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Breitbart’s Coronor Is Dead — Mysterious Circumstances

Written by Gary North on May 1, 2012

On the day that the L.A. coronor released his report on Breitbart’s death, he got sick and died.

He may have been poisoned.

It’s just one of those things — just one of those crazy things.

Veteran Los Angeles coroner forensic technican Michael Cormier had died, apparently due to arsenic poisoning. The 61 year old Cormier was discovered dead on April 20th – the same day the city officials had released their preliminary autopsy report on the death of conservative media powerhouse Andrew Breitbart.

According to early reports, Michael Cormier was “seemingly healthy,” yet “suddenly stricken” with a fatal condition – just like Andrew Breitbart.

This adds fuel to the fire. Breitbart had threatened to release a game-changing video on Obama. That fizzled. No such video.

The sluggish release of the Breitbart autopsy follows the unorthodox, rushed announcement by city authorities at the time of Breitbart’s death that he had died of ‘natural causes’ on March 1, 2012 at the age of 43. . . .

The LA County Coroner’s office announced in their preliminary report that Breitbart had died of heart failure, and that a negligible amount of alcohol was found in his system. No prescription or illicit drugs were discovered at any point during the autopsy. The final, definitive medical explaination on Breitbart’s death has yet to be made public.

Coroner Michael Cormier’s mysterious death was first reported by KTLA TV reporter Elizabeth Espinosa explaining how city detectives were investigating a possible ‘arsenic poisoning’ in the case. This report was later picked up and reported in an LA Times Local blog:

“The sources, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said that finding the presence of poison does not necessarily mean the death was a homicide, because the substance could have accidentally entered his system.”

“At this point we haven’t ruled out foul play,” said Lt. Alan Hamilton of the Los Angeles Police Department. “It is one of the things being considered. We are waiting for the coroner’s results.”

A toxicology report is expected to be released sometime between May 25th and June 1st.

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62 thoughts on “Breitbart’s Coronor Is Dead — Mysterious Circumstances

  1. rulken says:

    Come on this wasn't tragic, it was murder!

  2. Hotnike says:

    It is time for an independent investigation on these two mysterious deaths. I don't want the DOJ doing it because they are probably the cause of these two deaths and that would be like putting the fox in charge of the hen house. What has this country come too??? Please people, WAKE UP!!!

  3. Remember all the mysterious deaths that happened with Billy Clinton and nothing got done or investigated.

  4. Obama has his tenicles everywhere
    talk badly about him…you are ruined or dead

  5. The Boyne says:

    I’m all for removing the liar in chief. However you bring down and stomp on all the validity our side has when you inject race. He's half black if you feel the need to interject his race. The other half is white. There is so much wrong with his policy and actions that you can use against him. As a matter of fact you are helping him to divide the nation on the race issue with this. You are helping him. Please for the sake of the rest of us an yourself leave race to the racists.

  6. You will probably find the same culprits that killed Foster outside DC some years ago to prevent very bad and embarrassing facts about Mrs. Clinton from being exposed. Will you find the poison? Probably not as the perps are good at doing it and have researched these assassination methods for longer than most of our lives. And if anyone in L.A. are involved, I know it will be covered up!

  7. james sneer says:

    Nothing will ever come of the investigation. To many people in the upper level (government) to hide the truth. Our only hope is to get the word out about this corrupt leader and vote him out. No dought this is the same tactic used by the Russians to take care of a problem. Give to anyone running aganist Obama and Vote, vote, vote legally.

  8. FRENCHIE says:


  9. Bill McCroskey says:

    This is is indeed a most odd coincidence, that said, what an amateurish way of doing it. This begs to raise a red flag. Why, with the resources available to those who would want the coroner dead would they leave such a obvious trail? I am not denying there is something wrong here …. but the apparently obvious way is what troubles me.

  10. icetrout says:

    Antietam x 1,000,000 is right around the corner…

  11. "On the day that the L.A. coronor released his report on Breitbart’s death, he got sick and died." So what did the report on Breitbard's death say?

  12. Sorry, "Breitbart's".

  13. truther2 says:

    Look to the white mosque!

  14. Take out Soros, He's the puppet master & the root of all that's going crazy in this nation.

  15. Come on LA find a sheriff Joe some where in your midst. There must be one somewhere with all of your millions but you will have to protect him.

  16. There won't be an investigation because they are all afraid they'll meet the same fate as Breitbart and his Coronor.

  17. bob jones says:

    The report said that Breitbart was poisoned. Nothing to see here folks, move along. Breitbart was murdered hours before he was to release a video that he said would destroy Obama, and then that video strangely enough is never released and then his coroner is murdered, his death attributed to poisoning, just business as usual.

  18. One of the oldest cointelpro tactics to discredit a cause is to pretend to be a member and say/do something outrageous to bring ridicule on the cause. That is what Jim213 is doing. This goes back at least to the Vietnam era protests and we see it today at the G20 summits. The protestor who makes incendiary remarks like Jim213 or is the one preaching violence is working undercover — guaranteed.

