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Hasta La Vista: Mexicans Head Back to Mexico.

Written by Gary North on April 25, 2012

Mexico is no longer a Third World nation. Its increasing urban prosperity is luring rural Mexicans into cities in Mexico rather than the United States. This is permanent.

“I think the massive boom in Mexican immigration is over and I don’t think it will ever return to the numbers we saw in the 1990s and 2000s,” said Douglas Massey, a professor of sociology and public affairs at Princeton University and co-director of the Mexican Migration Project, which has been gathering data on the subject for 30 years.

Meanwhile, twice as Mexicans are returning home than did a decade ago,  according to a report from the Pew Hispanic Center. The sign that they are not coming back is that half of them took their families. This includes 100,000 children born here, who are dual citizens. The great Mexican immigration is over.

Nearly 1.4 million Mexicans moved from the United States to Mexico between 2005 and 2010, double the number who did so a decade earlier. The number of Mexicans who moved to the United States during that period fell to less than half of the 3 million who came between 1995 and 2000. . . .

According to the report, the Mexican-born population, which had been increasing since 1970, peaked at 12.6 million in 2007 and has dropped to 12 million since then.

Birth rates of educated women fall. Everywhere.  This will reduce Mexican birth rates.

In 1960, a typical Mexican woman was expected to have more than seven children, but by 2009 that number had dropped to just over two — a decline that presages a sharp reduction in the number of young workers seeking to come to the United States.

This will have political implications. The Democrats will not be getting as many Latino votes as they had expected. Teddy Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson opened the borders with the 1965 immigration law. They did it deliberately, knowing the immigrants and their children would vote Democratic. They were right. But this change has limits. These limits will be smaller in 20 years than the Democrats had expected.

The U.S. economy is still in low growth mode. This has cut demand for uneducated laborers.

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41 thoughts on “Hasta La Vista: Mexicans Head Back to Mexico.

  1. icetrout says:

    Good Riddance!

  2. Looks like teh Mexicans are smart enough to know that, despite Obama's liberal attitude toward illegal immigration, he is going to bankrupt the U.S. A bankrupt county provides NO benefits to anybody, and usually has large mobs wandering the streets looking for someone to blame — especially if the government deliberately organizes these mobs, as leftwing governments do.

  3. delmar jackson says:

    The amount of Legal Immigration from Mexico has INCREASED, plus, the fastest growing group of illegals for several years has been Indians and Chinese overstaying their visas.
    and lets not forget the 125,000 Green cards that are given to foreign workers each MONTH to work here and take our jobs, plus the dozen or more mostly fraudulent worker visa proggrams.
    if this is not enough, watch this video

    why is USA importing Chinese to build our bridges and roads? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83pNM3Oy1As

  4. It will take a lot more than a left-wing Princeton sociology professor to convince me of this.

  5. You and I know this is all BULL, But some people will believe anything, But even a complete idiot can not buy this lie. But now there are thousands of people from all over the world coming in here legally, India, Fiji, Philipines and too many to mention. Look around it doesn't take a brain surgeon to see the increase numbers in teachers, Resthomes, hospitals and federal, and state jobs. get a grip, it all a lie. They are hiring all foriegners. So Stop the LIES!

  6. They are lucky. We cannot get out.

  7. The next immigration flood will be refugees– Mexicans illegally entering the US to escape the Drug cartels. There's a Civil War going on down there, as much as they deny it.

  8. sean murry says:

    Tell them to all go back to mexico.

  9. bullrider says:

    Will these dual citizens return to Mexico, live their lives, then return to the US for medical care and Social Security when they get old? There should be no such thing as dual citizenship. Either a country is good enough for you or it isn’t. Dual citizenship is a crock and we ought to say ‘no’ to the whole thing. You’re an American, or you’re not an American.

  10. bullrider says:

    …of course, if you’re NOT an American, we will give you everything you want and ask nothing in return other than voting Democrat when and if you can. If you are here legally we can threaten your Soc Security and diminish your other opportunities and finances while the illegal aliens get it all, better than our own retirees, having paid in not a dime to the system.

    Why is it the only people we can say ‘NO’ to are Americans? NO means the same thing in Spanish.

  11. billstanley1 says:

    Arizona’s E-Verify law started in 2008 and SB1070 passed in 2010. The illegal alien population in Arizona shrank to 360,000 last year, 200,000 fewer since 2008. http://www.newsandopinions.net

  12. Good news. I have no problem with legal immigration or else I would never had been born but when you have to sneak across a border under the cover of darkness or seclusive..illegally then you are a criminal the second you step foot in the United States. Go back to Mexico and either make your own country better or get in line with everyone else. You are helping to destroy our America and Obama does not need your help doing that. Send him back too.

  13. connie davis says:

    now all we have to do is send this illegal we have in our whitehouse back to kenya.

  14. Sounds like OWS.

  15. Awesome!

  16. Dean Palmer says:

    I am the government. Everything I say is a lie. "I am Lying".

