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Rodney King Video: Why We Need Lots More Just Like It

Written by Gary North on April 26, 2012

Every day, smart phone technology spreads to new users. This is happening all over the world.

Every second, one hour of YouTube videos get uploaded. This is just getting started.

Smartphones have cameras. These cameras keep getting clearer.

Flashback: the Rodney King video. Clear enough.


On April 29, 1992, South Central Los Angeles (Watts) started rioting, because the police officers who were in that video were acquitted. They had been tried in a court outside of Los Angeles County. The jury was selected from residents in the upper-middle-class suburb of Simi Valley. Over 50 people died in those riots. The police should have been tried in Los Angeles. The bureaucrats made a major mistake.

That video and its aftermath were the symbolic events introducing a new era: home video resistance.

The phenomenon is spreading. Videos are being made of town hall meetings, much to the dismay of politicians. The voters who did not attend can see how well politicians handle themselves under pressure.

Politicians and bureaucrats have their words recorded. Any stupid statement is on YouTube within minutes. Smart phones let people upload the video in close to real time.

Dumb cops now get famous. Here is one overweight cop who is so dumb that he only noticed the person with the cell phone after he had beaten up a kid half his size. The kid’s crime? Nothing. Then the dolt told the person with the cell phone not to upload the video. Fat cop. Fat head. Fat chance.

Over six million people have seen the video.

What did the police department do to reprimand the officer? It gave him a paid vacation. This is called “suspended with pay.”

A police panel determined that he had not used excessive force.

The YouTube views kept increasing. The thing went mega-viral.

The police commissioner then fired him. In a statement issued by his office, we learn:

The Baltimore police department does not tolerate this kind of behavior on the part of its officers. Clearly, the officer displayed incompetence. He allowed a video of this beating to be recorded, If he had followed police guidelines, he would have confiscated the camera first, and then beaten the crap out of the snot-nosed little bastard.

No, don’t check with www.Snopes.com. This official statement is an urban legend. It merely encapsulates what the police department actually thought, which was why the original panel cleared him.

Women should keep a snub-nosed .357 in their purses to deal with rapists, and a smart phone to deal with cops.


In 1775-1781, the British lost North America because the technology of rifles had advanced to such a degree that prices were low enough for farmers to own. British troops carried short-range rifles with bayonets. Tactics were designed for open field encounters between massed troops. The battle was won in close encounters. American farmers could shoot at distances not encountered by Continental troops. “Stand and fight, you cowards,” they cried at Americans hidden behind tress a hundred yards away. In response, the Americans shot officers mounted on horseback. Then they ran if outnumbered or kept shooting if they weren’t.

The last battle between Americans and British was at New Orleans in 1815. Americans stood behind cotton bails and shot at the Brits. The Brits were slow learners, tactically speaking. Wiki reports:

From December 25, 1814 to January 26, 1815, British casualties during the Louisiana Campaign, apart from the assault on January 8, were 49 killed, 87 wounded and 4 missing. These losses, together with those incurred on December 23 and January 8, added up to 386 killed, 1,521 wounded and 552 missing for the whole campaign. General Jackson reported a grand total of 55 killed, 185 wounded and 93 missing for the entire siege, including December 23 and January 8.

Like the British Army’s senior commanders, 1775-1815, bureaucrats learn slowly. This works to our advantage.

Technology is democratic and price competitive. It enables little people to fight back.

The response of some Congressmen is to stop having town hall meetings. Others — the really slow-witted — send police into the crowd to confiscate cell phones. Here is one example.

When you think of bureaucrats in the era of smart phones, think “Wile E. Coyote.” Think “Acme.” Think “beep-beep.”


Government officials fear only three things: (1) bad publicity, (2) independent administrative panels, (3) budget cuts. Bad publicity can lead to the other two.

The worst kinds of bad publicity are these:


Easily understood


Widely distributed

A video is by far the most damaging. A video on YouTube can be extremely damaging.

To read the rest of my report, click the link.

Continue Reading on www.garynorth.com

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7 thoughts on “Rodney King Video: Why We Need Lots More Just Like It

  1. Certainly one of the most upsetting things about this video is the lack of respect that the child (sic) had for the police officer. Of course 'dude', 'man' are all curteous names to call those who put their lives on the line every day for us. Bet if someone was beating this child up he would be yelping for help, then say.. 'Thank, Dude'. Our society is lost if the teens are acting like this.

  2. Perhaps, but that cop had no right touching the kid & throwing him down, lack of respect or not. The bottom line is this entitled meathead decided that day was the day he was going to make a stand against all the little punks out there who don't respect him and his shorts & badge wearing brethren. Wrong move. Mr. North, as usual, is spot on. Tape everything. You'd think governments would encourage this behavior so as to point out ways they can provide better service, but instead, they close ranks and try to protect their fiefs. Wrong move.

  3. They are – we're lost

  4. Ignatius says:

    The father of the boy should visit the fat porker one night and beat the living daylights out of him. Wearing a ski mask, of course.

  5. Wharf RAt says:

    In his tirade the officer tells the kid to shut up and then berates him for not speaking, confiscates his skateboard, puts him in a chokehold and gets upset about being called “dude”. I do have to say, “Dude, ligthen up!” But then again if I was forced to wear a cheesy yellow uniform with shorts to show off my birdlegs and drive a smart car I might too have a short fuse! What was their crime? Skateboarding? Who was the injured party?

  6. Deepizzaguy says:

    The police officer gives police officers a bad name everywhere beating up kids for having fun and not harming anyone.

  7. This pertains to the very short clip of Rodney King. This author is doing exactly what the news media did back at that time. Only showing what the cops did to him. They refuse to show the part prior to this where Rodney King is throwing the police officer around like rag dolls because he was on PCP. This slanted reporting for sensationlism is what caused the riots and the unnecessary deaths. It is a shame that the news media refuses to print or show all the truth. But, then that would not be sensational.