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Turning Local Police into Federal Informants

Written by Gary North on May 1, 2012

This recruiting video was produced by the U.S. government. It invites local police to become informants.

This is part of a national program: SAR (Suspicious Activity Reporting).

We are told that terrorists are involved in pre-cursor activities — suspicious activities. It is possible for local police officers to become trained in observing and reporting these activities. Once informed, they can pass on this information to an appropriate Washington agency.

There is federal money in this for local police departments.

This must be done while honoring everyone’s civil liberties, the video informs us.


Wikipedia reports as follows:

The Nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR) Initiative (NSI) is a program of the United States Government used to collect and share reports of suspicious activity by people in the United States.The Nationwide SAR Initiative (NSI) builds on what law enforcement and other agencies have been doing for years — gathering information regarding behaviors and incidents associated with criminal activity — but without the customary restrictions on collecting data on individuals in the absence of reasonable suspicion or probable cause. The program has established a standardized process whereby SARs can be shared among agencies to help detect and prevent terrorism-related criminal activity. This process is in direct response to the mandate to establish a “unified process for reporting, tracking, and accessing [SARs]” in a manner that rigorously protects the privacy and civil liberties of Americans, as called for in the 2007 National Strategy for Information Sharing (NSIS). Reports of suspicious behavior noticed by local law enforcement or by private citizens are forwarded to state and major urban area fusion centers as well as DHS and the FBI for analysis. Sometimes this information is combined with other information to evaluate the suspicious activity in greater context. The program is primarily under the direction of the US Department of Justice.

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11 thoughts on “Turning Local Police into Federal Informants

  1. ccfonten says:

    Well, this is getting spookier and spookier by the day.

  2. man this is getting bad when the cops who have enough distrust on their shoulders that now WE THE PEOPLE CAN'T EVEN TRUST THE COPS TO SAY NO TO TREASONIST BAST– WHO ARE DISTROYING OUR COUNTRY

  3. Sounds a lot like Hitler and his informant squads. We need to get this communist/marxist out of the Oval Office and in Jail for treason.

  4. This program is under the direction of the U.S. Department of Justice?? That says it all folks. Our freedoms are GONE!!!!!!

  5. boomer8 says:

    Definitely the government (Federal) is running a campaign to sew suspicion and distrust among the general populace: neighbor against neighbor, community against community!!!
    Their claim of "protecting civil rights" is false and disingenuous; they're looking at every free citizen as a criminal and a terrorist!
    Where did this division come from that now the government and law enforcement have become a separate and elevated class?

  6. I think it's part and parcel to the growing understanding that the Federal Reserve System needs to be abolished, that the federal (and state) income tax is a scam and all the tax money extorted from Americans does not get spent on the infrastructure (roads, schools, hospitals, bridges) anymore. The government knows this too, so it is falling back on the old "divide-and-conquer" strategy of trying to splinter the population so it does not reach critical mass and throw the gangsters and banksters out!

  7. f8tulewounded says:

    We still have guns.. When they come to disarm us, we are dead..

    think I'm kidding.. this is serious.. Will you be alive to stop this from happening..
    Do something now, or they will..shti They already are… We lose if we sit here and let them do this to us..

    We lose.. Will you get your own grave?? or will you be thrown in next to someone you don't know???

    Lord, our Father who art in heaven, please help us, for WE NEED YOU NOW MORE THAN EVER.. Only you know how much.

    Please brothers and sisters, please pray and Do not go GENTLE into that good night!

  8. Sutekh says:

    Let me get this straight. The Attorney General has sued several states in court over their I.D. requirements, stating that it is unconstitutional for states to try to do the Federal government's job of looking for illegal immigrants, but he wants state and local police to be on the look out for American citizens to detain on suspicion of terror activities.

    How many brain-dead people voted for Obama in 2008?

  9. Richard Opp says:

    I AGREE!! I am SO GLAD I didn't vote for him!! This entire mess is stupid and CRAZY!! EVERY State has the right to check ID. The Federal Government needs to butt OUT of the states' business!!!

  10. Richard Opp says:

    SEW should have been SOW, as a farmer sows seeds. But your comment was skillfully written otherwise!!

  11. Richard Opp says: