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6 thoughts on “Government Squeezes Physicians: Cut Payments

  1. More lies . . . The government wants people to believe doctors are losing money – THEY ARE NOT. When the governmnet lowers Medicare payments to any one or more doctor/s, the rest of what is owed is simply billed to the patient/s. It is called CO-PAY. This was implemented within the Veteran's Administration [VA] when Reagan was president.

    It is working its way into the civilian hospitals and is of no surprise that those in our government are calling it something it is not.

    STOP being SHEEPLE – Wake up AMERICA – Your government is lieing to you systematically using the fear approach and you are eating it up.

  2. blh557 says:

    DUH!!!! Big surprise, here…

    Physicians, of all professional persuasions, are leaving practice in droves, at least in-part, due to "cost containment" issues. Reduced pay has something to do with it, but also the significant increase in RISK, insurability, over-regulation and accountability. Specifically, Medicare/CMS has made it impossible to be assured of payment for services and most of the insurance companies find creative ways to get out of paying for services and testing, however, if the physician doesn't perform the procedures or tests they get their financial (and many times personal) A**e* handed to them by either the CMS enforcement and/or post-payment reviews and directives. Nothing stops an insurance company from coming back a year or more later and "requesting" a refund of fees they "inadvertently" over paid (whether they did or not) that have steadily been reduced since about 1993 (thank you Hillary). I recently "retired" from active practice due to the inane amount of documentation, risk and downright threats coming from CMS & EVERY insurance company I worked with. My fees had decline by "contractual negotiation", meaning "we tell you what we negotiated and you accept it or go broke(er) or we may even sue you for "whatever". The rates dropped BELOW what they were in 1983 when I began practice. How would you like your pay scale dropped that far? NOT!!

    By the way, these THREATS are directed at EVERY Doctor in practice, not me, personally. I have never had a single complaint filed, never had a malpractice issue and still CMS basically assures me, by the ambiguousness of regulation, that I will be audited, fined, imprisoned, jailed, etc., if a code is accidentally included and billed to Medicare, or they decide I forgot to use my official signature on an office visit. Never mind if you catch it and correct it; never mind if it was a simple honest mistake… wait for the bill… that can range in the hundreds of thousands of dollars for a $9 hot pack fee.

    To the MORON, UNINFORMED poster above, J Pro; you don't speak from experience, so shut up! CMS will PROSECUTE you for adding the "Co-Pay" above the approved amount. The Co-Pay has ALWAYS been a part of insurance, it was just called deductible and co-payment. I know, a concept too difficult to understand.

    Go back to sleep. And learn to spell.

    Am I bitter? You bet your… okay, I'll stop there.

  3. Dan Kurt says:

    re: "J Pro "When the governmnet lowers Medicare payments to any one or more doctor/s, the rest of what is owed is simply billed to the patient/s. It is called CO-PAY."

    Not exactly. I will make it simple.
    1) Medicare has an allowed fee for a service say it is $100.00
    2) of that $100.00 allowable it will pay the physician, if he is a MEMBER of Medicare, i.e. he has accepted ASSIGNMENT, a percentage of that $100.00 say $80.00 ( Ask a Physician the exact amount. ) Physicians that don't accept assignment are screwed differently; again ask a physician on this.
    3) The co-pay is the $20.00 not paid by Medicare of the $100.00 allowable. The physician is EXPECTED to make a reasonable effort to collect that $20.00 or he will be punished by Medicare.
    4) BTW, the $100.00 allowable may or may not be a reasonable fee to the Physician but he has no say on this.

    Dan Kurt

  4. PrincessPhilly says:

    It works the same way with insurance. The insurance pays a contracted amount for the service and then a % of the amount. The patient pays the difference as a co pay. Each year the insurance company can change their contracted amount. If the doctor does not like it he/she will not take that insurance but if they do that they won't have patients.

    All Americans are going to have accept a lower standard of living this government wants Americans poor. It is not going to change till Americans are willing for a revolution to put in a new government. I don't see that happening too many Americans are whimps.

  5. The liberals & democrats in Ontarto are dreamers and liars who charge huge taxes and make laws to empower themselves but can,t answer a letter from a taxpaying business when cornered with the truth.I am a business owner who has gone to see a doctor once or twice in 63 years and if you think free medical is great I waited three years and four months to have someone look at my shoulder that had two tendons ripped and I am forced to pay aproximently $70.000.00/year , Free medical is not so free ! There is very little desire to make a business grow in this climate. Every turn has a beaurocrat trying to penalize to grab more taxes! I used to look to US as a free nation but where has America gone?

  6. I was a Medicare provider until recently. If you accept Medicare assignment, you cannot balance bill or you can never do business with Medicare again. So J Pro is full of sh!t and if he is on Medicare, I predict a gangrenous bowel.