    Cass Sunstein from the Obama administration is in charge of spreading disinfo like Jim213's on blogs and bulletin boards.

  19. We are all in Huge trouble if we don't SCREAM voter fraud! This guy in the white house is a maniac and will do anything to win! Wake up America or there will be a revolution! God Bless this great country!

  20. I don't know if you bothered reading the article, but it said he died of heart failure, and there were no illicit drugs, and a small amount of alcohol in his system. No poison whatsoever.

  21. Ross Cooper says:

    That other Scum Bag William(I never had sexual relations with that woman)Clinton has probably made Obama aware of where Vince Foster is and how he got there!!

  22. AlanWH says:

    The Death's surrounding Hussein Zero up to now, pale in comparison to how many people Died surrounding and following the Clinton's or Kennedy's. Not even Close!

  23. Interesting; the only difference in Obama name and Osama is an "s".

  24. It is a SAD, SAD time in what was once the greatest country in the world.

  25. No poison what-so-ever?? What did you expect.

  26. Chukfitobi says:

    McCain knew about the voter fraud and completely wussed out and said let it go !!! See the story on visiontoamerica.org. Emails leaked say "McCain decided not to pursue the voter fraud in PA and Ohio, despite his staff’s desire to make it an issue. He said no. Staff felt they could get a federal injunction to stop the process. McCain felt the crowds assembled in support of Obama and such would be detrimental to our country and it would do our nation no good for this to drag out like last go around, coupled with the possibility of domestic violence." Would do our nation no good, Mr. McCain??? Did it do our nation good to let them have the election through intimidation???? The threat of riots time and again has caused conservatives to bend over and take it. The riots-for-rent crowd is going to riot when and where the dems say. Just be prepared and GO FOR IT!!! Stand up against the voter fraud, the forged names, falsified absentee ballots, voter impersonations, dead people voting and ballot box stuffing – one Democrat Committeeman even confessed to state police that voter fraud is "a normal political tactic." For their side, yes! We need to stand up, fight back, and let the chips fall where they may!

  27. Exactly. Any person who is promoting violence around here or saying the most ridiculous things is not really on our side.

  28. I guess you've heard about the , firm ' , or business ' ; from Spain ; who will be tallying the votes of the upcoming election ; with the main stockholder , being Geo . "Soros " . The Communists ', are working together .

  29. James ; ' Buy more ammo '.

  30. No Shane, the article says, "The sluggish release of the Breitbart autopsy follows the unorthodox, RUSHED announcement by city authorities at the time of Breitbart’s death that he had died of ‘natural causes’ on March 1, 2012 at the age of 43. . . .

    The LA County Coroner’s office announced in their PRELIMINARY report that Breitbart had died of heart failure, and that a negligible amount of alcohol was found in his system. No prescription or illicit drugs were discovered at any point during the autopsy. The FINAL, DEFINITIVE medical explaination on Breitbart’s death has yet to be made public." (all caps mine)

    I wanted to know what the FINAL, OFFICIAL report says.

  31. Then that means about 47% of the population would be wiped out.

  32. Yes, but we now have Mr O as prez. He is a fraud, and those who dare speak out against him will meet similar fate.

  33. AHHHHHHHH Shades of Bill and Hillery. They to problems with people dieing and getting murdered. Guess O'Vomit kept Hillery as a learning tool. He came from Chicago where everyone learns,but not .Gov people from the White House,they learned from arkansas.

  34. HollyMarcyoniak says:

    Did the arsenic seep into him from Breitbart's autopsy ?????

  35. Hugh Phillips says:

    First alarm bell went off when Breitbart died. Coroners report muted that alarm somewhat. Next alarm bell much louder. Poor coroner thought he might be allowed to live if he reported "correct" results. He was wrong.

  36. u have it here. there is no fighting this kind of money. Voting him out will never happen either. he will have as many votes as he needs to win again just like he did last time… he has the money to buy whom ever he needs to buy. look at all the bought judges rejecting all the law suits against him or his now. Romney will be paid to keep his mouth shut and play the game just as McCane was.

  37. Poorman says:

    Bill I think it is Obvious why these deaths happened this way.Clearly to send a message.

  38. 4now4U says:

    No one is safe, Freedom is not free.

  39. Bill McCroskey says:

    That certainly is a possibilty …the proof will be what the investigation/cover-up reveals.

  40. Steve55 says:

    It's amazing that the comic, Steve Bridges also died at a very young age, (48). OBAMA was not happy with Bridges' act of impersonating Obama.


