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Microchips in Our Troops: It’s Almost Here

Written by Gary North on May 9, 2012

We have read about this for 25 years: citizens with embedded microchips. The warnings were premature. The technology did not permit it.

Now it does.

The U.S. military plans to implant soldiers with medical devices, making them harder to kill with disease.

The military’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, announced plans to create nanosensors that monitor soldiers’ health on the battlefield and keep doctors constantly abreast about potential health problems. . . .

DARPA called the implants “a truly disruptive innovation,” highlighting how healthier soldiers would change the state of modern warfare because most medical evacuations occur due to ordinary illnesses and disease, not injuries. If the U.S. can lead the way in this kind of high-tech monitoring, it could give the military another leg up on adversaries still beset by everyday illness.

Nanotechnology continues to find a place in the medical field as well. Stanford University researchers are developing tiny robotic monitors that can diagnose illnesses, monitor vital stats and even deliver medicine into the bloodstream, similar to the devices that the military plans to create. The two projects have yet to link up, but their similar goals suggest the military could benefit from coordinating efforts with leading university scientists.

The troops will have nothing to say about this legally. Congress could intervene, but if the President refuses, it is a done deal.

This is phase one. The technology’s cost will plummet as mass production takes over in response to military orders.

The troops will be guinea pigs. The bugs will be worked out.

Will we see this extended to citizens? The logic of bureaucracy says yes. “If it can be controlled, it will be controlled.” This does not mean the government will be able to implement it just because the technology gets cheaper. There will have to be a plausible reason.

I can think of one. A terrorist attack using biological weapons will weaken political resistance. The program will be implemented in the name of quarantine. “We need to keep our people safe.”


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44 thoughts on “Microchips in Our Troops: It’s Almost Here

  1. msbets says:

    Well now, won't that just be dandy……..another way to screw up soldiers!!!!!!!

  2. Can anyone say…. Mark Of the Beast!?

  3. janet lynn says:

    Big Brother OBAMA at work again. If they can deliver meds they can then also deliver crap to kill you. This is the plan folks. I can see a decline in people volunteering for our military. They should stick a TRUTH one in Obama and see what that one has to tell us…………..

  4. janet lynn says:

    Further, the military should all boycott and leave the military service

  5. Since our Obama led Military has lost our spy drone to the radical Iranians, couldn't they, and other terrorists, be able to track our chip implanted troops ? Put the first chip under Obama's skin so we can track him. We need a new Commander-in-Chief. Anyone BUT Obama in November.

  6. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    The scariest thing about this is that, a LOT of people in this country are so blind they don't see the coming disaster. They think that Obama is their 'Messiah', but what they have to learn the hard way is, that, he is the Destroyer of all that America has stood for. And, Mark of the Beast is definitely in the works! I don't think that Obama is the Antichrist, but he's too close to the real thing to suit me.

  7. ZOOMER165 says:


  8. this is way out there,and not just communist but devilish to the piont where satin is taking over and the anti christ is coming forth from the tomb and the end is near,REPENT REPENT.THE LORD IS COMMING.if not then what else there is no other god or lord

  9. Retired Marine says:

    Desertion is a crime in the military. That being said, as a retired Marine, I agree with you on all counts. Alot of things get tested on the military that you can't even test on criminals. This is a disaster, who holds the key? At what point during combat are the wounds serious enough that the person with the button say's it is less costly to let the soldier die than to medivac? This is not benificial, but controlling in a "good intentions bad result kind of way". It sounds like a death timer.

  10. It all starts somewhere and usually with what seems to be the innocuous. Years ago I was gathering firewood for the fireplace and no permit was required. It was Saturday and along came the Forest Service asking where my wood gathering permit was. did not know that I was required. Oh you are required but there will be not charge. My father turned to me and said there will be no charge for now but in a few years there will be a charge. Sure enough you are required and there is a charge.

  11. Yes that is the case but the problem with the Democrats they think that their decisions are for the people. That they are the government of the people.

  12. Jo baldin says:

    Why don’t we test it on convicts first, if it’s a tracking device then it could be helpful to law enforcement, if it’s a medical tracker maybe we could get to sone victims sooner?

