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NATO Summit in Chicago: Forced Relocation Plans for Locals

Written by Gary North on May 1, 2012

There is a NATO summit scheduled for Chicago later this month.

As a precaution, the city is planning to re-locate downtown residents to secret shelters outside in Wisconsin, where they will be safe from demonstrators.

This plan came to light only when a local TV station found out. Residents of Chicago were not supposed to be informed of all this. It might upset them. Bureaucrats do not want people to be upset. Upset people sometimes protest. It’s better that people be kept in the dark until there is a knock at the door.

Alas, sometimes they find out.

The TV reporter downplays all this.

When a city creates plans to force residents out of their homes to ship them out of state, it’s a good idea to “up-play” this.

If NATO has to worry about demonstrators in Chicago, exactly what threat is NATO capable of dealing with? Exactly what is it still doing? Why is it doing whatever it is? It was formed in 1949 to meet the threat of the USSR. The USSR has been gone since December 1991.

When a multi-billion-dollar bureaucracy is created, it does not go away merely because the problem it was created to deal with goes away. New problems are discovered that must be dealt with, such as demonstrators in Chicago.

The public is not invited.

While the summit itself will be closed to the public, the Chicago NATO Host Committee is making plans for a variety of programs to inform our community about this historic event. The summit offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for our city — and especially our students — to witness world leaders working together to address global challenges.

At least 2,000 journalists are expected to cover this event. Bartenders in the downtown area are getting ready. This will be the biggest event of the season.

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19 thoughts on “NATO Summit in Chicago: Forced Relocation Plans for Locals

  1. That's it, create a crisis so that people will voluntarily give up their rights and freedom in order to feel "safe and secure". Of course they can do it involuntarily as well, but voluntarily looks better for PR. Remember the gov't helicopters in the middle of downtown Chicago a few weeks ago? Sure, they can use the excuse of 'being prepared', but all of these actions can also be a prelude to martial law. Hopefully nothing bad will happen in Chicago. But these extreme "routine preparations" can be repeated all over the country enough times to where they become ignored, and when everyone is off guard, that's when they can strike at will.

  2. this is all a prelude to calling martial law & of course declaring it too unsafe to have elections, etc. so the king can declare himself king again. What is is going to take before the people wake up, will it be too late when they do???

  3. What happened to NATO Headquarters?, Go there!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. ccfonten says:

    This is just a warm up for what is going to happen in Nov if obama is defeated. This is just a drill to see if the sheeple can be rounded up and put in camps "for their own protection" from "radical" forces…..like the TEA party and patriotic Americans sick of obama and band of thugs, liars and cheats.

  5. It kinda reminds me of what happened in Germany back in the 1930s. You know how they got all of the Jews to go on the trains, by telling them they were going to keep them safe from the Russians. The book "How to Kill 11 Million People" really explains it good. Then you think back to all of the talks about the FEMA camps. Just kinda makes you wonder what really is going down.

  6. billstanley1 says:

    Chicago cannot protect its residents, so it transports them to Wisconsin. http://www.newsandopinions.net

  7. Actually the more I think about this, I wouldn't be going to where the Government whats me to go.. I would go stay with family, friends ANYWHERE but where they want me to go.

  8. I think you had better edit your statement are you for or against Obama? I would guess you don't care for our President but your statement seems confused…

  9. John G. says:

    Looking for volunteers to help relocated Chicagoans?

    C’mon, guys, just open the FEMA camps a bit early!

  10. tHEgOVTiSnUTS says:

    Shell, this is an excellent and possibly life-saving idea. If any government agency tries to relocate you, just stay with family, friends, a motel or hotel, or go on vacation. By the way, do homeowners insurance policies cover such Temporary Government Relocations?

  11. Beepster says:

    That was just a bit of sourcasm on his part. You DO know that TEA party and patriotic Americas ARE terrorists and radical forces, doncha??? You're a terrorist is you own a gun and ammo, and you have over a 7-day supply of food on hand. Compliments of Her Majesty the Emporer of Homeland Security.

  12. Beepster says:

    Uhhh, make that Empress

  13. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    And, it's also why there's already a whole Russian platoon secreted on American soil. They were brought in on one of our Naval carriers, disembarked in Ca, & promptly disappeared. Obama & his minions KNOW that the majority of our military will not turn on us patriots, so he's preparing for what he's desperately trying to get set up. I think this country is going to have a major civil war that will make the first one look like a holiday. All I can say is, God help us all.

  14. terryt says:

    one thing that is inaccurate. NATO was created to create a protective alliance against agressors, who at the time was the USSR, but later china, N. korea, etc. its is mutual defense pact, if one member is attacked the others are bound to help them out. not just when it is not inconvenient for them. unless they were the aggressor i believe is the only out for the cosigners of this treaty. unlike the UN, it was created in a partnership and remains so, where the UN was made by the superpowers to help protect and propagate the smaller countries, who have gone and turned on those who helped them

  15. Sutekh says:

    I agree with the point above? Why is the mightiest military alliance in the world afraid of civilian protestors?

    Could be that Obama is planning on cleaning out Chicago. Remember, in N. Korea, only party member elite are allowed to live in PyongYang.

  16. Jerald Peterson says:

    This could also be a practice for when obama moves rural residents not directly involved in government run collective farms into population areas where they can be better managed by by the Committees for Better Living. I am sure many will be watching this to see if Chicagoans will fight for their homes and businesses or board box cars for FEMA camps. P

  17. USPatriot says:

    I'm not wondering. I'm getting ready.

  18. USPatriot says:

    Yeah, well they changed the script. Agenda 21adopted in 1992 has a goal of abolition of private property and green taxation of all and nature is above man and inalienable rights are gone. WWWIII is beginning.

  19. kodster says:

    It would be worth calling your agents or insurance call center, to find out, wouldn't it? That way, you've got your butt covered, and the insurance companies are aware of the situation that they will have to deal with, when they suddenly get massive claims for damaged homes and commercial buildings.