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Eight-Year Sentence.Crime? Buying Sudafed. You Could Be Next.

Written by Gary North on April 20, 2012

So, you think we live in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Think again.

his 45-year-old grandmother bought Sudafed to use in scuba-diving. Big mistake. She went to jail.

Hard to believe? Read this.

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Before the sun set on July 29, 2010, Diane Avera was in the Marengo County Jail, where she would remain for forty days. At one point she was shackled to a restraint chair for 17 hours. During that time she was denied water or access to a bathroom. She also developed edema in her feet. Edema-related blood clots have been identified as the cause of death for several of the inmates who have perished while chained to  the

Using the threat of kidnapping Avera’s grandchildren, Soronen extorted from the terrified woman a confession that she had knowingly purchased Sudafed for the purpose of manufacturing crystal methamphetamine. After more than a month in a government cage, Avera was released from jail on $51,000 bail.

Marengo County DA Greg Griggers offered Mrs. Avera his standard plea bargain: Five years of probation if she agreed not to defend herself in court. If she turned down that deal, however, Griggers promised, “I will send you to prison.”

If Avera had been a meth dealer, she almost certainly would have accepted Griggers’ offer. As an innocent woman whose unwitting violation of an obscure technical statute had injured nobody, Avera contested the charge.

During Avera’s three-day trial, Judge Eddie Hardaway gave Griggers generous latitude to make entirely unsubstantiated claims, among them that Diane had confessed that she and her daughter had been using meth for at least two years. He also insisted that Avera had somehow “diluted” drug tests she had undergone after being bailed out of jail – a charge that was refuted by the clinicians who had examined the samples.

Avera was found guilty of conspiracy to manufacture crystal meth and sentenced to a year in prison with an additional seven years of probation. . . .

“This has cleaned out my retirement savings, and [her husband] Keith’s as well,” Diane Avera told Pro Libertate. “We can’t get any answers as to when the appeal hearing will be held, because nobody in Marengo County seems interested in filing the paperwork. So right now, all we can do is wait with our lives on hold, and with this thing hanging over my head.”

Prior to her arrest in July 2010, Diane had no criminal record, and no history of drug abuse or addiction of any kind. . . .

During the five weeks she spent in Marengo County Jail, Diane was denied the rudimentary decencies of a human existence. Blankets and sheets were withheld from her, leaving her to freeze on a bare metal bunk. For an entire week, she and the other inmates were deprived of utensils and forced to eat with their fingers. Each inmate was given a single set of clothes.

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These are only the highlights. To see what could happen to you, click the link.

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38 thoughts on “Eight-Year Sentence.Crime? Buying Sudafed. You Could Be Next.

  1. ypical ofour Democrat version of law enforcement. Guilty till your proven inocent. They canruin lives, but don't dare talk back to them. These people need to go. If we do not change our leadership, in both parties, hello Nazi Germany, re-make for America.

  2. Do we have enough Guts to change or is it tooo late??

  3. goldendragon2012 says:

    "To see what would happen to you…"
    Why wait? Get out of jail (the U.S.) now! (While you still can)

  4. This is the reason citizens should have guns.

  5. sean murry says:

    Tycial ib judges our system has broken down.

  6. I must say, it is hard to believe! Who would have reported that she bought it. It's an over-the-counter and all I can think of is they had a "plant" in the place watching what everyone bought. She probably wouldn't even know how meth is made; I surely don't.
    Anyway, if it is true, I am praying for exoneration.

  7. Anyone living in Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisana face this type of intimadation from law officials daily. Having lived in all these states, I fully believe that the law enforcement agents are concerned more with capture of the unwary than the actual perp in most cases. The refusal of evidence in the trial is typical. Judges are lazy, law enforcement is corrupt, and the jails could be declared disaster areas. The rediculous laws surrounding cold medication is an imposition on people, and the requirements that cold meds be by prescription is rediculous. Why see a physician and pay for the office visit that does nothing more than increase his income to self treat a common cold or allergy symptoms? Must we revert to folk medicine to avoid entrapment by the law?

  8. Cni2doggy says:

    Same thing pretty much happened to me. My 15 year old step son (at the time) called the police from a locked bathroom. I insulted the officers and they tased me. I forgave my step son, but I'll never forget the abuse and outright lies from the police and DA. I am a mechanical engineer and I'd never been in trouble with the law. While my step son was still proud of his wreckless behavior, he said "there's no telling what he would do." The DA added 2 more charges based on this false (breaking God's 9th commandment) witness. The added charges made it so I couldn't even return home. My attorney said that the DA did that to insure a plea deal

  9. Cni2doggy says:

    Hey golp, I got in line behind one person thinking we'd be out of WalMart in no time. The person swiped his card, took a handful of cash, and made at least 10 transactions, one at a time, with the cash and change, requesting a receipt each itme. I got close enough to verify my suspiion. I asked the check out girl if she knew what he was buying and she just shrugged her sholders. My conclusion is that these stupid laws only inconvienience the law abiding, or in Diane's case, cause undue SUFFERING to the law abiding.

  10. I love how the first comment uses the word "democrat" as if this raping of the people is anything but a bipartisan effort. Wake up. This is a default feature of governments red or blue. Marengo County voted for W in '04 narrowly and O in '08, again narrowly. 68% are Southern Baptists. See http://www.city-data.com/county/Marengo_County-AL… and look at the facts.

  11. jrridpath says:

    Never, ever, ever let them force you to confess to anything. Where was her lawyer? If she couldn't afford one – where was the court appointed? This a–hole DA ( and they are all a–holes) couldn't possibly get by with the grandchildren threat with a lawyer there. If I spent any time at all in jail because of an a–hole DA like this one and I was so obviously innocent – I would spend as much time and thought as it would take to get even.

  12. This indicates an out of control prosecuter (persecuter) and a runaway judge. They seem to have a tag team thing going on. I hear stories about out of control "justice" here in my county in TX. It is enought to make sure one stays out of trouble or get a good lawyer if one can be afforded. Also watch out for local attorneys that are more interested in not rocking the boat than providing a vigorous defense.

    Anyway this is treatment is inhumane. The government is not allowed to treat proven terrorists this way and get away with it, so why can citizens be treated this way. When justice can not be found in court, than it must be found outside the court, if you catch my drift. Otherwise there is nothing to keep the legal system legal. When the govenment fears the people there is liberty, when the people fear the government there is tyranny.

  13. Wow! This sounds like something which might have happened in Russia or a mid-eastern country…..where was the evidence? Lots of people use Sudafed as a decongestant…I used it for years when I lived in Alaska due to sinus problems. Something is wrong with this story…………

  14. The War On (some) Drugs is all about…wait for it…money. Think. Since 1980, our prison population has more than quadrupled, in a population that has risen maybe10-15%. So most of that 300% increase is drug-related crimes. How much does it cost to provide space for, feed, clothe, guard, etc., etc., etc., all these extra prisoners? How large of an infrastructure has been created over the past 30 years to accommodate all this? How many mortgage payments, grocery bills, college tuitions, etc. do you think might be paid by all this? How many incomes are completely or partially dependent on the WOD? Now…with all that in mind, what if some or all of these drugs are declared legal? (Some members of the "elite" have been publicly speculating on this.) Wouldn't there suddenly be a lot of excess capacity in the system? Don't you think that TPTB might have a use for that excess capacity, i.e., housing a new class of undesirable? Think about it.

  15. Crazy is the new norm that normal people have to deal with in this country. The scary part is that government officials do't think that they are doing anything wrong.

  16. OK. So obviously rights were violated here. So what is happening with this? Who is looking into this? Will anyone from the police dept. be charged? No information on what has happened since. So why has such an obvious violation of human rights and decency gone unnoticed? What about the Attorney General of the State of Alabama? What about the Justice Dept.? Any action there? Strange situation. How the police know that she bought it at WalMart in the first place? Lots of pieces missing here. Why?

  17. It looks like it's way to late to change back to a republic. Just put this aholes name on the list and when the time comes to take back our country he'll be one of the first to get his.

  18. you have to play their game or else. Also they have to have so many conviction or they lose their job

  19. Welcome to the USA Police States… this is rampant throughout the United States… the police, prosecutors, judges, they're ALL in collaboration to take away our rights. As someone else posted… NEVER, EVER say anything to any police officer, district attorney, et al, without your attorney present. And if your attorney says DON'T say anything, then DON'T. Even if it's something in complete innocence, they will take it and twist it around to use against you. Remember the statement in the Miranda rights? Anything you say can and WILL be used against you.

  20. yea, the new class of undesirables? ones that the government deems terrorists, even though they are the average joe American citizen.

  21. hmmmm… you're asking the fox to mind the henhouse, right? The AG of the state of Alabama, even the state DOJ or federal DOJ won't look into the violations. We are already in the US of Police States, &it has been creeping in with insidiousness for decades. The War on Drugs is what created the situation. This poor lady got trapped because she bought 8 boxes of Sudafed on one transaction… which is indicative of methamphetamine production… & didn't know that the federal government had mandated that any transaction purchasing such products that contain pseudoephedrine, which is a key ingredient in meth making, & the quantity of the purchase, would automatically bring you under suspicion of such activity.

  22. Why do you think that the allergy products that contain this ingredient were put under lock and key, behind the counter, a few years ago, in pharmacies? You have to take a card from the shelf and take it to the pharmacist techs, in order to get the medications. If more than 1 box is purchased at a time by an individual, then it HAS to be reported to the police. That's why someone above got hung up in the check out line at WalMart, thinking they'd get out quickly… the guy knew the law and was purchasing 1 box on 1 transaction, to get under the radar.

  23. And pray tell, where would you go? What country allows freedom of any sort for anyone? No where. We were the last bastion of true freedom, however, that if fast be denigrated.

  24. This is crazy insane!! I take Clariton D for allergies. It's bad enough that I have to give my driver's license every time I want to purchase this medication and I'm limited to purchasing a certain amount every month all because it has pseudoephedrine. Thanks to drug dealers I can now be considered a drug dealer for buying a medication that I need to survive seasonal allergies. Now some liberal lawyers want to jail me for buying the only medication that works to decongest my sinuses. The DA's need to stop chasing the wrong people and jail the Drug Lords and make the sentances stick.

  25. Do you get the feeling that the government is ever so gradually gaining control over every aspect of our lives? And it's all done to 'protect' us and we believe it. Every rule and regulation went through because affected someone else and not me until they came for me.

  26. ad astra per aspera says:

    It dosent matter if the Republicans or Democrats are in power. Montgomery County like the rest of KS always votes Repub. I will tell you what happened to me. A couple of years ago my 5 year old son was acting like he was loosing his mind! During one (laying on the floor, kicking legs, flailing arms, & screaming at the top of his lungs) tantrum he kicked me in the face just left of my chin. I walked away from him in shock sat down in my chair & said nothing for 30 minutes. Next time he did a replay I tried to spank his butt, he kicked at my face & I lost my temper & smaked him on his cheek to try to snap him out of it. He stayed at Grandmas that night. Next thing I know he is put in my parents care. 2 detectives are questioning me about the incident. One said if it was “correcting” him they would understand. Finally they threatened to go after my disabled 67 year old parents. So I said I did it & why.After 30 days I find out that my crazed little boy had been being molested by a paster.which was causing his extreme pyhchological symtoms.I was taking him to church evertytime the doors were open & had made the soonest appointment for a child pyschiatrist which was 6 weeks away. After 90 days,(the local court system takes that long to process the papers & warrents) 2 officers came to my home at 11:00 PM on a friday night arrested me for felony child abuse & kept me in jail 52 days before giving me an offer of reduced charges, 3 counts of battery, so if I was ever arrested again it would count as a felony! I learned from the other inmates that if I pled not guilty & made them do the work of trying me & pay for a trial that they would send me to prison. All this time I had no visitors because they put my parents on the states witness list! I didn’t want my son to have to testify against me so I took their “plea bargain”. Which included fines & one years probation. The treatment while in jail was very similar to the first comment. Before all this happened I had worked security in high rise office bldings & hospitals basically being an “orderly” there. Security was one job I could do. Now with this history & my disabilities & frequent appointments for both myself & my son I can’t find ANY job & of course applying for anthing in security is a joke. So I’m trying to create my own job. If I had had enough money to put up a defense they probubly wouldn’t have even arrested me. They prey on those who can’t afford a good lawyer. Finally they let me off probation 2 months early so they could “give their services to someone who needs it”.meanwhile that “pastor” was free as a bird for a full 2 years until they arrested him!

  27. It's only a matter of time before the demons from hell
    get to you & me.

  28. William 1 says:

    Ok are we all suppose to know where the h— this is? Or what?

  29. ad astra per aspera says:

    In this area if you buy any OTC antihistimine they record your name & drivers license # in a log kept behind the counter for just this purpose.

  30. Remember NDAA enacted just this year. You can now be arrested without charge, have no right to an attorney, incarcerated for however long the government wants, and no access to writ of habeaus corpis. This is now this great country which we used to know as The United States Of America. Heil, OBAMA.

  31. this is how the nazis got started.

  32. Something about this story just doesn't sound right. We might not be getting the whole picture.

  33. This is the reason the founders wrote the Second Amendment into the Bill of Rights. Not to allow people to hunt food. Not to allow people the ability to protect themselves from criminals, Those were considered natural rights. It was so the people could protect themselves from oppressive gummint. Wereached that point a looooong time ago. WTF are we waiting for? The rats and weasels in gummint aren't going to suddenly change their spots and voluntarily cease oppressing us. Opression is what gummint does. Gummint is the root of all evil.

  34. Ann Wilson Kingsley says:

    Everywhere we go, everything we do, we encounter more incompetent bureaucratic nonsense. One day I realized that I could actually sign for 3 controlled substances in one day, and I'm just a soap making granny-type with horrible allergies and an interest in metals processing. And, if I am really persistent about signing for more controlled substances, I might even be able to find more to sign for all in the same day. Actually, I know of another one: I could buy large quantities of pesticide from a farm store for commercial purposes. I no longer have the need for that one, but I did a year ago. We live in an incompetent idiotic society where the innocent are treated like criminals. It is obvious that Avera was targeted due to her son's substance abuse and the quantity buy of Sudafed. However, I have to confess that I have done the same thing Avera did by going to 2 different drug stores in one day, so I could keep more allergy medication on hand. And, as a "Prepper", I could never come up with a way to purchase enough Sudafed to keep a satisfactory supply on hand. I like buying an ample supply of anything, so I can take that item off of my list for awhile. As Sudafed was becoming less easily available. Avera was obviously stocking up, so she didn't have to do without Sudafed, or make frequent trips out of town. If you have your family helping, you can do that. Poor Avera! I hope she and her family get support from some Conservative legal assistance group.

  35. We live in a police nanny state , big government does not work. Welcome to the end of our great county that once was full of freedoms, but now freedoms that we have are few. Cameras everywhere someone is always watching and perhaps listening. There soon shall be 48 million people collecting food stamps. This is just wrong. The adverage gasoline price Jan.20/ 2008 was $1.83 now it is what $3.86 or more. All of this hope and change is truely amazing much more of it and we all will be living in the poor area and it will be called the USA

  36. Our nation is facing the judgment of God… and it seems nobody believes it’s coming, or cares.

    The prophets of God were sent to warn Israel and its leaders to repent and turn from their wicked ways. And beloved, when you read the book of Jeremiah, it’s exactly like what’s going on around us. We all see the handwriting on the wall, but we’re told: “Better times are ahead,” —especially from politicians running for office. And most people buy into it!

    There are no leaders. Every man does that which is right in his own eyes. As the world grows darker and no one seems to have the answers, the antichrist will soon make his move.

    The Lord told us in the latter days there would be a falling away. Jesus orders us to preach the gospel to every creature (Mark 16:15). Those of us who have been born again are to be lights in the darkness. Our bodies are the temple of God (1 Cor. 6:19). When we received Jesus as our Saviour, He came to dwell in our bodies.

  37. Wayne Leathers says:

    This is everywhere USA.
    Go to any court and watch for one day.
    The lawbreakers are "law-enforcers", many times the defense attorneys.
    This has been going on and getting worse because we, me included, do not come personally to the real defense and stand with our fellow Americans. I have personally stood with others and have been successful on many (10-20 or more) times but there is still more I can and should do!
    Do not send money. Get up off your butts and stand with them.
    Form alliances with friends and honest attorneys (I know they do exist).
    Armed but non violent, if possible.
    Remember many of these actions are felonies. If done in your presents a citizens arrest is in order.
    We must prove we are serious about freedom!
    If I can be of assistance contact me Wayne Leathers (wleathers1@hotmail.com)

  38. Scott Todd says:

    That wouldn't happen to be Wheeler County, would it?