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Obama’s New Problem: The Left Is Finally Complaining

Written by Gary North on April 23, 2012

Salon, which is on the left, has published a detailed attack on Obama’ civil rights policies. It correctly points out that his administration is enforcing and extending the worst aspects of Bush’s administration.

It befins with a look back at 2008. He was elected as the civil right’s movement’s “great hope.”

Obama, a former constitutional law professor, pledged to shutter the military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and run a transparent and open government. But he has become a civil libertarian’s nightmare: a supposedly liberal president who instead has expanded and fortified many of the Bush administration’s worst policies, lending bipartisan support for a more intrusive and authoritarian federal government.

The author gores over the history of the Patriot Act. But he begins it with 9-11. In fact, it was in the hopper under Clinton. He just could not get it passed, so he did not push it.

Bush quickly expanded covert operations, creating a shadow arrest, interrogation and detention system based at Guantanamo that violated international law and evaded domestic oversight. While the Supreme Court eventually ruled that detainees have some rights, the precedent that the Constitution does not restrict how a president conducts an endless war against a stateless enemy was firmly planted. In response, groups like the American Civil Liberties Union proposed reforms the newly elected president could make. What few anticipated was how he would embrace, expand and institutionalize many of Bush’s war on terror excesses.

Got that? “Terror excesses.” Indeed!

It gets worse.

President Obama now has power that Bush never had. Foremost is he can (and has) ordered the killing of U.S. citizens abroad who are deemed terrorists. Like Bush, he has asked the Justice Department to draft secret memos authorizing his actions without going before a federal court or disclosing them. Obama has continued indefinite detentions at Gitmo, but also brought the policy ashore by signing the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012, which authorizes the military to arrest and indefinitely detain anyone suspected of assisting terrorists, even citizens. That policy, codifying how the Bush administration treated Jose Padilla, a citizen who was arrested in a bomb plot after landing at a Chicago airport in 2002 and was transferred from civil to military custody, upends the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878’s ban on domestic military deployment.

Libertarians on the Right have been screaming about this for over three years. Now the Left is finally catching on.

One of Bush’s biggest civil liberties breaches, spying on virtually all Americans via their telecommunications starting in 2003, also has been expanded. Congress authorized the effort in 2006. Two years later, it granted legal immunity to the telecom firms helping Bush — a bill Obama voted for.

Obama is at war against whistle-blowers.

The government’s endless wartime footing is also seen in its war on whistle-blowers. Obama has continued cases brought by Bush, such as going after the “leaker” in the warrantless wiretapping story broken by the New York Times in 2005, as well as the WikiLeaks case, prosecution of Bradley Manning, and others for allegedly mishandling classified materials related to the war on terrorism. Its suppression of war-related information given to journalists extends overseas, where the State Department this month has blocked a visa for a Pakistani critic from speaking in the U.S. The White House also recently pressured Yemen’s leader to jail the reporter who exposed U.S. drone strikes. Meanwhile, the administration has stonewalled Freedom of Information Act requests, particularly the Justice Department, which has issued the secret wartime memos.

How bad is it? Anthony Romero, the ACLU executive director, exclaimed in June 2010 that Obama “disgusted” him. Meanwhile, the most hawkish Bush administration officials have defended and praised Obama.

This is a long article. It goes for the jugular. Let’s hope it gets lots of readers. Let’s hope it gets imitators.

To read all of it, click the link.

Continue Reading on www.salon.com

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9 thoughts on “Obama’s New Problem: The Left Is Finally Complaining

  1. sean murry says:

    That sob was no law professor.

  2. I recall that 1920's comedian, and lawyer, W.C. Fields was caught reading the Bible, while lying on what was his possibly deathbed. He replied that he was looking for loopholes.
    Obama was a "constitutional law professor". Looking for loopholes?

  3. LOL geez, the liberal lemmings feel like they were lied to by Obama. Big surprise. Wait until they finally figure out what his and the rest of the NWO has in mind for us.

  4. The left's god is government. Now they are finding out what their misplaced worship has brought. The only way to control government, any government is starving the beast. The left foolishly think that giving the government money will bring about good. We need a small government limited to the confines of the constitution. Obama has ignored the constitution with impunity. You would think that Code Pink and the others would be frothing at the mouth over his extralegal acts in Libya, where are those pot smoking old hags?

  5. DoctorBob says:

    Let's set aside this phony title of "Law Professor." He was a guest lecturer ONCE, and was never a "Law Professor." The title of "Law Professor" is just one more example of the massive fraud that is Obama.

  6. DEFEATOBAMAIN2012 says:

    He was no professor he was a lecturer, someone was told at the college to give him a job,
    any job, a affirmative action quota hire. And obviously he wasn't even good at that. LOL

  7. madmemere says:

    Just a "minor correction"- -obama-soetoro was NEVER a "law professor", merely an instructor, or lecturer. If you are to judge by his very own actions, he "never" bothered to study the Constitution. Calling him a "law professor, is just as erroneous as calling him a "US citizen" – -he's NOT!

  8. If the lefties are complaining, it's because the Kenyan is not far left enough for them. The Alinsky radicals have infiltrated every libtard organization in the country, including the former (now Progressive) Democrap Party.

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