on the ragged edge of nowhere.

Who will live there? Nobody is saying.

Here is a press release about it, posted by one of the cooperating firms. This caught my attention:

Homeland security is a key component of the plan for CITE, which will include a secure testing area for first responder technology with the benefit of proximity to the civil and commercial infrastructure.

This is true city planning. Here are highlights.

Pegasus Global Holdings has proposed to locate a privately financed owned & operated Center for Innovation, Testing & Evaluation (CITE) in the State of New Mexico. With the support of New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez, Pegasus has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the state’s Department of Economic Development.


CITE will serve as an open operating test, evaluation and commercialization facility for next-generation innovations and technologies. It will provide a proving ground for technologies arising from the federal laboratories, universities, not-for-profit technology centers, federal departments and agencies, and the private sector. The facility will be designed to allow new technologies to integrate into the nation’s urban, suburban and rural “legacy infrastructure,” and provide detailed measurable results on their impact to the economy and its many sectors, e.g., energy, transportation, telecommunications, security, and agriculture. CITE will consist of a fully integrated physical facility modeled on a medium-sized American city, including its urban, suburban, and rural areas, built with standard roads, buildings, power, water, telecommunications and operating systems. Representative of today’s modern cities, CITE will allow clients to test the benefits and costs of their proposed next-generation innovations and technologies, hardware and software. Development, construction, and operating costs of CITE will be funded by the private sector. CITE will create 350 new direct jobs and it is expected to create more than 3,500 new indirect jobs through construction of the facility, supporting industry, and contractors. Due to the large impact that this facility will have on the economy of the State of New Mexico, Pegasus Global has built strong relationships with local and state government representatives, state universities, and federal laboratory leadership to help develop efforts to create a strong sustainable workforce.

Benchmark Test & Evaluation Facilities

Green Energy

One of the fastest growing segments in energy production is focused on green technologies, but challenges still exist in the integration of these technologies into existing out dated infrastructure.  CITE will provide unique opportunities to drill down into the cost of introducing solar, wind, and Smart Grid technologies in a real world setting to help determine the next steps to success.

Intelligent Transportation Systems

CITE will be home to a transportation highway/road network consisting of both high-speed, urban canyon, suburban and rural roads permitting testing and demonstration of new Intelligent Transportation System technologies, which are advancing rapidly in Europe and Asia. CITE will provide a highway infrastructure that will allow clients to  test and evaluate  unmanned vehicle technologies, traffic management systems, and vehicle-based applications without endangering other drivers.

Homeland Security

Homeland security is a key component of the plan for CITE, which will include a secure testing area for first responder technology with the benefit of proximity to the civil and commercial infrastructure.

Next Generation Wireless Infrastructure

A next-generation wireless infrastructure – terrestrial and satellite – is planned to serve  CITE, permitting the development, installation, testing and commercialization of high speed broadband technologies across all sectors of our economy, e.g. energy, transportation and security, as well as extension of such services to underserved communities.

Continue Reading on www.pegasusglobalholdings.com

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16 thoughts on “Homeland Security’s $1 Billion “City of the Future” in New Mexico

  1. ProundPatriotToo says:

    Fantasy utopia, right up Obama's alley to no where. Algae, unicorn farts, and pop eye's spinach in the gas tanks of cars. Wow! , now we are cooking with stupid is as stupid does. Hay, folks, don't you see, this is nothing more than leftist hippie land experiment in building a communist controlled community. We already have Universities that have thank tanks, classes, special geographical location to perform all of the above. Just more money going into the toilet for the left. Boondoggle spending and the debt is now 130 trillion. There is nothing like an illegal immigrant, Muslim dictator to put the next five generation of children into financial slavery for the soul purpose at getting back at the white man and this country. These future generation are going to hate us for the rest of their lives. And to the governor of NM, your a moron. How much did they pay you under the table?

  2. Eddie75 says:

    Near Hobbs..??? You can SMELL Hobbs, NM from 40 miles away down-wind from all the Underground Naural Gas leaks that is escaping into the Air from their leaking gas lines and well-heads.. I've been thru Hobbs several times & the leaking Natural GAS smells is all I remember about the Place.. If you choose to live there, – check the prevailing Winds first..
    Other than the foul gas smell, Hobbs may be a very nice place for a SW home..

  3. 2.junkmail.bin says:

    sounds like a test site to develop urban pacification and control. With tthis location, live testing on control techniques, tactics, and equipment can be polished. It can also be used as a command and control HQ. Out in the middle of nowhere is a nice place t be if bio or nuke hits are made on major population areas.
    I wonder who gave a pass to them about destroying habitat for the species in the ares????????

  4. God said at the TowerOf Babel "Whatever man can conceive of , he can accomplish. Man's heart is only Evil continually.
    I think this describes the state of our government today Nuff said

  5. I was born in Hobbs, I couldn't agree with you more.

  6. Masking the building of a domestic internment camp?

  7. Martin C. Fox says:

    Agenda 21 beta field test city.

  8. I was wondering the same thing…..

  9. Cliffystones says:

    It can't be natural gas. Natural Gas is odorless. The "stink" is added by the gas utility as a precsaution so leaks can be smelled. Which makes me wonder what you're actually smelling?

  10. Natural gas is colorless and oderless. It has to be oderized to make it safe. Otherwise it would be a real killer. Maybe they should use some of that money to re-pipe Hobbs and save all that gas before the whole town explodes.

  11. jim28threg. says:

    unmaned vehicles?? This sounds like the first of the citys"internment" camps from the UNs agenda 21. The first out in the middle of no-where so people get used to being packed into one small place. Then why there is it because it'll be for the most part out of site? Maybe with the side benefit of access to the natural gas supply? Who besides the Government ( taxpayer ) is paying for all this and who will own it -collect rent-and who is Pegasis?
    This is agenda 21. Sustainable control by the NWO test site and you get to pay for it with the help of Uncle Sams killers.

  12. M. High says:


  13. muleskinner says:

    How long did it take the Nazis to build their empire right under nose of the German people and the world. The old saying still works, Rome wasn't built in a day. Just like here in America, one step at a time like boiling a frog. Do you feel the heat being turned up yet?

  14. Liberty49 says:

    If indeed this is a model city for testing various energies, building concepts, etc. WHY IS THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT INVOLVED? This is the kind of thing best left to the PRIVATE SECTOR! GET THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OUT OF OUR LIVES!

  15. DieHardPatriot says:

    I have doubt on the 'nuke' theory. A simple freighter could get close enough in international to launch a Scud Missie set to explode a Nuclear Device over the middle of the US that will take out ALL electronics that have not been hardened against the EMP that resulted from such an explosion…unless of coarse the sun goes nuts and nails us with a sever solar storm fist and does the same. Getting back to this so-called city of the future….anything the DHS ( Department of Human Slaughter) is involved in is suspect.

  16. DieHardPatriot says:

    You nailed it. I would like to add this …we Americans are getting what the Ancient Jewish Nation got for turning their backs on God and if we do not repent SAP..we are going to face a similar fate….destruction and slavery.