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Trend: Replacing City Employees With Volunteers

Written by Gary North on April 26, 2012

How can cities and counties cut costs? Turn over tasks to volunteers. This is happening all over the USA today.

This is what Alexis de Tocqueville said was basic to America in the 1830s. It’s coming back.

It will be possible soon to run the public schools mostly with volunteers and online academies like Khan Academy. The volunteers will keep an eye on students, who will teach themselves at their desks. The voluterrs will not have to be certified teachers.

The number of certified teachers required to tutor students will be minimal. The greatest teachers will be online and free. All the school districts will need are a few super teachers and volunteers to keep order.

The teachers union will scream. But in an era of tight budgets, their screams will do them no good.

The cities can and will cut spending. They have no choice. The pension fund obligations are killing them.

Then they will cut the pensions. They can declare bankruptcy to get out. But that means firing employees.

The trend is toward volunteering. It’s a very good trend.

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2 thoughts on “Trend: Replacing City Employees With Volunteers

  1. Yes, this is definitely a way toward limited government, that is for sure! So, does that mean property taxes will be reduced or even eliminated? I would sure hope so! I’ve been railing right along side your articles Dr. North, for quite some time about the obsolete school system. But, I don’t think you’re going far enough…the source of indoctrination is government requirements in the schools in the first place. We don’t need public schools, we need private schools or homeschools, and each could be online. When there is competition for performance, we’d have the best, brightest children we could teach. Of course, if it is not based in the Bible as the core, it won’t matter, but at least one could teach their children right!

    Will cities and counties actually adopt such volunteerism? DOUBTFUL!

    Instead, as is human nature, they will cling to their outmoded ways tooth and nail, until the most financially devastating damage can be done. Then “they” will claim to be our salvation.

  2. Bill McCroskey says:

    8 words why I think this isn't going to happen on a big enough scale to really make much difference:

    American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME)