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Liberal Death Watch: TV Viewers Are Bailing Out. Big time.

Written by Gary North on April 24, 2012

Oh, how terrible. Networks are losing viewers.

This is reported by the New York Times, which is losing subscribers.

It’s all across the boards: networks, cable, pay TV, English, Spanish — the entire medium.

Young adults are bailing.

They’ve got YouTube. They’ve got video games. They’ve got music — lots of it downloaded illegally.

It’s panic time in media-land.

NBC has lost 3% in the 18-29 range.  CBS lost 8%. ABC lost a staggering 20%. That’s in the first four TV weeks. The bloodletting has only just begun.

They’re dying, folks. They’ve got those FCC monopoly licenses, bit it does them no good.

The declines have not discriminated. The bad news has been the same for hits, like ABC’s “Modern Family,” which had its lowest rating for the season (4.0 or about 5.2 million viewers) and less popular shows, like NBC’s “Community,” which descended to 1.3 (about 1.7 million viewers). Several other shows, like “Glee” and “Touch” on Fox, and “Missing” and “Suburgatory” on ABC, all hit their lowest ratings ever last week.

Advertisers start buying ads for this fall now. They will negotiate lower rates.

Cable TV is down 2%

Networks save costs by showing repeats early. Viewers turn off their TVs.

The watch on DVRs. They skip the ads. Advertising revenue will fall.

Mr. Gaspin said that this year he and his 13-year-old son decided to try out the AMC series “The Walking Dead.” Hooked by the first two episodes, they set aside an hour at 9 each night to watch the first two years, hour by hour, which Mr. Gaspin had collected through every means available — some episodes from Netflix, some from iTunes, some recorded on the family DVR.

“We learned a new behavior,” Mr. Gaspin said. Finally they caught up to this season’s finale.

“We watched that live,” he said. “It was not nearly as good. The commercials broke the tension. We had watched the other episodes with blankets over our heads. I hate to say this to the AMC executives and everybody else in the business, but I will never watch ‘Walking Dead’ live again.”

That is what I do, too.

The radio/TV revenue model developed in the 1930s is dying. There is nothing to replace it.

The networks are doomed.

Is your heart broken?

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17 thoughts on “Liberal Death Watch: TV Viewers Are Bailing Out. Big time.

  1. Our household hasn't watched main stream TV for at least a year. I even gave up my once a week "The Office" which, in the past, I never would miss. All shows are just so raunchy, and the comedies aren't even funny. We discovered "ME TV" and enjoy that as much as anything. If not TV for entertainment, there are always the old reliable books.

  2. Cliffystones says:

    The only show I've watched live in recent years is "Castle". But ABC is screwing that up by constantly pre-empting it or showing old episodes instead of new during the season.

  3. sean murry says:

    For these kids today it is video games when i was younger we had only three tv stations that was the good ole days didnt have rauchy tv shows.

  4. Its hard now a days to stay involved in a show when the season ends in may and doesn’t start again until Dec or Jan and then the keep running repeats in that short time span and to top it off a lot of the shows try to shove the left’s agenda down our throat we need more shows with family values and less reruns if they won’t respect us we will tune into new things

  5. The lack of morals in current media programs, the pushing of the left wing liberal agenda, letting a child watch what is on television today….and this INCLUDES the cartoons/children's shows……should be down right child abuse. Garbage in, garbage comes out. Protect your children, spend time with them. Teach them your own morals and beliefs. Don't leave it up to the media with their "forms of entertainment" and "educational left wing doctrinization" of our future generations.

  6. The problem with the networks is that they target minority audiences-blacks,hispanics,gays etc..Therefore they are losing ground with majority audiences-especially men.Political correctness has gotten old really fast.People who dont believe in homosexual behavior will not watch shows involving gay characters and the days of having strong male leads in drama series became obsolete in the 90's.The only network show I watch is Survivor, however, from 5pm to 8 pm I never miss Rawhide and Gunsmoke on the Encore western channel.

  7. Storm brought down my antenna about a year ago. Meant to get a new one, but never did. Now I"m out of the habit, and not likely to pick it up again.

  8. The Equalizer says:

    I disconnected my satellite dish and TV in June 2010 when the digital/analog conversion became complete. Why pay over $100/month for garbage? Network broadcasting is even worse (yikes!) and quit watching it when "The Drew Carey Show" went off the air 10 – 12 years ago.
    I get all the video I need from YouTube. Long Live YouTube!

