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San Diego’s Schools Will Lay Off 1,600 Teachers and 1,000+ Employees

Written by Gary North on April 26, 2012

Upper middle class San Diego is in a budgetary crisis. The school district is slashing jobs.

The days of wine and roses for the teachers union are over.

When they cut public school funding, it is crisis time. That is the state religion of the United States.

The district is running a $122 million deficit out of a $1.1 billion budget.

Students, employees, and parents staged a rally. Apparently, they think a rally will produce $122 million.

Lost in the districtwide protests against the teacher layoffs that cover 20 percent of the elementary teaching force has been the hit to San Diego Unified’s early childhood education program that would lose state funding under California’s preliminary budget.

Of the district’s 185 state-funded prekindergarten teachers, 150 received pink slips. The program serves students from low-income San Diego families and helps prepare them for kindergarten by teaching language, social and physical skills, and identifying students with special needs. Some 385 nonteaching jobs at the child development centers have also been cut.

No more free day care! The horror!

The solution? Why, demand more money from a nearly bankrupt state government.

Superintendent Bill Kowba bemoaned Gov. Jerry Brown’s cuts to state preschool under his preliminary January budget. “Our push-back has got to be with the governor and with the Legislature,” Kowba told the audience Tuesday. “Preschool is where we start our young kids on the road to success in K through 12.”

Class size will rise.

Under the budget plan, student-teacher funding ratios would go from 24-1 to 31-1 in kindergarten through third grade in most elementary schools. Classes for older elementary students would go from 32 to 35 students.

Under the budget, up to 40 students would be enrolled in middle-school classes. High school classes would continue to climb well beyond that.

Wise parents will pull their kids out and homeschool them. They can buy the Robinson Curriculum for $200, once. They can use the Khan Academy for everything else.

San Diego is not Detroit. If San Diego has a budget crisis, New York and Illinois are not far behind. In Illinois, a P.E. teacher gets over $200,000 a year. Look at these pay scales.

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6 thoughts on “San Diego’s Schools Will Lay Off 1,600 Teachers and 1,000+ Employees

  1. I live here in San Diego. The payouts under the criminal public pension system earned us the moniker, ‘Sewer by the Sea.’

    Unfortunately, each spring we get these massive layoff notices (required under the union contract, I think) and each summer the vast majority of the notices are pulled.

    I hope this year is different, and that there is no summer respite.

  2. Amazing numbers on the link you gave. Yet teachers and the public always decry the horrible wages these folks get.

    I know a teacher in San Diego that makes $90k a year and feels cheated.

    Imagine how cheated he'll feel when he has to get an unsubsidized job.

  3. Gkloria Wedemeyer says:

    That is what is wrong with entitlements. You finally run out of other people's money to pay for them.

  4. Dan Kurt says:

    For math the home schooling family would be wise to find 2nd editions ( or even first edition ) Saxon Math books instead of using Kahn Academy videos alone. The old Saxon Math books use drill to teach math. I gave away the first edition ( algebra 3 books, advanced math, and calculus ) to my wife's cousin's son who at the time was a math teacher in high school . He was totally brainwashed by the educational school professors and the books are probably in a land fill some where as he dismissed them for being outmoded as they used drilling ( constant repetition of problems ) to reinforce math skills. He also gave up teaching a few years later because of unbearable "conditions" at his urban New England high school which probably means that the diversity and lack of discipline made teaching impossible.

    My own son who, now is a Ph.D. Mechanical Engineer rocket scientist and former professor, used the second edition Saxon Math to learn his basic math skills. They served him well in college.

    Use Saxon Math and supplement if needed with Kahn videos

  5. Looks like all those teachers Failed Math !!!

  6. They get what they deserve Money hungry and gready and dont teach are kids anything but how to put a condom on a banana Hope they all loose there jobs they are all worthless