    (If the shoe fits, wear it!)

  17. Is our ship sinking, if the rats are leaving it?

  18. Unfortunately I don’t know if illegals leaving is actually true. First how to they come up with data on people they know nothing about. No one has accurate figures because we haven’t indentified all the illegal aliens and the services they receive. We’ve only estimated and LA County Supervisor Michael Antonovich probably the only one in government in this country that has attempted to accumulate any accurate info. Antonovich has said, costs for anchor babies for just LA County, welfare programs, and not including schooling, has gone up since 2009. Yearly costs in 2009 were almost $1.6 billion and now higher in 2011. I think this is dishonest propaganda to take illegal immigration out of the election debate and even if true. Without securing the border and work place enforcement, as soon as our economy changes we face the exact same issues all over again. Businesses haven’t stopped loving the cheap illegal labor. Personally I don’t believe the claims as accurate.

  19. thestorm says:

    What a crock of BS. Go to Wall Mart on the weekend & tell me that they have reduced the number of children per family. Watch each woman with 3 children or more with her. Each child brings in about $1,000 a month of gov. benefits at our expense. At the end of the year they get minor children tax returns with their STOLEN S.S.NUMBERS.
    If they are returning to mexico,it is because they have brought our wages down so low that is no longer beneficial for them to stay here.

  20. thestorm says:


  21. websmith44 says:

    Mexicans immigrating has never been the problem. Mexicans invading has and that is what anyone coming here without asking is. It's an invasion. It's not illegal immigration.

  22. the 2nd two sentences are fro Star Trek . it is a double negative which means admitting to a lie is a lie or the truth.

  23. Finally, someone else with the truth.

  24. momsenior says:

    Maybe partly thanks to WalMart and their ability to 'convince' the Mexican authorities to allow them to open stores and put their citizens to work. I know some complained about this but I see Obama bribing heads of all those countries where he has sent over 6 trillion dollars including Kenya to hire all those foreigners instead of trying to create jobs here in our country. I say, let them all return home and stay there. Maybe we can get back to teaching our children the way we used to.

  25. Does this mean ALL criminal aliens ( formerly known as ILLEGAL or undocumented aliens) coming north are here illegally and will be prosecuted and deported.

  26. Junk Bin says:

    Not that Illegal Aliens have trashed the US and turned it into a mirror of the cesspool they left, they pack up and go back because the game of freebies is over.

  27. I doubt this information. Only reason many are leaving at all now is because the economy sucks and Illegals see we are getting serious about this crap. If Obama wins they will all come back in droves because BO will give them Amnesty so they will vote Democrat. Mexico not a 3rd. world country all of a sudden, you kidding me. Well Adios to all you Illegals that have bled us dry for decades.

  28. Well as far as ruining this country, very well said, but as for their freebies being over you are very delusional it has not stopped nor slowed down one bit. They have more rights, more people, or better yet, organization fighting for them than any US citizen ever had for anything, EVER!

  29. Deepizzaguy says:

    My late mom would be smiling from ear to ear they took her advice and went home to their homeland.

  30. Just like parasites, when they kill the host they move on. I say deport the rest of the 11 million illegals NOW!!! Start with MY street in which they are the majority.

  31. Man…I wish we could do that here in Calfornia……or should I say "Mexifornia"…..PHEH!! heh.

  32. I still also think that this anchor baby situation should cease. I read somewhere that there was case law going back 200 years that in order to be a natural born citizen your parents also had to be citizens. I do know that the US does not recognize dual citizenship either, even tho other countries do. I say deport the anchor babies along with their illegal alien parents. No free money either to anchor babies for college, which our stoopid governor just passed,etc. Now California anchor baby kids get to go to UCLA or the school of their choice free while citizens get little to no help.

  33. So….just being born on American soil isn't enough, otherwise all children of ambassadors from other countries would be considered Amercian citizens…which isn't the case,etc.

  34. Yeah but what about the 30 million that were given amnesty from the mid '80's and all thru the '90's? The fact that some illegals are returning to Mexico is absolutely no consolation.

  35. Thank God. Send them all to Mexico.

  36. I just hope Obama doesn't decide to send their "benefits" to them in the mail!!!!

  37. LiveFreeOrDie says:

    What a crock! Mexico is certainly not a 3rd world country- it is a 4th world- a world where drug cartels are in the process of taking over the government. Obviously our Government is complicit in this since changes in our drug laws could cut the legs off the cartels.

    Unless this BHO & his pals are out in November in 20 years the USA will resemble Mexico and only GOD can help us.

  38. I think they continued coming to Washington (state) for the agricultural businesses; we have WAY more than our share :-/

  39. " 3 children or more with her. " That's a low estimate. And you forgot to mention she's bulging, ready to pop out another 2 or 3….

  40. wouldn't THAT be nice?

  41. tis made-up info to make us think it's getting better, and therefore feel good, not push for their deportation so much.