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National Guard Troops in a Small Minnesota Town

Written by Gary North on May 2, 2012

Why does the government use small town streets to train troops for crowd control in Iraq?

Why are U.S. troops still in Iraq?

In early 2011, an article ran in the local newspaper in Crookston, Minnesota.

Bravo Company Minnesota National Guard personnel based at the Crookston Armory will conduct exercise drills in town beginning Friday, Feb. 25 at 6 p.m. and concluding at 4:30 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 27.

The “Urban Operations Training” will focus on a few city-owned properties on Bridge Street in Jerome’s Addition. Some Humvees and up to 27 soldiers will be involved in daylight activities on Bridge Street on Saturday and Sunday. They soldiers will be armed with military-issued weapons but won’t utilize any ammunition or pyrotechnics. They will travel to and from the armory several times during the drills.

Guard personnel on Thursday will alert residents in the Bridge Street area of what to expect.

Recently, this photo hit the Web. It is undated. It is from Crookston.

Why is the National Guard in a small town in Minnesota engaged in something called “Urban Operations Training”? In what way is such training relevant to the National Guard?

Maybe the government expects big trouble in Lake Woebegone.

This sort of training is becoming more common across the United States. A town here, a train transport there. It’s not enough to attract more than sporadic attention in local newspapers. If it were not for the Internet, the skeptics within the general public would not suspect that anything is peculiar.

Something peculiar is going on.

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43 thoughts on “National Guard Troops in a Small Minnesota Town

  1. recon77 says:

    buffalo springfield said it well, something strange is happenin here, what is ain't exactly clear!

  2. American Patriot says:

    the marxist in the white house is planning on making it his permanent residence….

  3. lilbear68 says:

    it becomes more clear when you understand that troops are given questionaires to answer during training sessions and part of the questionaire asks if they would be willing to open fire on american citizens

  4. BGinTN says:

    An example of prison planet hype.

    Where would the Minnesota National Guard train for urban combat but near their Armory.

    Makes sense to me, saves money as well.

  5. janet lynn says:

    Martial Law. If you folks don;t get to the Polls and change thing in November this is what you very well may be seeing in your towns PRAY that this does not happen before November……………….

  6. PépèreLePew says:

    He's just carrying on the program set down in USA-PATRIOT. Didn't know it was Marxist…

  7. PépèreLePew says:

    Of course, mon ami. When ze Guards come to bus' down your door, why bring zem in from some other state far away, non??

  8. PépèreLePew says:

    Novembaire? Ah oui! Ze presidentielle elections. But wasn't it your previous Président Boosh who started taking away your civil libertés? And you want to elect anothaire Républican? We have a saying in France: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!

  9. Carpenter says:

    or shoot at me once, I drop me gun and run like a frog, PePe? Shut up and put more mayo on your Freedom Fries. Advice to the French: don’t start another war you can’t finish on yer own. You seem to be out of real estate for us to bury our brave soldiers upon your shores.

  10. People are the same everywhere in the world. A citizen that is paid by the taxpayer will shoot and kill his fellow citizen for that paycheck. This is what happens when you allow so many people to work for the govt.

  11. Don't change the subject, Carpenter, he's got a very good point. It was Bush who began stripping away our freedoms and rights, beginning with the never-read 2,000 pages of the Patriot Act, and including the TSA and the Orwellian-named Homeland Security, and ending with widespread, illegal spying on U.S. citizens. Not to mention torture and illegal wars.

  12. Got Liberty? says:
  13. ZOOMER165 says:


  14. Our USA Military wants someone else in the Whitehouse! Doesn't this tell you something! They Have to abide by the rules or they go to jail. Listen to them. Vote Obama out!

  15. Yes, you're right. Who gives a rats ass? Because bush did it, it's ok now? Is that your point?

  16. Outdoorguyman says:


  17. 1n 1972 I was in the regular army and stationed at Ft Monmouth NJ where we trained for Civil riots and unrest then . This is nothing new. What is new is the Low lifes in power able to order the military to do their bidding . And don't think the army will not obey orders to fire on US citizens. Look at history I cannot recall the us Army ever refusing to act against or fire on anyone they were ordered to suppress.

  18. oldgringo says:

    The US is becoming a National Police State at the bequest of the Global Governance Groupies…..The G6/G7/G8/05/G20 Nations…..The United Nations is their backbone…..They want total control of the populace and their wealth…..It's a slow process and each generation becomes an unsuspecting victim!

  19. Bless2live says:

    This continued training is a good thing! The real "God fearing christain nation of America" just may need these Soldiers to make sure that the United States of America stays with all of her "FREEDOMS that her constitution provides! American citizens will be right there with these soldiers if needed! Most important as we look beyond this President and welcome our new President in charge in 2012! Let's Roll America!

  20. I really hope they are lying when they answer with a yes that they would be willing and then turn the tables when and if it becomes necessary to defend the American citizens.

  21. You really need to stop listening to the liberal press, etc. and think on your own.

  22. I kind of thought the same things and hope we are correct (not politically, or course).

  23. catchesthewnd says:

    If the Minnesota Guard were to be activated for Federal Service overseas and M.O.U.T.-Military Operations in Urban Terrain- is needed then it would be provided at their deployment base.

  24. catchesthewnd says:

    Oui oui, LePew. But the high ground in the cess pool is better than another foor years zwimming in zee zess pool.