    "Watching TV is a waste of Time that Contaminates the Mind" JND (copyright claimed)

  9. harbinger says:

    Let's see, we got msnbc, or just NBC if you prefer, then CNN which many think it stands for Communism Not Nationalism, then FOX with its Fair and Balanced BS, and yes, Unaffraid, not of the viewers that's for sure but not of Big Brother. The rest you can take them or leave them. How many of us learned from main string media that Gadafi was rape "sexually" before he was shot; how many believed the story of the Chinook helicopter that killed all of the Seals Group 6 team aboard-they said it was malfunction. These Seals knew that the other Seals hadn't killed Osama but an actor or double, if they killed anyone at all. If you search You Tube you'll find military officials stating Osama had been killed in an air raid circa 2003. Obama is going to need all the votes from Osama haters.

  10. The New York Times, should report on the customers they are losing every day, due to their biased commentators.,I wonder if they pay Paul Krugman a salary, because if they are , they are getting ripped off. I don't think I've read anything, that he writes, that I don't say to myself — He is such a big A##H##e. His column is in my local paper, and I am thinking of cancelling.because just to see his name is irritating. If he told the truth now and then it would be refreshing, but I guess he can't handle that., it's a talent he lacks.

  11. Here's one to wrap your heads around–I quit watching TV in the '70's when I went to college to get a second degree. There was just too much else to do, and I never got the habit back. 30 years of TV-free living has basically made me a third-culture person (as has several years spent overseas in some places that has the Customs and Immigration scrutinizing our passports). It's really amazing what US culture looks like from here. I mean, inside my head. Like the old joke, "why did the chicken cross the road?–to show the possums it could be done", I've crossed that road to show the American couch-potato possums it could be done. Try it.

  12. This doesn't surprise me. We haven't watched much network/cable or satilite tv in over 10 years. We don't have regular TV reception, can't get cable and won't get Satellite. We have never watched an episode of Idol, dancing with the stars or anything like that. We buy dvd's that interest us (usually older series and current movies) and we do lots of things on the computer/internet. But for the last 6 weeks I've been out of town for a job. AND THERE IS ABSOLUTLY NOTHING on that I want to watch. I usually end up watching the food network, the military and Syfy channels because there is nothing but garbage on the rest of the channels and after years of not having to watch commercials, they are driving me crazy. I was so glad when I got a DVD player so I could watch things that I like and I don't have to be tortured with inane and stupid commercials.

  13. I feel the same way the commercials take up more time then the movie I get sick of waiting for them to get over so I can watch the movie and I will not watch news anymore they are a bunch of liers and I got sick of Fox telling us how great Mit is and how he is going to be are next president and all the Rinos they have on there show and the libs that want to tell us how many jobs Ovnit has given us and what good job he has done I am sick of hereing this crap

  14. An alternative media sprang up because the corporate owned media us older 50+-year-old folk have known all our lives has failed to be a watchdog for government corruption anymore. The big networks and print media are just shills and propagandists for big government nowadays.

    It's all tabloidism and salacious celebrity gossip in the mainstream news now. Like I care if Lindsey Lohan is back in rehab???!!!!! When they flog this trivial fluff all the time they lose discerning listeners and viewers. My local daily rag is practically giving away subscriptions because nobody believes anything they print anymore.

  15. I haven't watched any TV in about 15 years but I have extensively listened to
    talk radio here in NYC, mostly WOR Radio….
    I am amazed at the advertising change over the last 20 years…
    The commercials were incessant untill about 2005…Now there are almost no commercials…
    Its about 75% public service announcements…I do not know how this radio station survives…
    The quality of the shows and hosts are garbage compared to 20 years ago…
    (The new afternoon drive host is David Patterson…An Al Sharpton in sheep's clothing…)
    They have repeated a few of the public service announcements so many thousands of times I
    have them memorized…..

  16. Dorothy says:

    Reading these comments give me HOPE!
    It's what Abe Lincoln said, You can fool some of the people all the time, and all the people some of the time, but you can;t fool everyone all the time..Obama needs to take his wife and family and get off the Stage…and take his Leftist media with him…they are all failures…and We The People are speaking out!

  17. Fortunately, the NYT will go down as an asterisk in media history. They are just hanging on because they have an old standard name, but they have long since dropped following mainstream American values and lifestyle. They are an anachronism, and they could have been a strong voice and had an even greater readership had they actually did the greater good, rather than fostering the perverts of Greenwich Village. Krugman is just one such oddball, a liberal Jew who detests America and would rather we become a Marxist state. There are many more like him, queer anarchists, anti-Americans, anti-Christian with elitist leftist panderings and diatribes.