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Lockdown in Downtown Chicago: The NATO Meeting

Written by Gary North on May 10, 2012

Chicago’s downtown area is being secured on the assumption that it will become a riot zone. Why? The NATO meeting on May 20-21.

The Red Cross has made arrangements with local universities to convert their gymnasiums into shelter areas. Local churches have offered to serve as shelters.  The local media have covered this.

The Illinois Department of Transportation has issued a warning to truckers to stay out of the city if possible. Large trucks will be blocked from the downtown area.

Note: every city needs daily trucks to replace goods on supermarket shelves.

There is an evacuation plan for the city. In a declared emergency, citizens will be taken out of state to Wisconsin. Milwaukee is one receiving city.

The sheriff of Cook County is considering using the shuttered Joliet prison to house detained people. The prison has been shut down for a decade. I wonder: What will the cost be of getting this empty hulk back into operation?

Originally, the G-8 economic summit had been scheduled for Chicago on the same weekend. Without warning, the White House announced that the meeting will be moved up one day and out of the city. It will be held in Camp David, the President’s retreat.

The federal government has announced that it will create a “Red Zone” in the loop area in order to protect federal buildings. This will begin before the meeting begins.

This appeared in the Chicago Sun Times.

The image of federal agents on downtown streets far from McCormick Place — in battle gear, weapons slung — three weeks before the summit is certain to have a chilling effect on those who live and work in the Loop. It also calls into question Host Committee Executive Director Lori Healey’s oft-repeated message that Chicago will remain “open for business” during the summit.

On Thursday, Healey found herself in the difficult position of having to convince the public that a scary headline that blindsided even her is not an indication that the feds are bracing for weeks of trouble.

“A lot of us were surprised to read that. Obviously, the federal government doesn’t consult with the city when they do this. Everybody was unaware of this,” she said.

This degree of planning indicates fear on the part of the U.S. government. Whether these precautions will turn out to be necessary, we do not know. But it is clear that those at the top fear violent protests.

This sends a message: the Powers That Be see that they are increasingly on the defensive. There has been a shift of power, based on new communications technologies, that is creating new threats to the Establishment.

In 1968, the protestors at the Democrats’ national convention in Chicago turned violent. The U.S. government is making sure there will be no surprises later this month.

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26 thoughts on “Lockdown in Downtown Chicago: The NATO Meeting

  1. RevWMcCall says:

    "In 1968, the protestors at the Democrats’ national convention in Chicago turned violent." WRONG. The POLICE in Chicago turned violent in 1968. Don't rewrite history.

  2. Hotnike says:

    The U.S. needs to get out of NATO and the U.N. Problem solved.

  3. Interesting news. Apparently, Putin will NOT be coming. At all. Yet, the USA will STILL be scheduling JOINT EXERCISES on US SOIL with Russian soldiers in COLORADO! How weird is that? And after Russia (via Putin) said they might consider a pre-emptive stike against US interests in Europe!

  4. DiverDown says:

    I would like to know WHO do they think is going to riot? OWS? Alinsky's commies? Ayers and company? Unions? Obama could nip that in the bud, that's his minion armys. Why won't they say who they think is going to riot, violently at that. Surely not the Tea Party, ya think?

  5. Government takeover of Chicago just like the auto companies, banks, healthcare, student loans, mortgage loans, energy production? Why not?

  6. You are missing the real reason. The Feds are doing just like the German government in the 1930's – create a crisis and panic to take over control. This administration has followed a lot of strategies from Germany in 1930's to slowly take more power. It's time for people to wake up. There will be protests but will they really be THIS dangerous. Doubt it. Read the book by Andy Andrews – How do you kill 11 Million People.

  7. vincent says:

    Remember Rahm Emmanuel's famous piece of advice: "Never let a good crisis go to waste!" And as you point out, Bill Ayers declared to his band of microcephalic Stalinist intellectual pals that about "25 million Americans would need to die" to implement his utopian society. And why else would foreign troops train with our military on our soil, especially in URBAN COMBAT!! But most of the GOP senators and House members would laugh at you and dismiss you if you asked about the massive FEMA camps, especially since most of them passed the NDAA and Patriot Act for Obama…

    But the 450 million rounds of .223 and .40 hollow Points are only for target practice…


  9. Peter Krzywicki says:

    Typical Smoke & Mirrors to grab control. Nothing surprises me anymore with this boob in Washington.