  25. HadEnuf says:

    There you have it, what more proof do you, out there, need to realize the new Hitler and the NWO are advancing their cause of totalitarism? Instead of quivering in our boots, the states need to start up state militias as our (dying) constitution allows us. It appears to me like showtime is about to start – as I had predicted when the "implant" stole the election! I find it very revealing, the censorship clause above! Isn' it telling how the commie left can spew out all the hate and lies and it is alright for them to do so! WAKE UP, WISE UP, RISE UP! Let me get this right: our fascist government can do as they please and they expect no repercussions from it's subjects – what's with that? I wonder if this will be posted… HMM…

  26. unfortunatly these national guard are prepping for martial law ,gun confiscation,and camp fema..look at katrina massive gun confiscation done by our own milatary..im afraid its to late to think voting is going to help..sad to say but i see a revolution coming..not what i want ,but im ready to die for freedom..ARE YOU??

  27. recon77 says:

    This is interesting because I had heard they will shoot but my friends from special forces insist they would not (at least special forces would not). However, the rare, rare exception to the case in my mind is Michael New who would NOT follow Clintone's unlawful commands and ended up being court martialed and found guilty for doing the only patriotic, constitutional, vow upholding job in withstanding an unlawful command by the (in that case) doofus-in-chief! (And, of course, New was NOT educated in a government skrool, so he had at least some brain left).

  28. recon77 says:

    Yes and the great zer0-in-chief is much, much more like Hitler than most understand: http://www.defendthefamily.com/pfrc/books/pinkswa…. Read this book and you will see what I mean!

  29. Doris C says:

    I call this very scary. What reason is there for having Russia drill on our soil with us? Next will he bring over Iranians or Syrians? If we have someone over here to practice it should be Israel.

  30. Doris C says:

    Makes sense to you?With Russia training here also? your not to adept at this are you?Why doesnt anyone question the prez about this?

  31. Doris C says:

    Most people are probably not ready to die for freedom but more than willing to fight for freedom.

  32. recon77 says:

    we need NO ONE practicing with us…

  33. nycman says:

    Kent State

  34. Bless2live says:

    This regime knows that most American soldiers and most American citizens are well educated on past history. That said ,no American is giving up his country because this regime said so. Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death. Attributed by Patrick Henry,March 23 ,1775.That quote came from those delegates in attendence to the convention (our future of America)and it is still alive and well in America!

  35. sean murry says:

    They are getting ready for the roits.

  36. David R. (Canada) says:

    Why don't they go practice in Dearborn, Michigan? Or aren't there enough Christians left there to bother with it?

  37. Nanna Gail says:

    Dan: I'm afraid you are right. And many of us will die. But, hopefully, there will be enough of us to get the job done, get these people out of office out of our lives and out of our country… EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM. I also hope, if I am one of those to die, that those who are left will honor the deceased and help bring our children up to the TRUE history of this country. NOT to the REVISED history obumbler is trying to teach them. In case all of this comes about folks, I would like to say, "It has been a privilege to be among those who TRULY LOVE OUR COUNTRY AND god bless EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU.

  38. OK. Enough is enough! Have you all Lost your intelligence? Do ANY of you KNOW WHO the NATIONAL GUARD SERVES? I will give you ONE GUESS It IS NOT THE NATION! Th National GuarD id the Military force of THE STATE. They MAY be assigned to NATIONAL DEFENSE by the order of the Seated Governor but the Federal Government has NO CLAIM to their use with out the Governors order. THESE are the Men and Women WHO are our FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE AGAINST THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT! I suggest you start researching and confirming the facts before you turn into the MSM. And as for the rest of you. SHAME ON YOU! These are your sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, training to protect your ignorant asses from Obama and the obamazites! This aint the sixties and corrupt governors anymore!

  39. I think we all need to read the new laws that have been signed lately, this is not the america you grew up in. Almost all, if not all of the checks and ballances have been removed or circumvented by recent laws. whats going down will spring out of the box and surprise about 95% of sleeping citizens and the power hungry will be delighted and lovers of liberty will be shocked. The laws have locked state and local forces with the fed and they are now working to strip sherifs of their traditional authority.

  40. The National Guard is a STATE organization that can be called to FEDERAL service without
    the Governor's consent. Remember KENT STATE? They were under STATE control at
    the time that they were ordered to fire on unarmed students. They were our brothers, sisters
    fathers, etc. They followed an unlawful order. The voters of this nation should be arming
    themselves now. The sales of firearms have increased at an incredible rate during the
    past two years. Like the person earlier in this column, LOCK & LOAD……………….

  41. I recall going down mainstreet VA in 1968 250 of us regular army in a V formation rifles with fixed bayonets…our orders “CLEAR THE STREETS“ thankfully we didn`t have a major problem and the streets became clear in a damn hurry,just a little history for you.

  42. There`s a lot more to this story than just an order to fire,more happened minutes before and yes students were gunned down,it was truly a tragedy . The soldiers should never been given ammo. We were not allowed to load our weapons during the riots in 68 (reg army sothern VA) the mags with ammo remained in our pockets,we only were allowed fixed bayonets on 50 frontal troops. If things were to escalate then the live ammo was to be ordered out,we made it thru all those times and never had to fire a shot . I was shocked to hear about Kent State a few years later,what a travesty.