  13. Everything is lining up! And, The Bible does say,” There will be Anti-Christ’s! Before, The Beast”! B.O. Is An Anti-Christ! ( Anyone who doesn’t beleive in Christ,” Jesus”! Even, if He Beleive’s or Claim’s to Beleive in God! But, Denies Jesus Christ, The Son of God! Is How We Are to recognize An Anti-Christ)! Scripture Say’s,” There will be many who Claim to know God! But, Will deny Jesus! And, You Can Not Go to the Father!With out 1st Beleiving In Jesus”!!! Muslim’s Beleive that Abraham is the Coming Messiah! Not, That Jesus was! They Beleive that Jesus was just another Prophet! And, They’re Dead Wrong!!! The Day’s leading up to the End Times Are So Near! I’ve Alway’s wondered how Satan was going to get away with
    convincing people To take the,” Mark of the Beast”?! 1st it will be these inplant’s in our Brother’s & Sister’s Who are fighting for our Country! Now that B.O. Has put our Country into this huge Debt! And, We See the Dollar Deteriorating! It won’t take long, For them, To jump from, Keeping,” Medical Record’s” on the chip, To adding All our Money info.! And, That’s where, Buying & Selling good’s Will be done!( Through a Chip Embedded into our right hand/ or Forehead, With All our S.S.#’s, Income Amount, Etc..)! Oh, They’ll do it slowly! That’s how Satan has worked! Everyday, We see more and more INTOLERANCE toward Christian’s( Beleiver’s in Christ)!! Even, Hatred in A Lot of Cases! And, B.O. Is one of the BIGGEST Hater’s Of Christian’s in America! ( Just look @ Everything He Consistantly Does!! Why, Do you think Since Day 1, He has been the 1st Pres. To not have an American Flag behind him, When he’s given speaches, He’s constantly standing up for Evil Entities!( Like,” PlannedParenthood”, Gay/ Lesbian right Groups,& Daily makes New Laws, regulation’s,& Passes Bill’s that Go against the Constitution,& Is SO hard Pressed on trying to Force
    “Obamacare” down our throats, So that the Govt. Will be Allowed to Have Complete Control Of our Medical Services,& The Most recent Bill~ To Hand America Over to the Control of The U.N.)??? He is An Anti-Christ!! Without Any Doubt! He Also Does Another thing Satan does! He has made it His mission to Devide us as A Nation!( By Rascism)!! He and, All of his follower’s, Do it on A Regular Basis! Because, He Know’s that A Country without God, who are Devided against each other! Will NOT STAND!! Don’t Let this Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing continue to deceive us Anymore!! Expose Everything you read, See, hear, etc.. To as Many,” Lost Sheep” as You can!! Pray, That God Steps in,& Takes Control! And, If these are the End Times? Ready yourselves, Your Families, Friends, Neighbor’s, Etc…?!? May God help us All!!!

  14. taina2 says:

    There may be good uses for this, but can enemies hack in and track them?

  15. Herr Capitan Fick says:

    666 these are the numbers you people bargained for, now you have it! This is your changes you wanted!

  16. John Carter says:

    Given the scenario whereby a soldier/platoon is/are ambushed…the tracking system can locate, and engage rescue/recovery. Other conditions can be activated to insure that a soldier is alert, and responsive to rescue/assist operations. There are pros, and cons…we have the option of choice. I like the first alert/slogan shield concepts.

  17. John Carter says:

    O.K…you guys are right! Given that we have an idiot for a president….Obama: would/could/most likely…give Karzai…the frequencies to the implants.

  18. John Carter says:

    Taking into consideration that Obama has rescinded the missile defense system in Poland, and freely gave the Russians an open field for their military….lets throw caution to the wind.

  19. Dr. Barbara says:

    I agree with you–Obama is not the AntiChrist. He is too stupid to be (now this is MY opinion only). The AntiChrist will be Muslim but he will also have a great, albeit counterfeit, raport with Jews. Sounds like an oxymoron but the fact is that he will be so smooth and charming that even the "elect," the Church will almost be led away by him. Obama is obviously only charming when in front of a teleprompter. The rest of the time he is rude, hateful, incompetent, and certainly doesn't like the Jews or Christians. But anyway you look at it, the return of the King is near. Let's get ready to ride.

