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Agenda 21 Has Moved from the UN to the EPA

Written by Gary North on May 8, 2012

Agenda 21 was formally announced by the United Nations at the 1992 Rio summit on the environment. It has been the operating agenda for world economic control ever since.

The USA never ratified the Kyoto Accord. Officially, the government does not hold to the land-use planning program of Agenda 21. But this is a cover. It is being implemented by the Environmental Protection Agency, an organization never voted for by Congress. Nixon created it with an executive order.

The states and counties have begun to resist. But the EPA is the main ramrod agency. The key word is sustainability.

The EPA paid the National Academy of Sciences $700,000 to produce a report, Sustainability and the U.S. EPA. also known as the “Green Book.”Here are a few excerpts.

 “The [UN’s World Commission on Environment and Development] called upon the UN General Assembly to transform its [1987] report into a global action plan for sustainable development. The nations of the world did precisely that at the 1992 UN Conference on Environment and Development, or ‘Earth Summit,’ in Rio de Janeiro. These nations, including the United States, endorsed a global sustainable development action plan, known as Agenda 21, and a set of 27 principles for sustainable-development, called the Rio Declaration. Together, these agreements modify the definition of development by adding a third pillar — environmental protection and restoration — to the economic and social pillars of development.”

“First, the committee recommends that EPA formally adopt as its sustainability paradigm the ‘Three Pillars’ approach of ‘Social,’ ‘Environment,’ and ‘Economic’ dimensions of sustainability.”

“Sustainability impact assessment is used to analyze the probable effects of a particular project or proposal on the social, environmental, and economic pillars of sustainability.”

What would this mean for you and me? Poverty.

Maurice Strong, who was the Secretary-General of the UN Earth Summit in Rio in 1992, announced this in his opening speech to the attendees: “Current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class — involving high meat intake, the use of fossil fuels, electrical appliances, home and work-place air-conditioning, and suburban housing — are not sustainable.”

The UN is a democracy. There are mostly poor nations in its voting membership. The representatives want to get their hands on Western wealth. The plan is to do this by way of environmentalism. The bureaucrats have worked to promote “a sustainable environment,” which means land use planning.

The plan is not working. First, a few voters know about it and are organizing political resistance. Second, the plan never has had any system of  funding. Voters in hard-hit Western nations are not interested in sending money to Third World dictatorships. They are also not interested in funding Agenda 21.

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7 thoughts on “Agenda 21 Has Moved from the UN to the EPA

  1. ccfonten says:

    If the EPA was created by executive order, why can it not be abolished the same way?? Think anyone has the gonads to do this???
    Also, the writer is correct when stating that the UN is comprised by a lot poor countries who would just love to get their hands on our wealth for their own personal use. Think any of that wealth would trickle down to their impoverished citizens? Not only no but H E L L NO!!

  2. ccfonten says:

    If the EPA was created by executive order, why can it not be abolished the same way?? Think anyone has the gonads to do this???
    I just went through their web site, read the whole dang article………..pretty darn spooky stuff.

  3. hambone says:

    spooky indeed. It's down right horrifying. If we can last until November and choose the right candidate then we might be able to breath a little easier. Neither Rommey or Obama will get rid of the EPA or get us out of the UN. Which is really needed.

  4. Erik Osbun says:

    We have no choice. Vote out Obama and terminate the EPA. What Agenda 21 does is take away the right to private property, a totally unconstitutional goal and totally un-American. It is essentially the same ball of wax as Communism in the old USSR.

  5. One of Ron Paul’s campaign promises is to rescind every standing executive order. Can the president do that?

  6. robert says:

    we the people its way past time,its going to be up to us,don,t look to the treasonous politicians anymore,they are one-in bed with ovomit/lucifer/hitler,and two are not to be trusted anymore,can.t count on any so called politician any more.we the people its going to be up to we the people as always.grab your bible in one hand and 2nd amendment/protection in the other hand.i pray for a peaceful solution,but am prepared for a not so peaceful solution.god bless ron paul,sheriff joe and cold case posse and all american veterans and all american citizens.one nation under god

  7. Engineering Admin says:

    The civil and structural engineering industry is also being infiltrated by Marxist greenie-weenie termites.

    See the 'voluntary' Global Reporting Initiative,
    https://www.globalreporting.org/Pages/default.asp… and