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Police Erase Video That May Have Shown Police Brutality

Written by Gary North on April 19, 2012

Here is another story about a police officer who did not want a reporter to use what might have been incriminating evidence against him. So, she took the reporter’s video and erased it. That is the contention of the reporter, who is suing.

What are the legal issues? The first, fourth, and fourteenth amendments, she says.

The reporter was at a night club where underage patrons were supposedly attending. She was filming (we still use the word) the nightclub from the parking lot. She was asked to leave by a club employee and two police officers. One of them demanded the tape, which she initially refused to surrender. She then tried to leave.

The officer took the tape. When it was returned, the scene showing the officer “manhandling” a person was gone.

“We have proof that she deleted the clip,” said [Attorney] Crow.  “It’s a pretty egregious case; I think the officer almost committed a crime by tampering with evidence. Because she’s an officer she could get away with it, I think if she was a regular citizen a criminal complaint could’ve been filed.”

The more famous confiscations are the government’s collection of all tapes close to the Pentagon on 9-11. There have never been a release of numerous tapes of the crash into the Pentagon.

This is why it is best for people to have two cameras, meaning a camera and a smart phone, when photographing police. The smart phone should be in communication with a backup by Skype. The backup had better record the images. This way, the police cannot delete evidence.

As this technology spreads, the police will have a tougher time suppressing video evidence against them. This is a good thing. The misuse of the police power can be recorded.

Anything we can do legally to restore our Constitutional liberties is positive. Smart phones are positive.


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14 thoughts on “Police Erase Video That May Have Shown Police Brutality

  1. That is our great country going right down the toilet. FLUSH, FLUSH. SO, SO SAD!!!


  3. sean murry says:

    Another crooked cop.

  4. Pay attention and you will notice that most police take liberties that are not legally theirs to take. Using red light and siren to go through an intersection when they are not on an emergency call is illegal for them. Going over the speed limit when they are not on official emergency runs are another. I could name several more, but I am sure you can see that my first sentence is correct.

  5. Now think about elected officials that make special laws that are only for them selves. What do you think about that? Try some "insider trading" get caught and see where you end up, yet these "law makers" have made it legal for them selves to do this regularly. Who have you worked for in your life time that allowed you to dictate the terms of what they must pay you, what insurance they must provide for you, allow you to go on "junkets" which are really vacations, on their dime, set your own hours, and allow you into the company safe with no interference or even having to answer for what you have or have not done.

  6. Then we have obama.

  7. Are copes are corupt and mean we have some good ones but most of them in big citys are bad we need to get this crap stoped better to have no cops then bad ones that want to beat you and kill you for no reason and then they get by with it

  8. Maynard Merrell says:

    Possibly, but I can see other reasons why the police officers may have done what she is accused of. The news media spins every story to make the good guy look bad and the bad guy look good. When I was a cop I often manhandled drunks in bar fights. I was not hired to get the crap beat out of me and hospitalized, to have my clothing torn to threads, or to be killed, but this is what can heppen to policemen and women when they are erxpected to use the soft approach, rather than the taugh, aggressive approach. Our country today is crime ridden because of the soft approach. My theory was that if a man had a big smart ass mouth, then he was big enough to get knocked on his ass and not complain about it. If not, then he or she should keep their big mouths shut. No honest, responsible, law abidding American has to fear the police. It is only the spinning news media that create an unnecessary fear of ther police. I helped more people, and saved the lives of more people than I ever hurt. and the ones I hurt, deserved it.

  9. Maynard Merrell says:

    When I was a cop, one of my functions was to regulate traffice in order to prevent accidents. It was not to hand out tackets to give politicians more money to spend. I was called on the carpet several imes for not writing tickets. I gave out tickets to smart asses, otherwise I subjected them to a lecture or a warning ticket. I explained to my superiors that if I hid behind a sign to catch one driver crashing a red light, then I effected one driver. On the otherhand, if I sat in the open, I effect everyone that approached the light, and the next time they came to that light they would thing to themselves, I better stop, that cop might be here someplace. Out on the expressways, I would not go the speed limit behind a bunch of speedinmg cars. I would put my foot to the metal and speed by each car and give the driver the eye. He'd wonder where I came from and slow down down, then I'd speed off to the next car and do the same thing, until I got into the lead. Then slow down to the limit, thus regulating traffic, and did not write one ticket. All you would see Paul, is a speeding cop. Politicians wanting more money does not help improve the immage of policemen.

  10. Maynard Merrell says:

    Never in my life have I taken a job for how much money or hiow much power it might give me. I always looked for amd took jobs that would be fun, have some excitment to it and a little danger, sortof adventureous. How much money I got did not matter. I figured that if I had to work for the rest of my life, then I should work at something I would like to do, so I spent my life in the army and law enforcement. When I first became a cop, I made 320 dollars a month.

  11. Maynard Merrell says:

    I agree, Paul, In our supposedly free country, all laws legislated are to apply to all people equally, and when all laws apply to all people equally we have justice under the law. In other words, no exemptions because of ones riches or power. CVote for Ron Paul, a Constitutional Conservative, and this is the kind of justice we will have.

  12. you are right on target paul,i see it all the time were i live,they don,t signal a turn,they park in front of fire hydrants.block cross walks,park in peoples driveways.i once followed them around and counted 11 driving infractions in about 30 minutes.they are setting a great example to the american citizens.once seen aguy following and filming the parking enforcement dept.and he filmed one incident,were two female parking enforcement agents,went into a 7-11 and they parked in a crosswalk,and were in the 7-11 for about 15 minutes,then all of a sudden they realized they were being filmed,you never seen 2 agents run out of the 7-11 and jump into the car and took off,like the indy 500.it was funny,but shows a side of enforcement,which doesn,t like to be filmed,showing there short comings.

  13. cops are people like everyone else,there are great cops,and not so great cops,a little history,ever here of frank serpico,well just google the knapp,commision,one good cop almost single handed,took down the new york city police force.al pacino played serpcio in the movie,around 1971,he was a honest cop who would not take any grift.and they tried to have him killed.so he quit the force and retired to switzerland,the last i heard he was doing college circuit tours.they set him up in a drug bust,were he took a small caliber bullet to the left side of his head.true story,read about,or goggle it.very interesting

  14. jimpeel7734 says:

    There is a freeware program called DiskDigger that will recover the erased video from that chip.