    The day complete exposure of the exploits taken by Barack Obama (B.O.) to become President of the United States are finally exposed will be of great embarrassment to our Nation. To think that we have been handed a bill of goods, been made fools of, tricked, let ourselves be politically manipulated by the likes of B.O. using our Constitution as a basis for his election to the Presidency of our Nation and then he "Fundamentally Transform" and divide the Country is insulting, and worse that we continue to allow him to proceed. The day will come when he is completely exposed for what SOB he really is. I am a Wounded WWII Veteran who fears the continued reign of BO and the control of his Administration has on our Nation. We as a Country . . . . as a Nation . . . . are at HIS MERCY and have only ourselves to blame for future consequences. JUANTOMAS RIVERA

  42. GrizzBar says:

    That would be "bs"

  43. antichristinourWH says:

    yes, the ILLEGAL-ALIEN BORN IN KENYA IS AT THE TOP OF THIS…… When the smoke clears so to speak, someone will be talking one day about how they killed Breitbart walking down the street by "touching" his hand as they passed..

    This was murder, plain and simple… Kind of like all the Russian reporters which ended up dying, even in foreign countries, when they had evidence of fraud within the government…

    Welcome to Soviet Amerika!!

  44. f8tulewounded says:

    I would rather be dead and free, than alive in a FEMA camp somewhere.!!!

    Pray, pray hard, and pray true, but pray to the Lord, our Father who art in heaven!!!

  45. screwedbluedtattooed says:

    If you don't have one, you better get a gun.. or two.. They are coming for us all.. Breitbart and his coroner were the start of it all.. next,, 25 or 30 million…

    We have got to get this ILLEGAL-ALIEN Kenyan NAZI out of our wh NOW!!! as it might already be too late..

    Lock and load.. not for fun, but for protection.. and keep one eye and ear open while sleeping.. They will NOT be coming during the daylight….

  46. GrizzBar says:

    It wil say whatever obama wants it to say

  47. INOROUT?? says:

    We will be dead, buried and the world will be no longer when the truth finally comes out.. Will we ever know it without some LIBTARD SCUM rats on everyone,, and that is not likely….

    We have not even marched or protested about a man born in Kenya taking over our white house,, what the hell do you think we are going to do about him murdering a Patriot.. NOTHING>..




  48. Cashills says:

    Yep….In Los Angeles. I suspect the same coronors office did his autopsy. All very strange. If I were family(of either Breitbart or Bridges) I'd certainly be obtaining an independent autopsy.

  49. Perhaps while doing the autopsy he inadvertently exposed himself to what killed Breitbart.

  50. John Gant says:

    Your'e absolutely. correct, although many people will not get your meaning. I do, because my 2X Great grandfather commanded the 1st Brigade, 2nd Division, IX Corps at the Bridge.

  51. USPatriot says:

    My thoughts also.

  52. rulken says:

    Hi Molly; I doubt that any contamination was due to the autopsy, remember that this coroner was as good as they get. A real expert, would never let evidence be contaminated, nor himself.

  53. Bonnie says:

    Yes I do remember Vince Foster's death…Nothing was done…that was murder too..

  54. Gary Also says:

    I agree, Soros needs to be horribly, and brutally destroyed!..Confiscate all his bank accounts and doled out to all the Veterans!…Hows that for redistribution of wealth!!,…I feel the same for obama,..He needs to be destroyed like a rabid dog!!

  55. robert says:

    If politics is involved it will be like the Kennedy killing. Strange that every one involved in that killing and cover up were dead with in ten years.

  56. Right, Chukfitobi, those who call McCain a hero are very wrong. He has shown himself to be an unprincipled
    coward and an enemy of the US. With his lackluster campaign performance he handed the victory to Obama.
    When it was didcovered that Palin actually had some guts and brains, she was bombarded with insults from
    the Left.

  57. Dear Mr. Rivera,
    You are very right. Thank you. What a gutless Congress we have; imagine 535 people without courage or a sense
    of justice !

  58. David Pasztor says:

    Welcome to the NEW America. Obama is changing this country, and re-writing History.

  59. Hmmm. You'd think that with a whole other party of devious minds arrayed against Obama some of them would have suspected and investigated his sinister plot. Of course they don't have the keen insight and rational viewpoint displayed on this post….

  60. Truth Be Told says:

    JUANTOMAS RIVERA: your smoking too much of the Mexican drug cartel's marijuana. Either that or peyote.

  61. Truth Be Told says:

    INOROUT?? The same will be discovered when W's 2002 Florida recount is discovered to be a conspiracy to win the presidency, in of all places, his brother's state of Florida. The WMD's will also be discovered to be a plot by W and his henchmen, Cheyney and Rove, to profit by starting a war with Iraq, rsulting in the deaths and maiming of countless soldiers. AS I read your diatribe, I am surprised no one has thrown a net over you or placed you in a nuthosue, with all the other Obama conspiracy theorists.

  62. Truth Be Told says:

    and you will be a casualty, like all the other armchair soldiers. You sit and let our service men and woemn die, while you type on your PC's. Next war, we take all you homebodies and put you on the front lines.