  20. Wyoming Cowboy says:

    Revelation 13:16-18
    And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a MARK in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
    And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the MARK, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
    Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six. Rev. 13:16-18

  21. for3a10s says:

    John, I can see by your first post that you are a friggin idiot. Did you not see what happened to all the soldiers that returned from Desert storm that were forced to take the supposed ANTI-NERVE AGENT pills every eight hours. Or the side effects of the un-recorded shots that we were given. I have a lettter here that states I was in the infected areas where we were destroying chemical weapons with explosives. Are they doing anything but denying these facts? NO.. I was as healthy as a horse before deployment and upon return was diagnosed with type II diabetes, Kidney disease, carpal tunnle, severe diabetic neuropathy of both feet, PTSD and a host of other problematic disorders that I am still fighting to get something done about. Do you really want to use out US Troops as Guinee pigs again. It happens enough without our knowlege now. Why should it continue?

  22. 1776Patriot says:

    I retire NEXT MONTH 24 years of service in the AF and we are losing our country without a shot fired………YET.

  23. Patriot Diva says:

    Between pages 1000 and 1004 of the Patient Affordable Care and Protection Act, (Obamacare) is a requirement to microchip every man, woman, and child with their health and personal information by March 2013.

  24. George Semel says:

    Well, I can see where this could be a real benefit , If you can catch illness sooner and quicker, then the treatment would not keep you out of action or off the job as long as it dose now. I for one would consider having one of these implanted with my medical record so that no matter what the doctor has access to it right now. With what you guys are posting you would have problems with antibiotics and that new fangled invention the Airplane and the Helicopter.

  25. hambone says:

    I don't think I want any part of that. Neither should anyone else.
    Hope the Supreme Court finds it unconstitutional. you know invasion of privacy.

  26. Patrick says:

    Wouldn’t it just be better to STOP using Soldiers???

  27. Patrick says:

    Wouldn’t it just be better to STOP using Soldiers???…

  28. George Semel, "I for one would consider having one of these implanted with my medical record so that no matter what the doctor has access to it right now." You would "consider" having one of these implanted? That sits on both sides of the fence. Given that we don't know the half of what our government intends to do to us, any invasion of privacy that is mandated by federal government fiat, particularly invading our bodies, and particularly when we do not know all that the device is capable of doing, is something that any person with common sense would and should STRONGLY object to at the point of going to war to preserve one's own life. Better to die defending oneself than to die when the government mandates it!

  29. And they keep proving the bible and that God exists.. Decline,, I don't care what you have to do, but decline anyone and fight them off… They will create a Terrorist incident in order to "vaccinate" the entire public… H1N1 didn't work, so they will create another one. and everyone who doesn't get the "fix" will be gone…
    Now is the time to get to know God, before you actually meet him and be judged…

    May God save these great United States of America and have mercy on our souls…

  30. anyone whom works for the government should have them,that way we know where and what's going on with tax payer money great idea ,it's a free country it would be your choice

  31. you have a choice,know one makes you work for the government.

  32. Not a good thing because it's another instance of government control, but it is not the mark of the beast, that is futurist nonsense.

  33. The anti-christ is past tense, this is just futuristic nonsense.

  34. Do some more Bible study… Nero Caesar was the Anti-christ… http://www.equip.org/articles/who-is-the-antichri

  35. And many of our military are Christian, yet because they are 'Government Issue', they have no say in the matter. I am Christian, and retired military, and wouldn't receive a chip. Even under protest.


  37. "We're from the government, and we're here to help." You really believe that line don't you George?

  38. BigDeethe1st says:

    This is truly frightening. What is there to stop them from using it to kill you? You get out of line, say or do the wrong thing and wham! Instant aneurysm, poison released, nanobots severe an artery…the possibilities are endless. Of course it will be couched in the usual "for the good of mankind" rhetoric. And the sheeple all answer, "Baaahhhhh, baaaahhhh." Keep drinking that Kool-Aid and HOPE for a CHANGE as you all move FORWARD to that Brave New World. Give me liberty or give me death!

  39. Be very careful the devil is a sly opponent!

  40. I did not know there was a health problem with the troops as they are picked and trained to be healthy tough intelligent!

  41. You will not be able to buy,sell or trade without the MARK OF THE BEAST, it will be in the right hand or the forehead? Let's see where they will put these chips? Read the book of REVELATION!!!

  42. Mr Lucky says:

    They have been working on this stuff for years and years! They just wanted to make sure you people have extended you stupidity far enough to start putting the operation in full force!

  43. Microchips in Tea party members should be a test. After all, Tea Party members are drones of the Republican party.

  44. Retired SFC says:

    How little more effort does it take to make the chip capable of releasing toxins to kill those same troops should "someone" deem them unnecessary?