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Stupid Christian Parents: $52,000 a Year to Have Your Child Discrimated Against

Written by Gary North on April 23, 2012

Christian parents shell out over $50,000 a year to get their children ground up by secular humanists. The ones whose kids are at “Vandy” are especially stupid. Stupid doesn”t begin to describe it.

 Vanderbilt University has informed a small Christian student organization that it will no longer be recognized as a student group because it requires its members to have a personal commitment to Jesus Christ, according to email correspondence provided to Fox News.

“It just shows how radical the Vanderbilt administration has become in enforcing a policy that is nonsense,” said Kim Colby, senior counsel for the Christian Legal Society’s Center for Law and Religious Freedom. “A lot of jaws dropped when we saw how far the Vanderbilt administration was taking this.”

All the kids want to do is pray.

They should pray for their parents, who are brain-dead.

These parents ought to buy this bumper sticker: I pay $52,000 a year to send my kid to hell.

According to email correspondence from the university, the group’s constitution was not approved because the university took issue with a requirement that leaders have a “personal commitment to Jesus Christ.”

“Please change the following statement in your constitution,” a university official wrote to the group.

The writer adds this: “Ironically, Vanderbilt University was founded as a Methodist institution established for the purpose of practicing – among other things – theology.” There is nothing ironic about it. The Methodists’ bishops went liberal by 1890. Maybe the hierarchy is not as liberal as the Episcopalians, but it’s close.

University Provost Richard McCarty told The Tennessean that their policy “is about rejecting discrimination and not about restricting religious freedom.”

Dr. McCarty is now eligible for the George Orwell Doublespeak Award for 2012. He surely is the front-runner.

Want to read more? There’s lots more.

Get your barf bag and click the link.

When you’re finished reading that, click this.

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29 thoughts on “Stupid Christian Parents: $52,000 a Year to Have Your Child Discrimated Against

  1. Would not want one of my kids going to Vandersleeze with their new administration anyway.

  2. well the parents are very STUPID to send their kids to any school that stops them to practice their RELIGIOUS RIGHTS NO SCHOOL OR WORK PLACE OR ANY OTHER PLACE IN THIS COUNTRY, HAS THE RIGHT TO STOP ANYONE WHO WANTS TO PRAY, if you are a muslim i bet nothing would be said. time to say enough is enough SEND your kids to SCHOOL THAT RESPECT OUR CONSTITUTION WE NEED TO STAND UP FOR OUR RIGHTS THAT THIS gov. is trying to take away, quit giving your money to those who are trying to distroy your RIGHTS AND LIFE, MUCH LESS WHAT THEY ARE TRYING TO DO TO YOR KIDS…..

  3. Victor Barney says:

    Most tell me I'm wrong, but what else can you expect in a "Republic" where at least 70% of it's population is made up of "gatherer's"i.e. people that just live to be given things by others? Especially when that Republic really is ISRAEL and they don't even know it! It's as simple as biology folks! And, we have not seen anything yet! In the HEBREW INSPIRED SCRIPTURES it's called "Jacob's(Yahaqob's) trouble, lasting 3 1/2 years ONCE the two-witnesses begin to witness against u.s, which I predict will be September 16, 2012 on the Israelite Annual Feast of Trumpets(WAR)—Watch! p.s. Did you out there EVEN KNOW that MARXISM, which DENIES even the EXISTANCE of a SET-APART SPIRITUAL WORLD is the ONLY SIN that can NEVER be forgiven, either in this world or the next? Just saying…

  4. Taquoshi says:

    Ironically, what this is actually doing is pushing the organization underground. With email and Facebook, the word can get out without having posters strewn around campus and there may be a library or another public facility willing to allow the group to meet in one of their rooms. Check local supermarkets. They often have community rooms, along with police departments and even local churches. The University has no say there.

    While it may be nice to have the University's approval, it's not necessary – and it says a great deal about the University. Today it's the Christians, will it also extend to the other religious groups? Ah, yes, tolerance. Ain't it grand?

  5. "Constitutionalists insist the United States government is a republic, not a democracy, but they never stop to consider that the two are virtually the same regarding sovereignty.

    "Christian Constitutionalists further insist republics are Biblical. However, because republics (like democracies) rely upon the majority vote of the people for the selection of their leaders, rather than upon Yahweh’s choice (as per Deuteronomy 17:15), republics are not anymore Biblical than are democracies. Both democracies and republics culminate in a government of, by, and for the people rather than a government of, by, and for Yahweh. The same is true with other issues voted upon by the people: ultimately the majority’s will is exalted over the Yahweh’s will.

    "As demonstrated in Chapter 3, both republican and Christian governments are ultimately theocracies. As a result, they are incompatible and hostile to each other. A republic looks to the people as its sovereign; a Christian theocracy looks to Yahweh. The very definition of a sovereign, or supreme ruler, excludes simultaneous sovereigns."

    Excerpted from Chapter 7 "Article 4: Republic vs. Theocracy" of "Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective" at http://www.missiontoisrael.org/biblelaw-constitut….

  6. sean murry says:

    Today college is a scam there is no work for the kids.