  10. Dear Joan, The below is a quote from Zbigniew Brzezinsky :
    In early times it was easier to control a million people; literally it was easier to

    control a million people than physically to kill a million people. Today it is

    infinitely easier to kill a million people than to control a million people. It is

    easier to kill than to control.

  11. lethrneck says:

    The U.S. needs to get out of the United Nations rat race for corrupt and anti-American Third World dictatorships before Obama forces in into becoming one of them.

  12. It is too late to lock down Chicago – Obama and his fellow gangsters have escaped and gone to D.C. ! Keep the windy city open until the " Ineligible One " and his cronies return and THEN lock 'em down !

  13. @ amagi : I remember ole' Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski; real creepy Polish fellow – National Security Advisor to the failed Carter Administration ( 1977 – 1981 ). When he started talking " Control a million or Kill a million " he really WAS creepy and looked dangerous. I always thought he was a bad K.G.B. plant that couldn't control his accent. The Dems had to dig deep to find this guy – but now the Democrat Party is full of " Comrades " to pick and choose. They still have the same plans with a new cast of characters, just as creepy ! Anyone BUT Obama in November !

  14. You are wrong. It was not a peaceful demonstration. I was there. The communists Rubin and Hoffman incited the protesters to violence. Read their own writings. They are the worst kind of scum, and should have gotten their heads cracked.

  15. Shades of "RED DAWN" (Krashny Rasviet – English transliteration of the Russian for "Red Dawn").

  16. DEFEATOBAMAIN2012 says:

    ows are there already, waiting


    MY FELLOW AMERICANS: Do you honestly believe that the People of Illinois or the City of Chicago actually monitor the events of McCormick Place,NO THEY DO NOT, 98 % of the citizens of Illinois get their information from the Media,Radio,TV,Internet,etc. " SO WHAT IF THE SUMMIT WAS NEVER MENTIONED AT ALL"? The Traitors from Washington,& the Whitehouse would not have a reason to have Law Enforcement ,not only scare the People of Chicago,but to practice their internment procedures,that are soon to come should Obama and the others have their way if re-elected. as far as the U.N. is concerned, New York gives them the building they are in FREE of CHARGE, while they are definately finding more and more ways to undermine OUR RIGHTS and FREEDOMS, "ANY OF YOU WISH TO PROTEST THE U.N.? VOTE OBAMA "OUT of OFFICE" in NOVEMBER !!!!! and YES I lived 1 block from Garfield Park in Chicago during the 1968 riots (at home on leave-USMC)

  18. madmemere says:

    With any amount of luck – -OWS will go barging in, create enough confusion and uproar and they just might ALL "kill each other off", in the throes of "mob violence"! Probably "nothing" will happen and at the end of the second day, everyone will just go home, "thinking" they've accomplished something!

  19. I really don't think there is any "fear" from the administration. How stupid do you figure those with any brains are? I would instead point out that this administration is HOPING there WILL BE VIOLENCE! They so want our own private little arab spring. Never mind what the rest of sane people want.

  20. whartman says:

    Exactly. False flag operation, just like Hitler used to take over Germany. When both sides are actually controlled by the same people, it is easy to produce whatever results you want.

  21. Thanks Rob, we need to tell the useful idiots the truth over and over because the news media won't.

  22. recon77 says:

    Continued reasons to vote Ron Paul, they keep piling up, don't they?

  23. It is a shame that a man of the cloth like the Rev can't tell the truth because his politics are actually his religion.

  24. That just goes to demonstrate that the World's greatest military alliance believes that a city like Chicago, under the rule of the Democratic Party, is more dangerous than Afghanistan.

    What is it that Democrats do to people to make them turn more violent than the Taliban? Is it the drugs, the lies, the promiscuous sex, or all three?
    But remember — in order to call off the elections this fall, which he knows he will lose, Obama needs massive riots to beak out and exreme violence to take place to justify his declaring martial law and setting up a total dictatorship. What better place to start the riots than in a heavily Democrat-controlled area, with repesentatives from foreign military forces already in place?

  25. sadie; You think only the Russian military are on US soil,the Chinese military are also on US soil in FLORIDA!!! We The People know there is no good going on,yet OUR GOVERNMENT IS KEEPING IT AWAY FROM US!!!! Thought they were the Government For The People,but apparently it`s The Government for the GOVERNMENT!!! Isn`t it strange our country is in such a mess,and to think they are ALL COLLAGE GRADUATES!!!!! So much for EDUCATION!!!

  26. Sadie, you must not have graduated from"collage, because you can't spell it. COLLEGE
    Just a quick class in spelling….and I love you name.