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Move-a-Bush: $205,000

Written by Gary North on April 20, 2012

You’re in the wrong business. You could be living in California, cashing in on the following.

A plant that you can buy for $16 is listed by the California bureaucracy as being extinct. This created a problem for a highway construction project that was blocked by one of these extinct plants. It had to be moved. Safely.

It was a joint effort among the California Department of Transportation, the National Park Service, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and the California Department of Fish and Game.

Getting representatives together, the committee decided to moce the plant to the Presidio in San Francisco.

But they could not impose costs on the Presidio. So, they gave the Presidio about $80,000 to water it for the next ten years.

Then it had to be moved. That cost another $100,000.

Then there are reporting requirements. You know: paperwork. Digital, of course. Cost: $25,000. That was funded by Caltrans.

Three botanical gardens got $5,000 each to care for it.

Now it may go national. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has proposed naming it to endangered species list.

You think we don’t live in la-la land?

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4 thoughts on “Move-a-Bush: $205,000

  1. Have we got the Guts to change or do we like this H——–t!

  2. your reporting sucks…….you could take the time to find out WHAT this plant is, how can people make noise about something when they know nothing???????

  3. Cher, check the link that Gary provided. It's called the Franciscan Manzanita. You can then google it and find out as much about it as you want. Gary is only providing commentary on things already in the news. Sort of like Paul Harvey. He's not doing investigative journalism. You should do your own legwork.

  4. madmemere says:

    Another "stupid stunt" thought up by pissy pants (the botox queen) and the boxer boob! Looking at a photo of "Franciscan manzanita" I wouldn't even pay $6 for it, never mind $16 And I do like plants!