  7. Victor Barney says:

    I agree with everything that you said. However, we were suppose to be under our CREATOR, not GOVERNMENT. Just saying…

  8. EHeassler, USN-Ret. says:

    Vanderbilt's decision is the equivalent of jailing law abiding citizens "for their own protection" to protect them from the armed criminals that roam our streets with impunity. The inmates are running the asylum. Any parent that cares about religious freedom and has a son/daughter attending Vandy, should insist that they go to school elsewhere. This kind of behaviour by the university should not be rewarded.

  9. I don't know about the other women that read posts at this blog, but I'm getting really annoyed at the increase in rude comments about women ("gatherers") and making assumptions about their voting habits and their living conditions.

  10. Victor, I agree. Check out "Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective" at http://www.missiontoisrael.org/blvc-index.php. I think you will pleasantly surprised at what you find.

  11. This is very timely. I have a child nearing college age who has his sights set on Vandy (among others). I will use this to dissuade him. College is one of the few places where cost has no relation whatsoever to the rate of inflation. The cost is rising exponentially and we know why: the obscene salaries/perks/benefits of these secular humanists who defend intolerance and bigotry as "enlightenment" and "open-mindedness". Hell no.

  12. Victor Barney says:

    Ted R. Weiland I'm currently reading the information sent me. I also think that I have information that you also would enjoy. I'm talking about a Physics Teacher from Arkansas. He has found the ONLY TRUE CALENDER of YAHWEH and ONE CAN NOT KEEP "THE SABBATHS COVENANT" without it! Everything that Elder Gary Miller SAYS, DOES, and WRITES is ONLY DEDUCTIVELY PROVEN FACTS written in the Hebrew INSPIRED SCRIPTURES, as commanded in 2 Peter 1:20! REMEMBER: IT ALSO IS WRITTEN THAT ELIYAH(ELIJAH) MUST COME FIRST! ELDER GARY MILLER IS THAT ELIYAH BECAUSE HE HAS DEDUCTIVELY PROVEN EVERYTHING THAT HE HAS EVER DONE, JUST AS COMMANDED BY OUR HIGH PRIEST AND SAVIOR, YAHSHUA, meaning in Hebrew that "Yahweh means salvation!" Check out web site: info@icyahweh.org; or mail: P.O. Box 208, Pocahontas, AR 72455

  13. PatriotDiva says:

    Your son may want to check out Hillsdale in Michigan or Liberty University which I believe is in Virginia. They may offer a more christian friendly atmosphere.

  14. Thanks for the leads. I think a lot of families are swayed by what I would call collegiate peer pressure: when ALL your kid's classmates are headed to these overpriced indoctrination centers, and ALL your acquaintances are gung-ho about the idea of college because THEY went back in the 70's and 80's, some families dread the "stigma" of not joining the lemming-like march to "higher" education. They fear their offspring will be looked down on as not-so-bright. When the fact is that for a great many of the great overachievers in society, they didn't even go to college. College today is all about preserving and institutionalizing mediocrity and unoriginality.

  15. I didn't realize Vanderbilt was run by communists now…..too bad……..

  16. eRIK oSBUN says:

    Boycott Vanderbilt, the violators of the First Amendment. Go to a better school that costs less.

  17. PatriotDiva says:

    You are very welcome. I hope he finds a place where his beliefs are not ridiculed or marginalized. Every word of what you said is sadly true. We must never give up the fight to have the truth spoken.

  18. I've got the answer! The Christians need to bombard all of the other organizations that require their members to adhere to their beliefs with membership and leadership applications. Then, when the campus gay groups refuse membership and leadership to Bible believeing Christians the Christians can register formal complaints of descrimination. Then, either the university has to force all the groups to comply with those outrageous rules or go back to how it should be. The only reason a non- christian would complain about not being eligable for membership or leadership in a Christian organization would be because they were purposely trying to cause trouble. Or they really are just stupid and proving that a university education really isn't something to write home about. Yet another reason I'm inclined to lean towards home education THROUGH college!

  19. Evil knows no bounds.

  20. Oh for goodness sake JoJo, gatherers is not a feminist word. Humanity was classified as either hunters or gatherers. Many tribes were classified as gatherersl because they lived off the land. In case you missed it, women were hunters too.

  21. Al from Fl says:

    According to the Vanderbilt creed, they need to stop discriminating and allow an idiot to become president of the university. On the other hand, maybe that already have one.

  22. Victor, we part ways when it comes to Mr. Miller being Eliyah. The Scriptures are crystal clear that John the Baptist was the Eliyah the parousia of Christ at the destruction of Jerusalem and specifically the Old Covenant temple, bring the Old Covenant age to an end.

  23. Victor Barney says:


  24. The PowerHour With Joyce Riley.

  25. We need to get the governments, at all levels, out of education. Vote against public education. Vouchers only.

  26. Some people just think their children are impervious to secularism, deception, and perverted peer pressure. They are just "too busy" to really pay attention to what their children are "learning" and being exposed to. Even Christian children are suseptable to evil, but their parents seem to ignore the fact. This is an abomination, not to mention an enormous waste of money.

  27. madmemere says:

    These Christian youth simply need to move their meetings "off campus" – -then, the university will have NO control and NO say regarding the group, nor their charters. Problem solved.

  28. wspires45 says:

    I guess my group would automatically be a non-approved one with the name of " conservatives devoted to get the communist bastard obama impeached.

  29. "They should pray for their parents, who are brain-dead. These parents ought to buy this bumper sticker: I pay $52,000 a year to send my kid to hell." This is too funny! I'm laughing out loud at this!